10 Deleted Scenes Of Elemental Which Could Change The Whole Movie

Elemental is among those movies which gave us tears, smiles and tons of beautiful moments. We got another cute couple of the Pixar saga in the form of our Ember and Wade and the movie has showed their chemistry very beautifully.

After watching the movie, everyone is wondering about it’s future and why not, after all we want to watch more of our Ember and Wade. We are not sure about Elemental 2 yet, but did you know that some scenes and even some important characters were completely deleted from Elemental?

That’s right and in this article, we are taking an exclusive look at The Top 10 Deleted Scenes of Elemental that could change the perspective of the whole movie. In fact, some of these scenes can even surprise you. So let’s jump right in!

1) The Cute Couple Of Wendy And Gus!

elemental deleted scene
Pixar Studio

That’s right. A couple named Wendy and Gus were created and would have played a very important role in Elemental but they ended up being completely cut from the film. The city of elements is divided into neighborhoods, one for each type of element and in the deleted scene, we would see Wade and Ember who had just met heading to the air Village to meet Wendy and Gus.

Both of these are the two air element friends of our Wade and is very close to him. Ember and Wade are welcomed by Wendy as they descend through a hole in a convenience store, very similar to Ember’s family store. Ember and Wade goes down the hole of the grocery where they finally meets Gus. Wade asks him to make an air bubble so Ember could explore the roots of one of the great trees .

After hesitating a bit, Ember enters the bubble and basically the same scene we see happening near the end of the movie occurs where Ember illuminates the bottom of the lake and everything looks extremely beautiful.

In the end Wade has to run to save Ember because the bubble was about to burst, just like in the movie, and he manages to do it at the last second too. In the end Ember goes well leaving it open so that she could watch it again, which makes him very happy.

However, the film’s production thought it was better to move the scene to the end of the movie to add an extra layer of excitement and serve as a bridge to the film’s climax. Sadly, Wendy and Gus ended up being completely cut and its Gale, Wade’s boss, who ends up creating the airbubble for Ember. But that was just the first of the other nine deleted scenes from Elemental that we’re going to show you, so let’s jump on number 2!

2) The Famous Claude!

elemental claude
Pixar Studio

Now famous Claude is another scene that ended up being cut. The scene mainly involves our little and funny Claud. In the deleted scene, we see him standing on the top of a sofa, talking to a female, and his goal is to become a big movie star. Then he sneezes so hard that his nose, which is a stone, falls off and on top of that he hits his head on the sofa.

The scene lefts him saying, “I’m gonna grow up to be a movie star. I mean in a movie. I’m gonna be growing up and being in a movie, yayy!“. Claude is definitely one of the coolest characters in Elemental and this cute and short scene could end up bringing some funny moments in the film. However, the studio decided to just remove it from the movie.

We’ve seen that animated movies are usually known for staying to-the-point and hence it could be one of those reason due to which the Pixar and Disney studios prefers to remove unwanted scenes from their movies which can eventually increase the length of the movies for no reason.

3) Dante The Fire Dude!

elemental deleted scene
Pixar Studio

We saw many unique characters in the Elemental, whether it is Claude, Bernie, Ember, Wade, Cinder and many others. Almost all of these characters have their own unique style and habits. In the same way, Pixar was going to bring another cool character into the movie who could change the whole perspective of the movie.

The name of this character was Dante. He was an immigrant from the Fire-land who goes to the element city. When he arrives, Ember’s father Bernie wants to welcome the guy and have him share a room with her daughter…… what??

Yes that’s true!

Bernie is more liberal than we imagined. The details about this deleted scene claims that Dante is a good looking guy who is quite strong, but Wade ends up mentioning that a colleague of his was renting an apartment. So the three of them goes to take a good look at the room of the building.

However, after arriving there, they saw that the apartment is made of wood and can catch fire. So Ember and Dante spends the day lining the entire apartment with metal to prevent it from catching fire and after finishing the task, both Wade and Ember leaves him.

But on the very next day, they found Dante at the fireshop where he explains that a branch from a tree entered through the window and since he’s allergic, he spent the whole night sneezing. So Bernie says he can share a room of one of his friends who also works at the shop.

The main reason behind cutting this part is very logical and we are lucky that it didn’t made into the final cut of Elemental. According to the producers of the film, this part was cut from the movie because it was giving an idea of a love triangle in the movie, which was out of their planned script of Elemental.

Also there was a risk in moving forward with this scene as Bernie wanted to match Dante and Ember, which could eventually complicate the story and hence, the chances of this movie not be well received by the audience were wuite high. Hence, they dicided to just remove Dante from the movie. Thanks Pixar!

4) “Ouchh!… The Bench Is Hot!”

elemental deleted scene
Pixar Studio

Another hilarious scene was also cut from the film and It’s quite short but funny. In this scene we could see Ember sitting on a regular park bench, but it’s made of metal. She then points to where Wade should sit and that’s where the fun begins.

According to the description of this scene, she touches the bench, making it hot for Wade, However, he ignores it and tries to sit on the bench and hence, ends up getting his bottoms burned. So after it cools down, he sits but ends up sort of sliding through the spaces of the bench indicating that it wasn’t designed with water people in mind like Wade!

5) The Steam Baby!

elemental steam baby
fan-art by EVE on Twitter

This was definitely one of the most anticipated scenes that was conceptualized but never got animated into the final cut. We’re talking about the little baby borned from the love of two different Elementals namely Wade and Ember.

Initially, Pixar was planning to make this baby full of vapors, which makes a perfect sense since he would represent the combination of both water and fire elements. In the scene that was cut, we were going to see the proud grandpa Bernie playing with his cute little grandson and having a great time with him while his daughter and son-in-law are watch everything.

We don’t know what name would have been given to the little character but it is believed that the scene was strategically removed to potentially be used in a future Elemental sequel, especially now that Pixar has announced so many sequels, it is possible that Elemental 2 is also going to land in the near future.

6) The Scary Tsunami!

elemental deleted scene
Pixar Studio

We’ve seen many funny scenes in Elemental, but do you know that Pixar was going to introduce a quite spooky and dark scene in the movie? Well, this scene was taking place when Ember would arrive home and it would be raining. When she enters the house, Bernie is watching a movie made entirely of fire people.

The movie was probably from his homeland aka The Fire Land. the movie in his TV was taking place on the beach and it appears to be a horror film since it was depicting a tsunami which was going to hit the beach full of fire people. Now think about it, a tsunami by itself is already terrifying but if you’re made of fire, falling into the water simply means certain death because the chance of survival is zero.

So this touch of dark humor was removed from the screens because the main target of Pixar was to show the problems which are faced by the immigrants, and not to scare the little kids who are definitely going ot watch the movie in theatres.

7) The Element City Integration!

elemental deleted scene
Pixar Studio

Element City Integration is another part of the movie that was eliminated. We’ve seen how a well-designed and integrated building for all the Elementals works in the element city and how all these cute little elements are living in harmony with each other.

However, there was a whole dedicated scene in the movie which was going to show exactly how these four elements are connected to each other. In this deleted moment, two air people were talking in an apartment and the ventilation duct ends up carrying some of their air to the adjacent apartment, where a fire person lives.

Because of the oxygen coming from the air people, his flames gets bigger and heats up the apartment above where a water person lives, who is watching TV and drinking water. Due to the heat produced by the fire people, he starts evaporating and the water from his vapor drips down onto the two Earth peoples who are playing checkers.

When they gets wet, the plants on the earth people produce oxygen and this air ends up returning to the two air people and hence, completing the circuit and demonstrating how the Elements actually complements each other, which is really very cool.

8) Play And Kiss!

elemental deleted scene
Pixar Studio

Play And Kiss is another short scene that was deleted from the film. This scene was going to show Wade and Ember playing hide and seek through small holes in the ground. They were going to have a lot of fun if the scene had made it to the movie.

It would have taken place after the couple was already dating as they were going to share a sweet little kiss at the end of it, which could even bring a very romantic vibe into the movie, but unfortunately, Pixar decides to just remove it from the Elemental.

9) The Marriage Proposal!

elemental deleted scene
Pixar Studio

Since we’ve talked about a scene that would take place when the protagonists were together, there’s another scene that fits perfectly into the same context where we could see Ember and Wade having a conversation.

In the scene, Ember wants to impress her parents in some way and Wade suggests her that they should go to the beach so she can think of something, but secretly, he wants to go there with her to ask for her hand in marriage. She hesitates but eventually agrees to go there.

After reaching there, wade makes a beautiful comment on how the sunset at the beach depicts the meeting of fire and water and makes it clear that different Elements can indeed mix with each other. Ember gets enchanted and suddenly asks Wade if he would like to marry her and he confirms that she took the words right out of his mouth and shows her the ring.

Luckily in the scene, we were going to see how she accepts the proposal and Wade starts crying. However, when he says something about leaving, Ember gets irritated and they enters into a small argument because she believes that leaving would be unfair to her parents who has sacrificed so much for her but they eventually reconcile.

This scene was removed because there were some changes in the script and they actually ended up together only at the end of the movie which turned out to be the big climax of the story.

10) The Wade Serenade!

elemental deleted scene
Pixar Studio

This is definitely a scene that would have been very funny to watch and was removed from the film for good reasons. Ember arrives home happily and her father notices it she mentions that she met a guy. Her mother starts asking her to introduce him to both of them but she says it’s still very recent and wouldn’t be appropriate.

Suddenly out of nowhere, they starts hearing someone singing outside their house. When they goes to the window, they sees Wade who is dancing in a weird way and is spraying water jets with his fingertips in all directions. He even climbs on top of the car and starts literally showering water as he sings so poorly that even an earth beggar complains to him but he doesn’t care and hugs the guy because he’s happy, feeling that Ember likes him too.

Ember’s mother Cinder goes absolutely mad with anger while her father says he trusts her and her choices easing the tension of the moment.

So these were the 10 deleted scenes from Elemental that we brought to you. Some of these could end up making this movie even much better while others was good for nothing. However, we are sure that we will be getting some of the above mentioned new characters in the near future of this beautiful franchise.

You can stick around the corner with the Movie World Network for more such cool content, till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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