Pixar’s Elemental : Brand New Images Revealed !!

We are moving forward to watch a beautiful Pixar movie in summers. Yes , we are talking about Elemental. In fact, Pixar is now warming up the market because the studio has revealed some brand new images , posters & promos world wide.

So let’s check them out!

The Meeting Of Wade!

Pixar Elemental

Let’s start with the very newest image which was released few days ago. We have our Wade , Ember , her dad & a perfect lighting. Is there a kind of date goin’ on ?

Anyways , seems like this is the scene which takes place just after the last moment from the trailer where we saw Wade who was trying to eat the food of fire people in front of Ember & her dad.

And just after this , maybe the dad of Ember wanna ask some questions from his son in law . Whatever the moment is , it looks really exciting .

Fire Up The Balloon!

Pixar Elemental

The second image is showing both of our main character , but in a new way. Yes we knows that we’ve seen this moment in the main trailer , but why this image seems new is the change of scene.

We can see how Ember is using herself to blew up their balloon.. Seems like they forgot to bring their gasses, isn’t it !?

But Anyways, it looks fire..

The Bubble Ride!

Pixar Elemental

Then comes this image which is revealed in a new promo trailer in Japan. Here we can watch Ember , who is inside a bubble and going deep into water..

So where are they goin’ ? Maybe , Wade is taking her to his place , which is somewhere deep into the ocean. Who knows…

Elemental’s New International Poster!

Pixar Elemental

Now we have a new international poster with us.. This one is really special because it is featuring almost every single character from this movie.

Ember and Wade are at the bridge and Clod is standing beside them. We can also see our air element flying around. It is also providing us a deeper look at the Elemental city, the buildings, lands, transportations, all looks great.

Nothing more is hidden in it , so let’s move on towards another image which will surprise you.

Party Wade!

Pixar Elemental

Here is the new look at our Wade . This image is really special because we can see our Wade in a new dress.. Who knows , maybe he is going in a party !!

However, this particular image is being used by the studio for the marketing of this movie, so we are not sure yet that whether or not this dress will make an appearance in the movie !!

Good Bye Ember!

Pixar Elemental

And finally , the last image is really deep. If you can remember then the first look of the movie was nothing but just a hand of both characters..

Well, this was the exact moment from where that scene was taken. This image seems like it’s going to be the last moment of the movie where both of our main character are about to say good bye to each other.

The sad part is that , they can’t touch each other. However, it’s not confirmed that whether or not they will unite together, so maybe , we can get a happy ending as well.

But anyways, all these images are creating a new hype among the fans and we personally can’t really wait to watch this beautiful chemistry. Elemental will hit theatres on June 16, 2023, so don’t forget to check it out. What are your thoughts for the movie ? Share down below.

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