The Super Mario Bros Movie 2 : All NEW Characters Confirmed !!

The Super Mario Bros Movie is out and we are watching it again and again. From a perfect storyline to a perfect cast, we even got our post credit scene which has confirmed that the Super Mario Bros Movie Part 2 is definitely on it’s way!

Nintendo has a large amount of unique characters in it’s universe, most of them usually appears in the gaming series of Mario whereas we’ve already seen some of the main characters inside the movie.

So which new character has a higher chance of appearance in the sequel ? Let’s find out !!


credits to Nintendo

We’ve already seen Luma in the movie right ? So what does it really mean ?
Is it mean that Nintendo is trying to set up some kind of plot for showing Rosalina in the near future ?

Acoording to Nintendo , Rosalina is a mysterious princess who travels the galaxy accompanied by her family of star-like creatures called Lumas. Rosalina may seem a bit distant, but she is actually quite kind-hearted.

So we knows that Luma belongs to none other than our Rosalina , who was first appeared in The Super Mario Galaxy !!

But what was Luma doing inside a birds cage ? Does it mean that Bowser and his army has already defeated the star of Rosalina ??

And If it so , then it might give a solid plotline for the sequal where we can see a debut of Rosalina with her other magical friends !!
The Mario gang might go and help her in releasing her star from the army of Bowser , which is going to be really cool.



So the next character on the list is none other than Yoshi. This character is confirmed to appear in the sequel .

By the end of first movie , Yoshi has entered in Brooklyn, the egg is broken , so he is free. In the sequel , we can see him making some extra troubles in the main city. We knows that in game, Yoshi is a cute dinosaur whose eggs can be used as a weapon.

So we might see some predators who can catch him for their own profits, and to rescue him, Mario and team will have to come back and fight the predators !!



She is the princess of Sarasaland. Her trademark style includes her yellow dress and flowery accessories. So if you’ve played the game then you knows that there is a kind of chemistry between Luigi and Daisy.

We’ve seen them together in some statues which occasionally appears in the Game. So how can she make an appearance in the sequel ?

Well , there is a villain named Tatanga who attacks on Daisy to capture her Kingdom. So if there is a chemistry between Daisy and Luigi, then we knows that he will be going all alone to free her friend !!

And if it happens , then we can get our first appearance of Princess Daisy in the sequel.



By the end of first movie , we knows that Bowser is captured inside a small bird cage , all alone with his piano. But we knows that he is definitely going to return in the future.

But who is going to help him ? Of course it is none other than our Bowser Jr.

We might see him in the sequel where he can attack over mushroom kingdom with his army to free Bowser from the cage. And if it happens then we are definitely going to get a great clash between both armies.



As the name suggests , he is the one who always tries to defeat our Mario bros to become the best of all. And like we discussed in the plot of Bowser Jr, studio might move towards Waluigi as well.

He might play an important role by helping Bowser in escaping from the cage , so in return, Bowser will help him to become the best of all by defeating our Mario brothers.

This will make a kind of cinematic universe by introducing 2 different villains , who can even fight with each other in any separate spinoff.

So out of all these 5 characters , if you’d ask us then we’ll say that the chances of Rosalina along with Yoshi is much higher then all.

What do you think ? Check the updates about release date and plot details of Super Mario Bros Part 2. Stay Safe ,Peace out 🙂

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