Elemental 2 : Trailer, Steam Baby & Big Updates

After getting bombed at box office again and again, Pixar got some success in the form of it’s latest movie Elemental. The movie was a perfect match of love, emotions, drama and fun. But are we really moving forward for Elemental 2?

Well, some new reports are claiming that we might get Elemental 2 way sooner then we can expect. What will happen in the sequel? Will there be any new character? When could we get this sequel? Here’s everything that you need to know about Elemental 2!

Pixar Is Already Developing An Elemental Spinoff!

elemental 2
fan-art via EVE on Twitter

Yes, that’s true!

We knows that there’s a lot to explore in the city of Elemental and in the lives of our Ember and Wade. To complete their stories, Pixar will have to bring a whole new sequel where it can finally conclude it on a happy note.

To do so, they will be needing a good amount of time because we all knows that Pixar never compromises with the qualities of it’s movies, doesn’t matter how long does it takes to develop the movies.

But it seems like the studio has already planned something even more exciting for this epic duo. If you don’t know then recently it has been revealed in some of the very exclusive reports that Pixar might be moving towards a spinoff show based upon the Elemental.

If the reports are not enough to convince you then let us tell you that Jeff Bock, who is a very famous industry insider, has revealed that both Elemental spinoff show and a sequel are on their way!

video via our official channel!

In an interview with The Town with Matthew Belloni, Bock revealed he has heard Disney is going to “turn [Elemental] into a [Disney+] series” and “there might even be an Elemental sequel:”

Bock Said:-

Disney has a way with this. Disney is also going to turn this into a [Disney+] series, I’ve already heard. And there might even be an ‘Elemental’ sequel. Obviously next summer.

His statement makes even more sense when we look towards the performance of Elemental on the box office. Despite having a slow start, the movie has managed to earn $400 million at the global box office. These numbers are the highest for an original movie of Disney-Pixar after 2019!

So it would be a bummer for the fans if Disney and Pixar doesn’t moves deep into this movie and turns it into a franchise! The full statement of both Belloni and Bock reads as:

Belloni: “No, I don’t think they’re not going to do a sequel.”

Bock: “They might! Listen, there is a Disney+ series on the way and ‘Inside Out 2’ is obviously coming next summer. You go back to the safety net for these sequels. Pixar’s going to be fine. This is a great ramping up of their grosses, after that D+ grade that they got for their streaming content.”

Well, this is not the first time when Disney is hinting towards a spinoff show based upon the world of Element City. Even the writers of this movie has officially given an indication that Elemental show is already down the line.

In a conversation with The DirectElemental writers John Hoberg and Kat Likkel let slip that a tease for a sequel was included in early versions of the film but never made to the final cut. So making a spinoff show will also help them in bringing their imaginations and plans into the reality.

Since the TV Shows takes less time in development rather then a full length sequels, Pixar will definitely try to cash in this opportunity where the demand is really very high in the market for the stories of our beloved Ember and Wade!

What Will Happen In Elemental 2?

image via Pixar

Unsurprisingly, a lot is going to happen in the future of this franchise. Like we’ve mentioned above that how the writers was about to give a surprise by the end of the first movie to set up a sequel, they’ve also indicated towards a potential storyline for Elemental 2!

When The Direct asked the writers about the storyline of the sequel, they revealed something unexpected and exciting:

Writer Kat Likkel said:-

Oh, did we already talk about the steam baby? At one point, there was going to be a little addendum at the end. Instead of them [Wade and Ember] just leaving at the end, you were going to see that they had been gone and we’re coming back to visit, and they’ve had a baby, and the baby was steam. And so it’s like… that was something I kept fighting for that for a long time.

This statement has a lot of importance when we looks towards the future of Elemental because it can give a whole new direction to the stories of our Ember and Wade.

Not only this, the second writer John Hoberg has also confirmed that there’s even more to uncover in this tale and many surprises might occur in the future.

John Hober added:

I think there was a feeling of like, ‘Well, you know what, let’s leave somewhere for them to go… If audiences really respond, that would be great.’ I mean, there’s so much more to tell because, in a marriage, this is the big romantic moment. And now they’ve got to figure their life out together. And I think all of us just love the thought of like, ’What are they up to now?

So if we looks up at all these little hints and indications, we can easily create a rough idea about a potential story of Elemental 2 by joining these tiny dots.

image via Pixar

The very first thing which is confirmed is none other then our Steam Baby. He will definitely make an appearance in the sequel. It is possible that both Ember and Wade can be shown as returning back to their element city but with their baby as well.

The main theme of Elemental was to show the challenges which are faced by the immigrants, and they’ve shown in beautifully via Ember. The exact same them can be carried into Elemental 2 but this time, via Steam Baby.

The studio can easily showcase the challenges of a little child who is an immigrant and has no idea about the world, but is still facing a lot of problems because of his identity. This will introduce a deeper look in the sequel along with tons of emotions and some lovely moments.

However, if the studio is moving forward with a spin off show (which seems almost confirmed), then the same events might take place in the show rather then in the movie. In this case, the plot of the sequel will depend upon the ending of this spinoff show.

So we should wait a bit more before predicting anything about the plot of Elemental 2, however, we are definitely going to get the above mentioned story either in the show, or in the sequel!

When Will Elemental 2 Land In Theatres?

image via Pixar

The answer to this question may get change with every new day because there are a lot of uncertainties going on within this franchise.

The biggest factor which is affecting the release date is the confirmation of either the spinoff show or the sequel. As per now, we don’t know whether the studio is really going to bring us any spinoff shows or theses are just some early speculations.

However, these updates seems very authentic because these have been given directly by the writers of the original movie, so we should not call them as a rumor.

Now, some other Hollywood reports are now claiming that Pixar may start working upon the show very soon, and if these reports to be believed, then the spinoff show may land sooner then we thinks.

Sequels takes time because the studios focuses a lot on the storylines and character development, but these TV shows are usually developed faster since their lengths are small. So if the studio is really going to start working upon the show, then we can easily expect it to land by the end of 2024 for sure.

If the Elemental spin off show lands on the streaming platforms by the late 2024, then we can easily speculate Elemental 2 to release by the late 2025 or mid 2026 for sure. This is because two dates for two untitled projects are already set in 2026, so one of these dates might get reserved by Elemental 2!

In short, everything depends upon the official confirmations by either Disney or Pixar. Still you can expect Elemental spin off to land by the late 2024 and Elemental 2 by the end of 2025 or mid 2026!

Who Will Be In The Cast?

elemental cast
Leah Lewis as Ember

Since neither Disney nor Pixar has officially confirmed Elemental 2, it is hard to say anything about the official cast, still we can predict about the main characters of the movie.

While most actors reprise their roles in Pixar sequels, the studio has occasionally recast actors for creative reasons. In the 2022 spinoff film LightyearToy Story actor Tim Allen did not voice Buzz Lightyear because Chris Evans was cast instead. Also, Huckleberry Milner replaced Spencer Fox as Dash in The Incredibles 2 after Fox aged out of the role (via Insider).

Given that Elemental takes place in an entire city, Pixar could choose to follow Ember and Wade in a sequel, but apart from these two, they can easily hire new voice actors to explore different elements’ stories.

If a sequel continues to follow Ember and Wade then our predicted cast would be as follows:-

  • Leah Lewis as Ember Lumen
  • Mamoudou Athie as Wade
  • Catherine O’Hara as Brook Ripple
  • Mason Wertheimer as Clod
  • Wendi McLendon-Covey as Gale Cumulus
  • Joe Pera as Fern
  • Ronnie del Carmen as Bernie
  • Shila Ommi as Cinder Lumen

Apart from these actors, we should definitely expect multiple new faces in the cast because tons of new characters will be appearing in the sequel. We may also expect a kid in the future cast who will be giving his/her voice to the Steam Baby.

But as of now, this was everything that we knows about Elemental 2, we will make sure to update you as soon as we gets anything official, so stick around with Movie World Network. Till that, Stay Safe Peace Out!

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