‘The Color Purple Is The Best Movie Of 2023’: Early Reviews Ignites Excitement For This Blockbuster

Hollywood is known for giving us some of the most memorable and direct adaptation of various novels, storybooks, games and what not. Now is the time to watch ‘The Color Purple‘ which is a direct adaptation of Alice Walker’s novel. Taken straight from the book, this movie is among the highly anticipated projects of 2023 which is set to hit theatres on the best day of the year- The Christmas Day!

While 2023 has given us tons of other projects some of which are really memorable and magical, ‘The Color Purple’ has something which makes it unique in many perspectives of the cinematography and storytelling.

Now this movie has officially received it’s early screenings and with that comes the early reviews which are now indicating that The Color Purple might dominate the box office for next few weeks despite having competition with some strong IP’s such as Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom!

What are some early reactions and how The Color Purple box office predictions are now surprising everyone? You’ll get every answer in this article so let’s dive into the world of magic!

Reviews Claims- ‘The Color Purple’ Will Bring An Oscar!

The Color Purple Movie Still
The Color Purple Movie Still

The early reviews of The Color Purple are truly promising. While some are calling it as the best movie of 2023 so far, others are claiming that this project is going to bring not one but multiple Oscars for the studio. Not only the users but the well experienced movie critics and experts are also claiming the same thing for this masterpiece and one of them is Jazz Tangcay of Variety who wrote: 

“Oscars, Make room for Fantasia! This is a powerhouse performance of Celie. Blitz assembled an incredible roster of talent to pull off this stellar adaptation. Taraji P. Henson is a powerhouse and This film is perfection on every level from acting to crafts.”

If you don’t know then Jazz (mentioned above) is talking about the phenomenal cast which features a number of Broadway veterans, including Fantasia Barrino and Danielle Brooks, who have portrayed Celie and Sofia, respectively, on the stage.

Apart from him, during a conversation about the film, one user on X (formerly known as Twitter) has mentioned that the musicals from this movie are truly iconic and mind blowing by writing:

“The Color Purple musical is really something. It needs to be experienced in a theater. Also, Add it to the queer movies of 2023 list. Three performances bout to shake up your Oscar Ballots. This movie about to make a lot of $.”

We’ve seen in recent years that studios are failing to retold these adaptations in a perfect manner but The Color Purple might break this cursed chain and the other reviews are also confirming this fact. While the musicals are looking very promising, the reviewers are also praising the storyline and theme of this project and one user has mentioned:

“PERFECTION! An iconic classic retold with an amazing cast, one of the best ensembles ever united! The chemistry fills you up with emotion. Goes without saying it’ll sweep the Oscars. Not just another musical, it’s one of the best movies ever!”

The performance of any movie highly depends upon the performance of it’s cast aka the actors and The Color Purple is bringing us a beautiful combo of both the storytelling and a perfect acting performances. The reason why we are so sure about their performance is pretty simple and that is none other then the Fantasia Barrino and Danielle Brooks both of which are now receiving a lot of love.

Some are calling them ‘An Epic Duo’, while others are even comparing them with our Tony & Captain and during the conversation about the reviews, one user wrote:

“The Color Purple is hands down the best film of the year and best musical ever. It’s empowering, glorious and the musical numbers are amazing. Every performance is noteworthy especially standouts like Fantasia Barrino and Danielle Brooks. I feel like I’ve been to church.”

Even the critics has mentioned:

“The Color Purple is a dynamic piece of art that features stirring performances from Danielle Brooks and Taraji P. Henson, led by the powerful Fantasia Barrino. I still prefer the original, but the performances and stunning visuals in this ‘bold new take’ are undeniably enchanting.”

And while we’ve also mentioned that The Color Purple might bring multiple ‘Oscars’ for Warner Bros, Ryan Casselman confirms there are several performances worthy of recognition, however, the critic predicts Danielle Brooks may be the favorite. Ryan claims:

“The Color Purple has cannonballed into the Oscar race and making the biggest splash is it’s all-star cast. Taraji B. and Fantasia are both fantastic, but stealing the show is Danielle Brooks as [Sofia]. She just may be the new Best Supporting Actress frontrunner…”

What The Story Of ‘The Color Purple’ Looks Like?

Hailey Bailey in The Color Purple
Hailey Bailey in The Color Purple

While we will not spoil the whole story to avoid any spoilers for you, the original Alice Walker novel follows a young girl named Celie Harris who, after being impregnated by her father when she was 14 years old, is forced into a marriage with a man named Albert “Mister” Johnson. Mister repeatedly beats Celie, forcing her to be his obedient housewife while forcing her to cut ties with her loved ones, including her sister Nettie with whom Celie is close.

Mister does this by forcing Celie to stop writing letters to Nettie and preventing her from accessing the mailbox. Fortunately, after decades of living under Mister’s thumb, Celie finally is given the courage to break away from her cruel environment when she meets a group of women who encourage her to stand up for herself and create a life that she deserves. One of those women who encourages Celie is Shug Avery, Mister’s mistress and a showgirl who hopes to become a famous singer.

So all these early reviews are enough to confirm the fact that The Color Purple is not just a random movie, but it has something for everyone. Whether you are a movie enthusiast or just a go-with-the-flow type of movie-goer, if you are looking for something to watch in theatres with your beloved ones during these holidays, then you should definitely consider it.

The Color Purple will hit theatres on December 25, 2023 and it’s tickets are now live on various platforms. Want more updates? Make sure to stick around the corner with the Movie World Network for everything Hollywood. Till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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