From Loki Season 2 To The Wakanda TV Show : Here’s The List Of The Best Upcoming Marvel Shows

Marvel Studio is finally moving forward in it’s multiverse saga and tons of new and exciting movies and TV shows are going to land in next few years. While the movies like Secret Wars or The Kang Dynasty are definitely going to be a big hit, there are many TV Shows which will surprise you in this ongoing saga.

From Loki Season 2 to The Daredevil Born Again and The Wakanda TV Show, here’s a detailed list of the top best upcoming Marvel Series which are set to land in the next few years!

Loki Season 2 (2023)

Loki Season 2
Marvel Studios

If we are talking about the Multiverse, then how can we ignore the characters who is playing a very important role in shaping up the future of the Marvel Cinematic Studios?

Loki Season 1 was a big success for the studio, the show has revealed many unknown mysteries which has changed the whole perspective of the studio’s story telling. It was this series from where we cam e to know that The Kang is going to be one of the biggest problem for our team of heroes in the near future and we just want to know more about Loki variants.

Finally, Loki Season 2 is releasing straight on Disney+ streaming platform starting from October 5 at 6pm PT. The series will pick up directly from where the season 1 has left the story. By the end of Loki Season 1, it was revealed that He Who Remains is the one who can control anything or everything in the universe and he gave two options to Loki and Sylvie. Either kill him or let Time Variance Authority control the universe.

However, Sylvie moves forward and stabs him because she thinks that He Who Remains is the reason behind her chaotic life and as soon as she kills him, the incursions starts happening in the whole universe and hence, creating a vast multiverse.

In fact, it was revealed in Mobius that 63 new timelines and universe was created as soon as she killed him, and hence, giving an opportunity to many other bad guys to travel from one universe to the other.

In recent interview, Tom Hiddlestone has also revealed that Loki Season 2 will act as the one final try to protect the TVA and the timelines, indicating towards the plotline with tons of actions and drama. So as a true Marvel fan, you should definitely check out this epic TV Show of Marvel Studio!

Echo (2024)

Marvel Echo
Marvel Studios

Next on the list is a project which was getting delayed again and again. Finally, Echo is set to land straight on Disney+ streaming platform starting from somewhere in January 2024.

Unlike any other mutant or traditional armored fighter, the main protagonist of this TV Show is naturally a superhuman. She can’t shoot laser beams from her eyes, produce sonic booms with her mind, or chase villains across the multiverse. Instead, the hero is Maya Lopez/Echo, who is a Native American woman.

She rises to become boss of the New York street gang Tracksuit Mafia under the tutelage of crime lord Kingpin — all while being deaf and a prosthetic-wearing leg amputee. 

Marvel’s official synopsis reads:

Streaming exclusively on Disney, the origin story of Echo revisits Maya Lopez, whose ruthless behavior in New York City catches up with her in her hometown. She must face her past, reconnect with her Native American roots and embrace the meaning of family and community if she ever hopes to move forward.

Talking about the official cast then it includes our Alaqua Cox who will be playing the character Maya Lopez aka Echo. Charlie Cox is also set to return as the iconic Matt Murdock aka Daredevil. He has already made his first official appearance in the MCU through Spider-Man No Way Home and She Hulk Attorny At Law! The show will also showcase a romantic relationship of these two main characters.

Apart from these two, Vincent D’Onofrio is also reprises his role as crime lord Wilson Fisk aka The Kingpin. Zahn McClarnon will again reprises his role from Hawkeye as William Lopez, who is the dearly beloved father of Maya and a former leader of the Tracksuit Mafia. The famous star and writer Devery Jacobs is also playing Julie, who is a member of Maya’s indigenous family and community.

So the cast and plot of this series is looking all good and it seems like Echo might reveal some unexpected plots and twists for the future of the Marvel studios.

Agatha : The Darkhold Diaries (TBD)

Agatha The Darkhold Diaries
Marvel Studios

The biggest and latest update for this series is regarding it’s release schedule. Agatha : The Darkhold Diaries (previously known as The Coven Of Chaos) is now officially getting delayed and as usual, the reason is none other then the writer’s and actor’s strike.

Despite the end of writer’s strike, Marvel Studios is officially delaying this project by one year, and that means, now we should expect this TV Show to land straight on Disney+ by mid of 2025 at the earliest.

Talking about the plotline then we knows how by the end of WandaVision season 1, Wanda had trapped her within the enchanted confines of Westview, a town ensnared within the depths of her own alter ego, the inquisitive neighbor Agnes. Alongside this, the Darkhold met its demise in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, a development that is unlikely to sit well with Agatha when she (presumably) awakens in Coven of Chaos.

As per now, the official cast of Agatha The Darkhold Diaries incudes Aubrey Plaza, Debra Jo Rupp, Emma Caulfield, Patti LuPone, David Payton and David Lengel. We can also expect Elizabeth Olsen to return once again as our beloved Wanda!

Daredevil: Born Again (2024)

Daredevil Born Again
Marvel Studios

Ever since we’ve watched Daredevil in Spider-Man No Way Home, we just want to know more about his MCU origins and luckily, Marvel is bringing us a brand new series with the name of Daredevil : Born Again.

The show is most certainly a reboot, and all the previous canons should not be assumed to be happening in this universe. Matt Murdock has taken on his persona of Daredevil, but Charlie Cox has confirmed that this is a Season 1 and not a Season 4.

Not much is known about the exact plotline of this show but we can expect some big twists and developments in it. As per now, the official cast of Daredevil Born Again involves Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio in their traditional and original roles, followed by Michael Gandolfini who has been casted in an undisclosed role.

Apart from these three, the other confirmed cast members include Margarita LevievaSandrine Holt, and Nikki M. James. Holt will reportedly be playing Vanessa Fisk who is the wife of our Kingpin and hence, taking over the role from Ayelet Zurer, who played the character in Netflix’s Daredevil. In March 2023. Some latest and rumored reports are also claiming that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man might make a small cameo in this series, but we should still wait for any official confirmations.

What If Season 2 (2024)

What If Season 2

It was the concept of What If which has given us a clear idea about what might happen when we makes a choice by ignoring the other. The first season was dealing with tons of possibilities and now What If Season 2 is on it’s way.

The second season has not received any kind of official release window but as per some trusted Hollywood Insiders, the second season might land by late 2024 for sure. As for the plot we knows how the first season was uncovering the hidden possibilities and predictions about some of the biggest MCU events, so we should expect the same kind of treatment from second season as well.

According to these reports, What If Season 2 will give us a closer look into the multiverse saga by exploring many new places and planets. The second season may also consist some episodes with Kang The Conqueror or He Who Remains, which will eventually make this series even much better.

Talking about the official cast then it is still not announced yet, however we can easily speculate the return of some of our original actors from the first season. It includes Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Elizabeth Olsen, Scarlet Johnsson and Samuel L Jackson. We should also expect some new faces as the second season will also introduce tons of new villains and heroes.

As of now, the show’s head writer, A.C. Bradley has revealed in a recent interview:

In Season 2, a lot of the stuff that we’re doing, we’re doing concurrently with the Disney Plus live-action shows. We were already writing. So we may not get a chance to explore some of the stuff that showed up in those shows, because we’re doing them almost at the exact same time. [Marvel Studios chief] Kevin [Feige] was like, “No no no! No touching! Don’t touch that! Not yet!” Maybe one day, maybe, if these things continue, we can play with some of that stuff. But we definitely get to play with some other parts of the MCU, for sure. There’s fertile ground.

So we can expect some of the best moments from What If Season 2 and things willbecome even more clear in the upcoming months for sure.

Marvel Zombies (2024)

Marvel Zombies
Marvel Studios

Now since we are talking about the concept of What If, we should not forget that we also got our first look at the zombie versions of our heroes and that’s where the studio is digging once again.

Marvel is officially working on a separate spinoff series with the name of Marvel Zombies where we can get a change to watch some of our most beloved characters as the Zombies. However, we’ve already taken an idea in the first season of What If, it is possible that this show might take us on a wild ride of Zombie world, where we can also expect some big surprises.

Since the TV Show will be taking place in the dead-land, we can expect many other faces from the MCU which are either died or has been retired. That means we can also expect the return of our RDJ Tony Stark and Vision once again!

Apart from this, Marvel Zombies might bring back our Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire, but in a zombie form. As of now, almost everything about Marvel’s Zombies is under wraps and we should look forward for any official confirmations about it’s release schedule, but according to us, it may release in the Halloween season of 2024 which gives it a perfect time to make the season even more spookie!

An Untitled Wakanda Spin-Off (TBD)

Black Panther Wakanda Forever
Marvel Studios

As soon as we hears the word Wakanda, the empire of our great Black Panther comes in our minds. Unfortunately, the legend Chadwick Boseman is no longer with us as the actor died in 2020.

In order to give him a sweet tribute, Marvel has decided not to replace him with any new character, and that’s what the recent Black Panther Wakanda Forever has showed to the audience. Now luckily, Marvel Studio is officially moving forward with a separate spin-off series based upon our Wakanda.

No official title for this TV Show is out yet, but many officials has hinted that the show will dive deep into the world of Wakanda and will showmany hidden stories of this legendary place.

The show may also feature some new and individual characters who are originally living in Wakanda since a long time but now they are revealing their life stories and struggles in this kingdom. No official casting news is out yet but we will update you as soon as we gets any!

Apart from these projects there are many other TV shows which are going to land in the next few years, but due to little or no updates, we can’t dive deep into them yet. However, we can still take a look on their titles which are as follows :

  • X-Men ’97 is expected to release in 2024.
  • What If…? season 3 is in development with no known release date.
  • Spider-Man: Freshman Year is expected to release in 2024.
  • Spider-Man: Sophomore Year will act as Freshman Year’s season 2.
  • Vision Quest is expected to release in 2024 or 2025.
  • Ironheart is in development with no current release date.
  • Wonder Man is in development with no current release date.
  • Nova series is in development with no known release date.

That being said, this was the full detailed list of the top best upcoming Marvel TV Shows which are going to land in next two to three years. Make sure to stick around the corner with the Movie World Network to stay up to date till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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