Cars 4 : Pixar Might Bring A Final Installment Anytime Soon

After a huge success of the popular Cars Trilogy, we were all wondering about the Cars 4. The first three movies has earned a whooping $1.7 Billion on the world-wide box office and is also known for it’s merchandising capabilities.

Now it’s been a while since we’ve seen our beloved Cars characters and since Disney is moving back on it’s proven franchises such as Frozen 3, Zootopia 2 and Toy Story 5, some very initial reports suggests that we may get a chance to watch Cars 4 in the near future.

From all the latest updates to the release dates, from the surprising plotline to the cast, here’s everything that you need to know about the Cars 4!

New Reports Claims: Pixar Might Announce Cars 4!

cars 4

We’ve seen the last Cars movie in 2017, and the movie was dealing with a beautiful story along with many perfect characters. No wonder why we the fans are still waiting to get an official confirmation about Cars 4.

Finally it seems like we can expect something from the studio in the next few years, and the reason is quite simple. We’ve seen how both Disney and Pixar studios are getting bombed at box office in recent years.

Movies like Strange World, Lightyear and some other Disney+ shows were not even able to make a profit. All these events are making a bad impact on the reputation of the company in the market, which has led them to bring back some of their proven franchises once again.

In February 2023, Disney CEO Bob Iger comes forward and officially confirms that Disney company is actively working on Zootopia 2, Toy Story 5 and Frozen 3. All these three are the biggest cash graber for the house of the mouse.

Apart from this, Pixar is also bringing Inside Out 2 in the summers of 2024, which is definitely going to dominate over the box office.

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All these events are clearly indicating that both Disney and Pixar are trying to earn some profit on the box office, and bringing back the proven titles is the best and a safe way to achieve it’s golden position in the Hollywood.

The Cars franchise is also one of those cash-grabbing titles for both Disney as well as Pixar, and it seems like we may get a Cars 4 movie as well.

That’s because the sequels like Toy Story 5 makes no sense as the fourth one was a perfect installment to conclude the franchise. In fact we can say that Toy Story 3 was a complete conclusion in itself, however, the studio moved ahead with the fourth one and surprisingly, Toy Story 4 performed pretty well.

The main secret behind the success of Toy Story 4 was it’s storyline, but it seems like Pixar has some new ideas which are even more exciting then the plots and events of Toy Story 4.

In the same way, some rumored reports claims that Pixar is already looking forward for a fourth part of this epic Cars saga. However Movie World Network can not authenticate this report so take it as a rumor for now.

Still it seems very logical (even if we ignores the reports) because we knows that more stories are left untold in this beautiful journey of our beloved Cars. They are bringing a whole new idea for Toy Story as well, but Cars on the other hand has already some plots on which the studio can develop a whole new movie.

Cars 3
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So at this point, it all depends upon the performance of Inside Out 2, because if it becomes a big success for the studio, then we can expect Cars 4 as well.

Also in an interview with the CinemaBlend, director of Cars 3 has revealed that he “[didn’t] know the future of the franchise”.

The full statement reads as:-

I don’t know. I’m not sure. I actually don’t know the future of the franchise. I don’t know where we’ll go after that. I don’t know if we’ll make one. If we do, will it be more McQueen? This is the third act but I don’t know how many acts he has in his life. Will other characters be main characters, at this point I have no idea. I think anything’s possible.

It doesn’t means that Cars 4 would never happen though. In the same interview, Lee added that if “there’s a good story to tell…[it would be] worth investing” in a fourth film. Now if they have a good story to tell even after a perfect ending of Toy Story 4, then they will definitely bring an interesting story for Cars 4 as well.

So we can say that the possibilities for Cars 4 are increasing with every new day and we may hear about it all of a sudden just like we heard about Frozen 3, Toy Story 5 and Zootopia 2!

When Could Cars 4 Release?

Cars 3
image via Pixar

Like we mentioned above, things will get even more clear after the release of Inside Out 2. Since Pixar will not rush the process as it is already facing a lot of backlash in recent years, so if the sequel of Inside Out earn some record breaking success, then only we can expect some official updates from the studio.

It means, we should expect an official announcement in somewhere around mid of 2024 as Inside Out 2 is set to hit your ear theatres on June 14, 2024.

Talking about it’s expected release date then we have some good news for you. Initially, there are three untitled projects on the Pixar release calendar which are set to arrive on June 13, 2025, March 6, 2026, and June 19, 2026. 

Originally, Pixar is known for releasing it’s movies in the month of June, and since Inside Out 2 is coming next year on June 14, we may expect Cars 4 to release on June 19, 2026 at the earliest.

Also the Pixar studio will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Cars franchise, so releasing Cars 4 to celebrate two decades of Lightning McQueen and friends will also work perfectly. However, everything depends upon the date of announcement.

What Might Happen In Cars 4?

Cars 4
Image via Pixar

By the end of Cars 3, protagonist Lightning McQueen seems to have left his racing days in the rearview, instead opting to train the young and starry-eyed racing fan, Cruz Ramirez. So diving back into the same trend of bringing back McQueen in the main story will spoil the whole ending of Cars 3.

When CinemaBlend asked Owen Wilson about the potential future of the franchise:

He told:-

Well, I kind of trust Pixar to kind of come up with the stories because they have such a great track record with doing these movies that work for kids and also that grown-ups and parents find entertaining. I would imagine that if they do do another one, it’ll be something pretty cool. But yeah maybe like Lightning McQueen in sort of like a thriller. Maybe that could be something.

We can also expect some new faces in the fourth film as it will help Pixar in shifting the main focus of the storyline from our beloved Lightening McQueen.

We now knows that Cruz Ramirez will play a very important role in the fourth movie, but fans will definitely look forward on the role of McQueen. So we may see some sort of new adventures based upon our Lightening as well.

If you don’t know then while speaking to the SlashFilm, Cars 3 director Brian Fee has also teased “a different character as the star” for a potential fourth film.

He said:-

I think there could [be a different character as the star] if it feels right.  I mean, I think never say never.  And I think you can make a good movie about anything if you have, if the audience can connect.  Right, I think that’s what it boils down to.  Can the audience relate to the story?

So it seems like if Pixar moves forward with a potential fourth film, then the chances of getting some new faces in this popular franchise are really high. Of course our Lightening McQueen will definitely play an important role, because Cars gang is incomplete with our Lightening.

Who Would Return for Cars 4?

Cars 3
image via Pixar

Apart from the perfect storylines, beautiful characters and it’s merchandising powers, the casting of this franchise is the thing which makes it even much better. Ever since we watched the first movie back in 2006, we instantly fell in love with their voices.

That’s why it becomes even more important to bring back a perfect cast for the fourth and maybe the final movie of this epic saga.

Since we knows that Cars 4 is not confirmed yet, so it would be too early to predict anything about it. However, there are some members in this star studded cast who will definitely return for the fourth film.

It mainly includes:-

  • Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen
  • Larry the Cable Guy as Tow Mater
  • Cristela Alonzo as Cruz Ramirez

Apart from these three main characters, we should also expect the return of the residents of the Radiator Springs that made the first Cars film the success it was. This includes:

  • Bonnie Hunt as Sally Carrera
  • John Ratzenberger as Mack
  • Tony Shalhoub as Luigi
  • Guido Quaroni as Guido
  • Lloyd Sherr as Fillmore
  • Cheech Marin as Ramone
  • Katherine Helmond as Lizzie
  • Paul Dooley as Sarge
  • Jenifer Lewis as Flo

But in short, Pixar will definitely think about Cars 4, because this saga has tons of untold stories and adventures. Stick around with Movie World Network as we will make sure to update you. Till that, this was everything that we knew about The Cars 4 Movie. Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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