Sonic Prime Season 3: Trailer, Release Date & Exciting Plot Details

Sonic Prime Season 2 is finally out on Netflix and those who’ve seen it are going crazy. And why not, the ending was totally unexpected !!
So, when could we watch Sonic Prime Season 3, what will be the plotline and when could we watch it’s first trailer ? You’ll know everything in this article, so let’s jump right in !!

Sonic Prime Season 3
Sonic Prime fan-art via Movie World YouTube

What Will Happen in Sonic Prime Season 3 ?

Sonic Prime Season 2 ends with Nine, betraying Sonic and stealing the stone right in front of his eyes. This was the exact moment when we realized that Shadow was right during all those episodes, but our Sonic didn’t listened to him.

So the third season is definitely going to pick right from where episode 16 has ended. That means, we are going to watch Nine, who will return to cause some troubles.

But This time, there are some initial reports which suggests that Netflix and Sega might make some changes in the appearance of Nine with the help of stones.

It means that he will be using all those stones to become even more powerful, which will eventually change his physical appearance and might give him some magical powers and new looks as well..

Apart from this, there are some talks going on which suggests that Silver The Hedgehog will be appearing in many episodes of season 3. According to the reports, Silver will come up with a solution to defeat Nine and recover everything.

Sonic Prime Season 2 Shadow
Sonic Prime Season 2

The Release Date & First Trailer

There was a seven-month gap between the first two seasons, which would place the third season in next year’s calendar. We have to keep in mind that a writers’ strike is going on, which could also impact the release of season 3.

But some officials have indicated that the studio is already moving forward towards the development of the third season, and if everything goes well, then the Netflix will be releasing it in somewhere around the March or April of 2024.

Keeping this date in mind, we can safely expect the first trailer to drop somewhere around the Christmas of 2023 and why not, this could be a perfect gift for all the sonic fans out there.

But anyways, Sonic Prime Season 2 was full of twisted plot and eventually got an epic cliffhanger. The third season might drop by March or April of 2024 and the first trailer will be dropped by the Christmas of this year.

Share down your thoughts and theories about the third season, and if you are excited about more Sonic Content then make sure to stay tuned with us. Till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out.

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