Blue Beetle Officially Gets Surprising Online Release Date Schedule

Despite having so much potential, DC’s one of it’s kind movie Blue Beetle got bombed at box office. Now the studio is trying it’s luck by announcing it’s online release date.

When is the movie landing on various OTT platforms and how can you watch it from the ease of your home. Here’s everything that you are looking for!

Blue Beetle Is Coming Online!

Blue Beetle
image via DC

We knows that studios waits for sometime before releasing their movies on digital platforms, but things are not going good with the DC studios. With back to back failures, they are not able to hold their online release date even for the threshold period of 50 days.

Blue Beetle got released in theatres on August 18, 2023 and within the matter of 40 days, the studio has now announced it’s online release schedule.

The official Blue Beetle X (formerly Twitter) page has announced that the Blue Beetle movie will go live for purchase on various digital platforms starting from September 26, 2023! That’s just 39 days from it’s official theatrical release date, and it says a lot about the performance of this movie.

For comparison, The Flash, an unmitigated disaster at the box office, became available online 32 days after opening. Thus far, Blue Beetle has earned $120.6 million at the worldwide box office, the worst in DCEU history.

Shazam 2 set the record for the worst DCEU box office haul earlier this year, earning $132.2 million globally. It became available to purchase online a mere 21 days after opening.

When Will Blue Beetle Land On The Max?

Blue Beetle Movie
image via DC

We knows that almost every other DC or Warner Bros movie lands straight on their popular streaming platform Max. This platform is also known for changing the luck of many of their flop projects, which got well treated over it in past few months.

For example, The Flash movie is among the biggest disaster of box office. The film has grossed $268.5 million worldwide, becoming one of the biggest box-office bombs of all time, with projections of a $200 million loss for Warner Bros.

However, things got changed very rapidly as soon as they released it on various digital platforms.  The Flash ranked #1 among the top movies on all streaming platforms over the August 25-27 weekend and it shows the influence of these digital platforms.

So the studio will be hoping the same kind of response from it’s fans for Blue Beetle too. As of now, the movie is not releasing on Max and that’s because they follows a fixed timeline before making any of their movies available on this platform.

For comparison, The Flash began streaming on Max 70 days after its premiere, which broke the DC-to-Max record for the longest time between its theatrical and streaming release date.

Black Adam came to streaming just 56 days after its November 2022 release, but Shazam! 2 waited until 67 days (Max’s launch day) after its opening. So considering The Flash became available a week earlier than Blue Beetle on digital platforms, the latest DC film could wait until closer to 80 days to stream on Max.

So after considering the above scenarios, we can expect Blue Beetle to land on Max starting from November 3 at the earliest, which is a 77 days gap between it’s theatrical and streaming release dates.

Blue Beetle Movie Review : Worth It Or Not?

Blue Beetle Movie
image via DC

Now it’s been a while since the release of this DC underdog. The movie initially got praised from both the critics and fans, but it still got bombed at box office. Well, here’s the true, quick and original review by Elina Dawson, who is a critic and a collaborator at Movie World Network:

It’s a great story about family. There were a couple of moments when you completely forgot that you were watching a superhero film. Blue Beetle won’t recharge the timeline, but in taking itself less seriously it provides a sense of levity to a genre so often bogged down in its own self-importance. It also shows the beautiful chemistry among the family and why should we care about each other. Definitely 7/10!

While the movie has an average of 78% critics score along with the solid 92% audience score on the Rotten Tomatoes, this movie is worth it. It got bombed at box office due to bad marketing strategies and the lack of big names in the film, not because it has a bad story or something.

So you can just sit back, relax and enjoy this movie which shows humor, chemistry, actions and stories very beautifully.

Blue Beetle is available to purchase online starting from September 26, 2023! Stay Safe, Peace Out.

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