Frozen 3 Will Introduce Two New Characters

The Frozen Franchise is known for helping Disney in establishing it’s domination over the box office, and after a really long wait, Frozen 3 is officially happening. Unsurprisingly, Disney has revealed some shocking and very exciting updates about the third movie as well as about it’s spinoff.

From release date to the plotline, here’s everything that you need to know about this masterpiece and it’s upcoming prequel series. So let’s jump, right in !

Frozen 3 Latest News

frozen 3 the forces of nature
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Frozen 2 was dealing with a whole new adventure and the movie was full of loopholes. However, there was a hope about the third movie. Luckily, as soon as 2023 begins, Disney CEO Bob Iger comes forward and announces his future plans for some of the most popular animated franchises.

Finally after a gap of four years, Disney CEO has officially confirmed that the studio is actively developing a third installment of the popular Frozen saga. But the news is not over yet because now we are getting even more exciting news about this third movie.

Recently, Disney has revealed a spinoff show based upon Frozen 2 via it’s official Instagram page. In the announcement, it has been confirmed that the studio is going to release a brand new show of this Frozen tale which will get release before Frozen 3.

The studio has given it a title and it is enough to tell us a lot about it’s plotline. The official title of this upcoming spinoff show is going to be “Frozen: The Forces Of Nature“.

According to the official reports, Disney will use this show to develop it’s characters and to form a base for it’s upcoming third and hopefully the final installment of The Frozen Saga.

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The reports suggests that Forces of Nature will pick up directly from the ending of Frozen 2 and we are going to explore deep into the enchanted forest and the Kingdom Of Arrendelle as well. The show will also reveal some new places and kingdoms which can later be used in Frozen 3.

But here’s a twist!

Unlike other animated movies or spinoffs TV Shows, Frozen: The Forces Of Nature is going to be an audio podcast series which will be releasing straight on it’s Disney plus streaming platform. The show will consist of multiple episodes where each will be connected to it’s previous one.

The podcast will be in the form of audio book story telling but will play a very important role for the future of Frozen saga. So we should be looking forward to it.

Will There Be Any New Characters In Frozen 3?

frozen 3

Whenever we talks about a sequel or the future part of any movie, the very first thing which comes in our minds is a question which asks, “will we get any new faces in the movie?”

Luckily this time, the answer is YES!

Like we’ve mentioned above that Disney is officially bringing us a whole new and dedicated spinoff show based upon Frozen 2, so it will also deliver us something exciting for sure. This is not a speculation because the studio has officially revealed the names of two new characters.

Disney has revealed that two new characters will be appearing in this upcoming TV Show where both of them might play a very important role in Frozen 3 as well.

According to the official synopsis of Forces Of Nature, there is going to be a new character with the name of “Queen Disa“! Originally, she is the queen of the kingdom of “Sankurhus“, which is a flood prone place.

Unfortunately, when she was young, her father died. After this, many other kingdom tries to conquer her palace as well as the kingdom. Luckily, the Kingdom of Arrendelle arrives and protects her kingdom. Arrendelle also helps her in becoming the queen of the Kingdom Of Sankurhus which establishes a strong bond among both of these kingdoms.

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Initially, Queen Disa is described as a girl who loves science and technologies. She wants to explore new things and loves to play with her gadgets.

The second new character who will be making his appearance is the “Lord Wolfgang“. He is the nephew of the “Duke Of Weselton“.

Now you may think that his nephew is coming to take a revenge on the kingdom of Arrendelle but that’s not a case here. Initially, Lord Wolfgang is making his appearance in the show to establish some new trade relations with Arrendelle.

He will be coming with an apology and will try his best to restart the trading of goods and services which will help in creating a new bond among both of these kingdoms.

As per now, these two are the only confirmed characters who are going to make their debut in this popular franchise, and since Disney is trying to create a base for Frozen 3, we may see both of them in the third and final installment.

What Exactly May Happen In Frozen 3?

Frozen 2 ending
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So after all these crazy and exciting updates, you may feel a bit confused regarding the exact plotline of Frozen 3. Of course Disney has not revealed anything yet, but after all these discussions, we can now predict a lot about Frozen 3.

By the end of Frozen 2, we saw how Elsa decides to stay in the enchanted forest by accepting her faith and destiny, while Anna becomes the new Queen of Arrendelle. Initially it seems like a perfect ending, but only for Frozen 2.

If we will take a look on the journey of whole Frozen franchise, then the ending of Frozen 2 doesn’t really makes much sense. By the end of the first movie, we were speculating the return of Prince Hans, because that’s what a proper Disney villain would do.

However, Frozen 2 takes a whole new turn and decides to take a deeper look in the secrets behind our Elsa’s powers and hence, leaving an empty space for the return of Hans.

So in Frozen 3, we can finally see him along with his evil plans and twelve brothers. Since this time, Elsa is not available in the Arrendelle, it makes work a much easier for him to conquer over the kingdom.

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Disney may also move forward with he ceremony of our Queen Anna and Kristoff, but it won’t create a full story, but yes, if they decides to move deeper into the secrets behind Kristoff’s parents, then it can easily create a whole new and proper stroyline for Frozen 3.

So if we takes a look on both of these three plots, one solid plotline that seems very logical as well as perfect to end this saga is to bring back Prince Hans. Disney will also get a chance to give Hans a proper villainous song which can bring a whole new vibe into the movie.

Along with this we now have our new characters in the upcoming Forces Of Nature spinoff show, so the studio can also bring these characters in the final movie in order to help Anna in protecting the kingdom.

Queen Disa can easily bring her inventions to give her help to Arrendelle and it will also give a chance to Anna to prove why she deserves to be a queen by protecting the kingdom without taking much help from her sister.

However, there’s still a lot of confusions in these plots and Disney will definitely try to avoid loopholes as much as it can in order to conclude this saga once and for all. So we should just wait for any official statement from the studio itself.

What Is The Release Date?

frozen 2
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We’ve seen how Disney releases it’s animated movie in the month of November every year. Despite having no official release window for Frozen 3, there are many other factors which may affect the release schedule of Frozen 3.

One of the biggest challenge which the Hollywood is facing right now is the ongoing writer’s and actor’s strike. Almost every single studio is facing some kind of problems in it’s production and filming schedules which is also affecting the release dates of various movies.

Recently we’ve seen how Warner Bros has delayed it’s Dune Part 2 till the March of 2024, also the Disney company is looking forward to delay it’s live action adaptation of Snow White till late 2024.

So all of these incidents are making a direct or indirect impact on various other future movies for sure. Talking about Frozen 3 then the studio is already looking forward to take some extra time because they have to pay some extra attention on the storyline of this movie.

As per now, there are two untitled movies which are set to hit theatres in the November of 2024 and 2025, and since the studio is also developing Zootopia 2, the date of November of 2024 may get reserved by it. That’s because the ending of Zootopia was very open and the studio can easily bring a whole new storyline in this franchise.

Whereas things are a but tricky when we talks about the Frozen Franchise, and that could be the main reason behind this delay. However, these are again our speculations and anything can happen, but still a late 2025 or you can say the release date of November of 2025 may be given to Frozen 3.

We will update you as soon as we gets anything official, so make sure to stick around with Movie World Network.

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