Inside Out 2 Reveals First Full Look At New Emotions

Inside Out 2 is about to hit our nearby theatres in the summers of 2024 and while we are waiting for this epic sequel, many fans are trying to reach out the Hollywood outlets in order to take a sneak-peak at our new emotions. It is very normal as Pixar and Disney are hiding these new characters for a while now.

These new emotions are not the only one who are kept under wraps by the company, it’s the casting and first full length trailer which is now making many fans crave for this highly awaited sequel. You can call it as a clever marketing strategy, but we are here to serve you. Finally after waiting for months, we’ve got the first full look at these new emotions and we are going to deliver it to you in the next couple of minutes.

We will also reveal the release date of it’s first full length official trailer. So hold your emotions, bring a smile as we are diving into the world of Inside Out 2!

Inside Out 2: Leaked Look Reveals New Emotions!

Inside Out 2: New Emotions
image via Pixar Studios

As of now, Anxiety was the only one who made an appearance in the first teaser, but now we’ve the full official look of other emotions as well. Yes we do have an official poster from the movie itself, but it was not enough. All we were able to do was to spot the faces of other three new faces which was simply not enough.

Envi- The Tinniest & Cutest Of All!

Envi was indeed looking like a cute, tiny and pretty looking girl in the first official poster. Many fans were designing their own fan-made arts to predict the looks of this emotions and surprisingly, all of those speculations or fan-arts were looking almost identical- a tiny and shy girl!

In the leaked image, Envi can be seen with pretty large eyes coupled up with a purple colored dress. Unlike any other emotion, Envi is going to be the one who may face some extra challenges while working with other emotions- however, we’ve to admit the fact that she indeed is the most cutest one for sure. The official description of Envy is not known yet but her name is enough to say a lot about her personlaity.

Embarrassment Is A Big Deal!

Next on our list is none other then Embarrassment. Yes, we do knows that you have a lot of questions about this particular emotions and reason is quiet simple- it looks very much similar to a character from the first Inside Out movie (if you knows whom we are referring to). We will not jump onto that particular theory but still something is definitely not normal with our Embarrassment.

In the leaked look, Embarrassment is wearing a hoodie and the nose is almost covering his entire face. Just like Envi, the exact image was being predicted by many other artists out there and now after looking at this emotion- we can officially confirm that he indeed Is going to be a big deal.

Ennui Is Way Too Unique!

One of the most interesting emotion of Inside Out 2 is none other then our Ennui. Even the first look was enough to speak a lot about his/her personality. Now other then Envi and Embarrassment, we are also getting the first full length image of Ennui.

Long hairs and a black hoodie, Ennui is definitely going to tease our Riley without a doubt. In fact, we don’t even know how Ennui is managing to bend this much but either way, this emotion is definitely not looking interested in anything.

Inside Out 2: First Full Length Official Trailer Updates!

Inside Out 2 first official trailer release date
image via Pixar Studios

Now that we’ve revealed the first full look of our new emotions, you may be wondering about it’s official trailer. We are pretty sure that all those leaked images are making you even more excited but hold on- we are going to drop some important updates in the next few sentences which will confirm the dates of it’s first full trailer.

Inside out 2 will release on June 14, 2024. It leaves us with only few months before we actually witnesses the magic of Pixar again. Well, as per our own sources, you may get the first full length official trailer of Inside Out 2 by the third week of March (it can even release in next few weeks as well). The logic behind these updates are pretty logical- studios begins their marketing almost two months earlier then their scheduled release window.

Disney has already confirmed that no delays are going to take place regarding this schedule of Inside Out 2, hence, March is a perfect time to deliver the first trailer of the movie. It will eventually give them a handsome amount of time in order to begin their promotion.

Well, you can stick around the corner with Movie World Network as we covers some of the most authentic, original and captivating content straight from the Hollywood. Till then, stay safe, peace out!

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