Secrets That Made Puss In Boots The Last Wish A Ground Breaking Success

Why ‘Puss In Boots The Last Wish‘ worked so well on the box office!? A movie which got nominated for Golden Globes awards and gets into the Oscars, lets find out why Puss In Boots The Last Wish is now among the highest rated animated movies of all time.

And not only this, we will find out how this movie is going to change the whole game for the future of DreamWorks, as well as Disney !! So let’s jump right in !!

A Perfect Storyline !!

Puss In Boots The Last Wish Poster
official poster

Storyline is the base of any movie and it becomes even more important when we talks about the animation genre.

Disney was known to dominate this area on the box office, but in the last few years, something has changed very rapidly which has given a chance to DreamWorks to prove its domination. And here comes the Puss In Boots: Last Wish !!

The movie has shown almost everything that should be covered in an award winning installment. It has comedy, drama, horror, action, emotion and everything that you can think of.

Rather then deviating the story in any other direction, they’ve shown how your carelessness can take you near your own death, doesn’t really matter how many lives you have. If you’ll stay like this, then the corpse is the only place that you deserves !!

The movie also introduced us to the tons of new places and point of views, which is not really common nowadays, especially in animated movies.

We got to see the perspective of the villains, the heroes, and even the side characters as well which makes it even more interesting.

So the theme of this movie was really dark yet impressive and interesting at the same time, which played an important role in nominating this movie for the two biggest awards of Hollywood.

The Outperforming Characters Of Puss In Boots The Last Wish

puss vs death
still from the movie

What’s better then watching your three biggest and most lovable villains in the same movie ?

Puss In Boots The Last Wish is a best example of how a movie with a perfect storyline can bring multiple villains from different famous stories all together.

We got ‘Goldilocks‘ as an entertaining villain, ‘Jack Horner‘ as a classic villain and above all of this, we really got a whole freaking embodiment of ‘The Death‘ itself, which still gives us the goosebumps !!

Anyways, this is not over yet, like we mentioned that they did and experiment by bringing three different villains of different stories, all in a single sequence, it gave them an opportunity to unite the fans of all these three childhood stories all together.

And hence, it worked and gave them three times the views of any other animated movie of recent times….. (except ‘The Super Mario Bros Movie‘).

Also we should not forget that Disney has also played an important role in making this movie a perfect choice for Oscars.

HOW !?

This is because the fans was feeling tired of watching woke movies based upon some “Woke Propaganda” with little or no pure storyline mixed with some lame jokes.

Lightyear and Strange World got bombed at box office in 2022 which made a perfect time for DreamWorks to come up with something which was totally unexpected.

And as soon as we watched the trailer, we knew that this movie is made to establish some milestones for the studio. Hence the movie gained a lot of love and success in just a very short period of time on the box office.

The Intense Action Sequences !!

puss vs death fight scene
image via DreamWorks

Do you love intense fights ? Of course we all do.

Unlike many other animated movies of recent times, DreamWorks took one step forward and came up with a lot of intense and dark actions. Afterall, how can we forget that we’ve seen blood in an animated movie, and the movie belongs to 2022, when all other studios are busy in spreading their woke propagandas.

We’ve never seen this type of brutal action where a wolf, or you can say the death itself is hungry to take the life of a cute kitten.

That’s crazy !!

Also we’ve seen that Disney movies are usually focused upon the adventures with some light actions nowadays, so as soon as we watched the battle of ‘Death VS Puss‘, we knew that we will be watching this masterpiece again and again.

The fast changing action sequences along with a good amount of character development gave this movie a new taste which got well appreciated by the fans.

This is how the characters and their intense action has played a very important role along with Disney to make this movie a perfect installment !!

Puss In Boots Has Given A Bright Future To The DreamWorks Studios

puss in boots the last wish
image via DreamWorks

Just like any other movie or studio, we should also talk about the future of this franchise as well as it’s talented studio.

We were not getting any movie based upon the Shrek universe since quite few time, but Puss In Boots The Last Wish has given DreamWorks a new opportunity to bring back our whole lovely gang of Shrek back in action in the future.

The movie has clearly showed by the end that Puss and Kitty are now moving towards the kingdom far far away, and hence, indicating towards a reunion of our whole beloved gang.

Now the movie has earned a good amount of cash for the studio, and the fans are all set to watch this saga again.

Also the Disney movies are getting bombed again and again in recent times which makes a perfect time for DreamWorks to dominate the box office.

And there is no doubt that the studio is doing the same. DreamWorks is now finally bringing us Shrek 5 In next 2 years. The studio is officially developing not only Shrek 5, but also a Donkey spinoff movie, followed by couple of more untitled movies which are based upon the Shrek saga !!

Also the Death will definitely return in the near future, so we might see a clash between our Shrek and The Death as well, which is going to be really really amazing.

The studio has already created a base on which they can now safely release their proven franchises, and after watching Puss In Boots The Last Wish, all we want is a movie with Puss in it.

So the future is looking too bright for DreamWorks that it might take over the Disney era, and at many instances, it is already dominating over Disney.

This is how a perfect movie is made, and this is how the studios should treat their fans, because we are the one who can either make them or break them.

Yes, there were several other factors like marketing, production team and the cast which played a very vital role in the success of this movie, but these three factors were the biggest of all.

Afterall we’ve seen many Hollywood movies getting ‘Bombed‘ at box office even after a perfect casting. So we have to agree on the fact that DreamWorks might become a future in animation genre.

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Till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out !!

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