Spider-Man Beyond The Spider-Verse Will Surprise You With An Unexpected Death

Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse was a perfect example of dedication, skills, talent and memories. The movie gained a lot of popularity due to it’s epic action sequences and storyline. As soon as it ends, we knew that something big is going to happen in Spider-Man: Beyond The Spider-Verse.

Tons of rumors are already speculating some surprising events which might occur in ‘Beyond The Spider-Verse’, while other reports are claiming some unexpected wild turns which can take place in the third movie.

When is the movie coming? What is going to happen in this final installment of this epic spider-verse universe and what big surprises are waiting for us? Here’s everything that you need to know about the ‘Spider-Man Beyond The Spider-Verse‘ !!

Latest News About The Spider-Man: Beyond The Spider-Verse

Spiderman beyond the spiderverse
image credits to Sony

Sony studio is known for surprising it’s fans with some unexpected twists and treats in it’s movies, and Spider-Man No Way Home along with the Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse are the best example. especially if we are talking about the spider-verse universe.

Following the same trend, now it seems like the studio is again going to bring some unexpected events in it’s upcoming Beyond The Spider-Verse movie. Recently, some rumors are circulating online which are spreading like a wild fire.

According to these new rumors, three big events have been revealed out of which, one is definitely going to happen in the third movie. The very first one is the most shocking one as it is indicating towards the death of one of our favorite character.

It says that Miles will try almost everything to save the life of his father, but since he is trying to disturb the canon event, something unexpected will definitely happen with either him or one of his loved ones. We knows that The Spot is going to return in the final movie, and this time, he is even more powerful then ever.

across the spiderverse
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We’ve also seen a glimpse of his new powers by the end of Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse where he was standing all alone, surrounded by a disastrous background. The rumors claims that by the end of Beyond The Spider-Verse, Miles will successfully save his father, but in this attempt, the Spot will get a chance to kill the Gwen !!

The second rumored plot says that Peter B Parker is going to die in the attempt of helping Miles. He might try to stop The Spot from reaching the family of Miles and in order to protect them, he may lose his life.

The third and the final rumored storyline is the wildest of all as it claims that a death a battle might take place between Miguel O’ Hara and The Spot. According to this one, Miguel is trying to stop Miles but The Spot will try to invade into his plans as he himself want to kill Miles.

In this attempt, a deadly battle might take place in the third and the final installment of this epic spider-verse universe. However, since these are some sort of rumors, Movie World Network is not validating any of them. But if any of these events takes place, which seems very logical, then we can call Spider-Man Beyond The Spider-Verse as the ‘Endgame‘ for this ongoing Sony’s animated universe.

Big Changes In The Release Date Of Spider-Man Beyond The Spider-Verse!!

Spider-Man Beyond The Spider-Verse
image credits to Sony

We knows that Sony studio believes in releasing it’s movies on time. They always announces their release schedules way before the original movies, and the same treatment was given to Spider-Man Beyond The Spider-Verse.

Originally, the movie was set to hit theaters in March 29, 2024 and hence, wrapping up this ongoing crazy saga. But unfortunately, now the movie has been delayed for indefinite amount of time. In July of 2023, the studio announced this unfortunate news because of the ongoing writer’s and actor’s strike.

Talking to Digital Spy, writers/producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller said:-

“Those conversations are thankfully above our paygrade, but I can tell you we’re already hard at work on it, and we’ll take the time it takes to make it great.

So it means that the answers to the shocking ending of the sequel will have to wait. But how long? We could be talking about late 2024, maybe even 2025, but nothing has been officially confirmed yet. Things will become more clear in the upcoming months and we will make sure to update you.

What Is The Plotline?

Spider-Man Beyond The Spider-Verse
image credits to Sony

How long? We could be talking about late 2024, maybe even 2025, but nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

Miles is stuck in Earth-42 and at the mercy of that universe’s Miles Morales who is the Prowler. In that universe, his mother is going out with his uncle Aaron Davis and his father is dead.

If you don’t know then Earth-42 has no Spider-Man in it’s universe. That’s because the spider who was going to bite the Peter of that universe was transported in the universe of our Miles (Earth-1610) with the help of The Spot.

Luckily, we now knows that Gwen has her own Spidey team to go and rescue our Miles, so we can say that a help is already on it’s way to save him from all of the upcoming chaos.

Also we knows that The Spot is planning to kill the father of Miles, so he needs to get back in his own universe as soon as possible. However, the death of his father is set to be a “canon event” in his timeline and he should now invade or disturb the timeline to stop this event. That’s why Miguel is trying to stop Miles in order to protect the Spider-Verse.

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We can also expect a deadly battle between of Miles, Gwen and co. versus Jessica, Miguel and the rest of the Spider Society to form the basis of Beyond The Spider-Verse where Miles will keep trying to save his father. Also some officials are indicating towards a variant of Gwen who might make an appearence.

In a recent interview with Collider, Miller said:-

It means a lot of things, but it also means we see a sort of map representation of the known Spider-Verse, but there are things that can exist outside of that web of life and destiny. I would say that, yes. It’s on the page. I think that… these things evolve as they go.

He also teased that we might see the death of Gwen Stacy storyline from the comics play out with one of these versions. When asked about the possibility of this unfortunate event, he said, “I’m not gonna say anything… But it is sort of plot-integral, I would say.

So in short, a lot is going to happen in this final installment and we should just keep our hopes high. One thing that we can speculate from all these reports and interviews is that someone is definitely going to die in the movie, rest depends upon the battles and the transportations of this movie.

Who Is In The Cast Of Beyond The Spider-Verse?

Spiderman beyond the spiderverse movie
image credits to Sony

The cast for Beyond the Spider-Verse has yet to be confirmed, but we can make some solid guesses about who will be back.

We knows that both Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales are returning for a one final showdown and hence, marking the return of Shameik Moore and Hailee Steinfeld, respectively.

Apart from these two, Miguel O’ Hara aka Spider-Man 2099 is the one who is making this movie even more interesting along with Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman) and Hobie Brown (Spider-Punk), so marking the confirmed return of the talented Oscar Isaac, Issa Rae and Daniel Kaluuya.

If we want to talk about the other characters from the Across The Spider-Verse movie, then Jason Schwartzman will definitely return as The Spot who is going to be the center of attraction in the whole movie.

Jake Johnson as Peter B Parker, Karan Soni as Pavitr Prabhakar (Spider-Man India) and, of course, Brian Tyree Henry and Luna Lauren Vélez as Miles’s parents Jefferson Davis and Rio Morales are all set to return once again.

Also by the ending of Across The Spider-Verse sees Gwen pull together her own group of Spider-Men from across the multiverse, including Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Ham and Peni Parker from the first movie.

Hopefully, that means Nicolas Cage, John Mulaney and Kimiko Glenn will reprise their Spidey roles for the next movie.

We were already introduced to a lot more Spider-People in the sequel, including Andy Samberg’s Ben Reilly (Scarlet Spider) and Amandla Stenberg’s Margo Kess (Spider-Byte), but apparently, there’s still more to come.

Funnily enough, a plastic variant of Spider-Man was almost featured in the movie. Director Dos Santos told Empire: “One of the Toy-Biz Spider-Man toys was going to show up and he was going to have a giant kid’s hand that would go off-screen and hold him.” The team ended up scrapping the idea to keep Miles’ story “cool, emotionally“.

Imagination truly has no limits in this saga. “Believe it or not. You thought that you’ve seen every Spider-Person that you could imagine, but not every Spider-Person we can imagine,” Lord teased Collider.

Will Tobey And Andrew Appear In Spider-Man Beyond The Spider-Verse?

Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield spider-man
image credits to Marvel and Sony

We knows that a lot is happening inside 5the Sony’s Spider-Man universe. Many new movies and spinoff shows are in active development, all related to the spider-verse. But how can we ignore the two legends of this universe?

Both Tobey and Andrew has played an important role in establishing the domination of spider-verse, whether it was the legendary era of Tobey’s Spider-Man or the unforgettable journey of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ universe.

So if the ongoing animated universe is dealing with multiple timelines and dimensions, is there any chance to watch both of these legends in an animated movie?

Originally, there were many rumors that Tobey and Andrew will appear in the Across The Spider-Verse, some was claiming that they will be giving their voices to their animated versions, while other was claiming that both of them will appear in a live-action version inside an animated movie for the very first time.

However, the studio moved forward with the idea of bringing them in an indirect version, which was the mix of animated and the live action reality.

Now we knows that Beyond The Spider-Verse is also going to deal with tons of new timelines, and we are sure that the studio will again discover some hidden or new realities in the final installment of this legendary animated saga.

So there’s a huge possibility that we may get a chance to watch a cameo of these two legends. However, it’s definitely too early to predict anything regarding the cameos, but in this spider-verse, literally anything is possible.

As per now, a lot is going to happen in Spider-Man Beyond The Spider-Verse, and we will make sure to update you with every drop of news, Stick around with Movie World Network to stay up to date. Till that, stay safe, peace out !!

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