The Super Mario Bros Movie 2 (2025) Trailer & Release Date

The Super Mario Bros Movie 2 is way too close then you all expects. This funny yet intense movie is already making multiple records on box office.

And like always , we want to know more about the sequel. After the post credits , we knows that Nintendo has some bigger plans for this movie. So here are some really cool updates regarding The Super Mario Bros Movie Part 2 , and along with that , we’ve also some details about multiple spinoff movies as well.

So let’s begin !!

Super Mario in The Yoshi Island

As soon as the movie starts , it gives an epic gaming vibe to it’s audience. The whole movie is dealing with a perfect and a very strong storyline.

At the very end of the credits, we see that an egg somehow made it from the Mushroom Kingdom to Brooklyn, and now resides in the New York sewer system where Mario and Luigi were first transported to the magical world.

If you are a true Fan of this franchise then you knows that The egg which is white with green spots is none other than Yoshi !!


Yoshi is an adorable dinosaur who first appeared in Super Mario World in 1990.

Sidekick to Mario and Luigi, the character can be ridden into battle, eats enemies with the help of a long tongue, and lays eggs that can be used as weapons..

So what does it really means ??

Mario Cinematic Universe Is Now Confirmed!

In a recent interview , the CEO of Nintendo America Mr Dough Bowser has already confirmed that they are developing multiple gaming based movies along with multiple spinoffs !!

Nintendo and illumination has already confirmed that they will be making a whole new Cinematic Universe using the character’s of Nintendo !! So it clearly says a lot about The Super Mario Bros Part 2.

Along with this , Chris Pratt has recently said that he knows what the studio is thinkin’ about !!

He has confirmed that the character who is going to appear in the post credits is definitely going to give you a whole new story and a new movie in the very near future.

So now we knows that the sequel for Super Mario Bros movie is definitely set to land in the near future. Even we don’t even knows about their plans , maybe they are already developing a Super Mario Bros 2 !!

The Plot for Super Mario Bros 2!

still from the movie

There’s plenty of Yoshi stories to draw from in the games. It’s more likely they’ll create their own story for the sequel though with Yoshi potentially loose in Brooklyn. Maybe we might see some troubles for him as he lost in the city where some kind of predators catches him for their profit.

Also we knows that Bowser is still alive and is captured in just a cage. So he will be coming back for sure because cage is not enough to stop him.

Apart from all this , we can also get to see a secret yet exciting cameo of a new character who is none other than our Rosalina.

We’ve already seen Luma in the movie , so we knows that Rosalina will definitely appear at some point in this franchise. And the sequel is the best part to set up a whole new Mario universe , so it’s a best place to introduce some new characters as well..

We might see our gang to go and help Rosalina in some kind of troubles !! But anyways , the plot doesn’t matter for us. We knows that every single plot is going to be just epic.

The Release Date !!

For the release date , studio is not going to take much time and will definitely deliver a sequel by late 2025 for sure !!

Whereas a Donkey Kong spinoff movie is already under development inside the studio. We’ve already made a video about it so check it out on our Youtube Channel.

Till that , Thanks for reading , Stay Safe, Peace out !!

Super Mario Bros Behind The Voices

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