Ryan Reynolds & Travis Kelce Cozies Up To Troll Taylor Swift & Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds knows how to make a day. Despite playing multiple serious roles in his Hollywood journey, the Deadpool star never misses a chance to troll his loved ones with his out of this world type of jokes and posts. This time, it is the turn of Taylor Swift and his wife Blake Lively.

If you are active on social media in recent times then you knows that both Blake Lively and Taylor Swift are trending on all over the internet because of their post in which we can clearly see this duo sharing a cozy moment with each other. The pic was shared by Taylor Swift’s official X (formerly known as Twitter) account where the idol can be spotted leaning over her BFF.

The pic was from the London Premiere of ‘Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé’ which is a documentary of her world tour representing some of the most memorable moments from her concerts followed by some light and beautiful behind the scene moments.

Now if anything is trending on social media, then how can our Wade aka Ryan Reynolds can leave his chance to make us laugh. So following up the trend, the Marvel star has shared an Instagram story on his official account where we can watch Ryan and Travis sharing a cozy moment.

Ryan Reynolds & Travis Kelce Cozy moments
image via @karthiknjartist

Actually, the pic is taken straight from Blake’s X (Twitter) account and has been edited heavily through photoshopped to replace the faces of Blake with Ryan and Taylor from Travis Kelce. Ryan has also mentioned the name of it’s original creator @karthiknjartist to give him a shoutout. Like always, the story is now trending on all over the internet and Ryan Reynolds is now dominating this trend.

It is not a first time when Ryan is trolling someone in a funny manner on the internet, the talented actor has done such things multiple times in recent years where he never misses a chance to make fun of his friends even on their birthdays. Afterall, that’s the thing which makes him different from other celebs out there and that’s what makes him a lovable actor among the fans from all across the globe. Now we should wait a bit more to see if anyone else jumps on this trend and makes it even much better!

Blake Lively Comments On Beyoncé and Taylor Swift!

Blake Lively Shared Her Views On Taylor Swift and Beyoncé
Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds is not the only one who stays active on social media in order to entertain his huge fanbase, his wife, the charming Blake Lively is also the one who keeps adding her point of views on various subjects time to time.

While the event of the London World Premiere of Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé was getting a lot of praise online, the Deadpool star’s wife has shared her views on Taylor Swift and Beyoncé while reminding them who truly runs the world and so the Hollywood.

The Gossip Girl alum wrote on Instagram:

“When I grew up, women were always pit against one another. It took me until adulthood to see that the instinct for women to lift each other up to their highest potential is the norm not the exception. Most of my best friends are women who would’ve been packaged to me as threats or competition. It’s our job to show younger generations the power in aligning rather than dividing.”

While this message was so meaningful and inspiring, our gossip girl has also cracked a joke by writing, “All this to say, @beyonce and @taylorswift neither of you have to be threatened by my pop stardom. There’s space for us all.”

Blake then praised the guest of honor for her work. “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé. In theaters now,” she wrote, “And even better than you can imagine.”

The friendship of Taylor Swift and Blake Lively is very well known world wide and both of these icons always shares some of their most memorable moments all together. Previously the duo was seen in a stadium while supporting Travis Kelce and his team.

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