The Super Mario Bros Movie Full Post Credit Scene & Ending Explained

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has finally made its way into theaters, and like any other good Marvel movie, one of our most highly anticipated new movies of the year comes equipped with a couple of post-credits scenes that tease the film series’ future.

And of course , now it has been confirmed that Universal Pictures, and Illumination’ studio is looking at the Mario gaming franchise as a whole new cinematic universe.

So keep reading the article to know about some cool details about the epic post credit scenes from the Super Mario Bros Movie.

Mid-Credit Scene Explained !!

Mario & Princess Peach

So before going into post credit scene , we should talk about the mid credit scene which is an amusing rehash of a sequence seen earlier in the film.

This scene opens with Bowser sat at his piano once more, singing his ‘Peaches’ song. You remember the ballad he sung earlier in hilarious fashion. Of course you do. How in this world you can forget that?

Bowser is stopped mid-flow by one of the Mushroom Kingdom’s halberd-carrying Toad guards.

The Toad in question tells Bowser to shut his mouth, at which point the camera pans back to reveal…. “a Tiny Bowser“, sitting with a miniature piano, and is locked in a bird cage.


The hot-headed Bowser isn’t happy about being told to shut up by the guard. He angrily informs the guard he’ll escape some day, but the guard ignores his lecture, instead closing the door behind him and switching the light off.

But Never mind Bowser. We’re sure someone will help you escape at some point!

The Post Credits Explained !!


Then finally comes our post credit scenes for which you all was waiting since the very beginning. The movie’s post-credits scene has more far-reaching implications than the mid-credits stinger does.

Here, we return to the underground pipe system where Mario and Luigi were initially transported to the Mushroom Kingdom early. Once Bowser is beaten, everyone heads back to the Mushroom Kingdom , except for one thing which is……. “a Yoshi egg“.

As the camera slowly zooms in on the object, it starts to hatch. The screen cuts to black as the egg breaks apart, and all we hear is the “wohoo” sound of our cute dinosaur !!

It means that Nintendo, Universal, and Illumination can source from a whole suite of Mario and Yoshi games in a future film To know more about The Super Mario Bros Movie 2 , check our recent post by clicking HERE !!

In short, the future of this universe is very bright and we can’t wait to watch more of Mario gang.

Tell us your favorite part from the movie in the comment below, and make sure to stick around us to stay up to date, till that , thanks for reading.

Stay safe , peace out !!

The Mario Bros Movie Behind The Voices

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