Fast X Shocking Ending & Post-Credits Scenes : What it Really Means

Fast X was planned as the end of the main Fast & Furious series, and then that ending became a two-parter, and now Fast X has finally became a Trilogy. The movie is dealing with some unexpected twists & shocking ending, which again means a lot to this franchise.

So let’s understand the whole ending and Post Credits scene of the movie, and “What it really meant for the future of this franchise.”

Brie Larson in Fast X

Fast X Full Ending Scene :-

By the time the credits roll on Fast X, Jakob and Little Brian manage to meet up with Dom. Through a series of fun action movie contrivances, little Brian ends up in Dante’s car, and Jakob sacrifices himself to clear out a bunch of enemies so Dom can make a move on Dante. Dom catches up to him, and Little Brian leaps from Dante’s car to Dom’s while the two do donuts around each other in the middle of a highway., and finally Dom and Little Brian drive off into the sunset.

But in a matter of few seconds, Dante traps them on a dam and claims that this was his real plan. At the same time, Roman, Tej, Han and Ramsay fly over the dam in a jet and Dante has Ames who is also the new boss of the Agency. He shoot them down with a rocket, and the plane crashes and explodes, apparently with these four staying inside.

Dom and Little Brian survive, but then Dante reveals his last trick by blowing up the dam itself, while Dom and Little Brian stand at its base. This was the moment when the screen finally cuts to black and the movie ends… { or maybe not really }

Fast X

Gal Gadot is Back !!

The movie wasn’t over after the so-called ending scene. Instead, we caught back up with Letty and Cipher, who got a very little screentime in this movie. They get out of their prison in Antarctica, and out in the wilds they encounter a submarine emerging from the ice that’s apparently there to pick them up, calling back to the nuclear sub that Cipher tried to steal in F8.

The submarine hatch opens, and out steps Gisele (Gal Gadot), who was thought to be died four movies ago, and the screen turns black again. So Cipher remains a mystery card by the end of Fast X. She was an ultimate villain of this series, but it looks like Dante can now fill that role.

Jason Momoa in Fast X

Bonus Post-Credit Scene Explained

We see a man covering his face, moving through a big, creepy and mysterious room. Suddenly a phone rings, and the big man picks it up. Then It’s revealed that Dante is behind the phone-call, and he says, “you were responsible for my father’s death and now I’m coming for you” !!.

The man then pulls off his helmet and mask and finally it is revealed that the big man is none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He calls Dante a “sum-bitch,” and the screen cuts to black one last time. So now we knows that Agent Hobbs is officially back in the franchise & it again creates a new hype for the future of this “never-ending” saga !!

While we knows that Vin Diesel & Rock The Dwayne Johansson has never really spoken much i this franchise, it’s gonna be really cool to watch this “high class” duo back in action together on a single screen once again !!

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