Sonic Prime Season 2 : Exciting New Updates !!

The official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account has confirmed that Sonic Prime will be getting a second season “later this year”& here are some New updates regarding it’s release date !!

Sonic Prime Season 2 Fan-art edited by us

We knows that the confirmation by the twitter account is not enough for our sonic fans. So we will be revealing some brand new updates regarding the first trailer , plotline and the possible release date of Sonic Prime Season 2.

Possible Plotline !!

Considering the frankly dire way that Netflix has been handling its animated shows over the past few months , fans of the Sonic have been curious whether Sonic Prime season 2 would be release by this year or not.

Luckily the officials has confirmed that the second season will be releasing later this year. But they didn’t announced any solid release date .

It seems that we’ll be getting a lot more of Shadow the Hedgehog in the second season, as he’s seen holding Sonic underwater in the image shared on Twitter.

Shadow is also holding the shoe-and-glove changing device that Nine gave Sonic in the first alternate dimension he visited, implying that we might see Shadow use it and come along for the adventure.

The first season had a cliffhanger of an ending and reunited Sonic and Shadow inside the Shatterverse. So maybe , the second season will focus more on their relationship and see them adventuring together.

Sonic Prime Season 2 Release Date Updates !!

credits to Sega & Paramount Studios

Now there are some rumours going on which says that the second season of sonic prime might get release in October.

This is because we will be celebrating our Halloween with our families and friends , and the holiday season is the best time to release something new.

Specially after a huge success of the first season , there is a huge hype among fans for the sequel season , and if it drops in the holidays , then we will be watching it again and again .

The good part is that the studio has already finished it’s production of the second season, in fact it was completed along with the first one , so it’s not gonna take any kind of extra time to get released.

First Trailer Release Date !!

credits to sega/netflix & Paramount !!

Talking about the trailer then if these rumours are true , then we might get to see the very first trailer by late August or early September for sure.

The cast is definitely gonna be the same , but the studio has already indicated that they might develop multiple seasons.

It means that we might get a chance to watch some new cameos in the second season , which will further lead this franchise towards the third season.

But in short , Sonic Prime Season 2 might get release in October, whereas the second season might introduce some new faces in the franchise.

Along with that , the trailer might get drop by late August or mid September for sure.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is also in a active state of development, so make sure to check every single update about the third installment in our video mentioned below !!

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