Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé Shatters Box Office Expectations

With her magical voice, Beyoncé always takes away her fans to another world. From back to back concerts to some popular and unique fashion trends, this idol always dominates the internet with her presence, however this time, Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé’ is tracking to earn millions of dollars on the box office.

The movie is taking over the box office after grossing $11.5 million on its opening day from 2,539 locations, a figure that includes a strong $5.1 million in Thursday previews. The movie is now eying to break the records of Taylor Swift’s Era Tour documentary which has earned over $250 million on the world wide box office, however, the numbers of Renaissance are quite lower then that of Taylor’s film, which earned around $92 million in it’s domestic opening.

Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé is a special project aka the documentary which is made to showcase the detailed journey of our idol’s latest world tour. The film is featuring tons of behind the scene moments followed by the makeup room scenes and other training sessions which makes it feel more realistic and connected. The project is being distributed by AMC theatres which is the same association who was behind the distribution of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.

The main reason why Renaissance might break multiple records in coming weeks is the facts that holidays season is just around the corner and the fans who are not able to watch this magic at the moment can wait a bit more to finally take it’s glimpse with their families and friends during the holidays.

The first reaction and the response from the audience are very positive and why not, after all we knows how much these fans loves their Beyoncé, and when we say that they can enjoy her show for the next three hours, it works like a cherry on top because yes- the runtime of Renaissance is nearly three hours long. Apart from this reviews, the Cinema Score grade of this project is “A+” which also adds a tag of confirmation that Beyoncé is going to dominate over the box office in the coming weeks.

Godzilla Minus One Is A Threat For Renaissance
Godzilla Minus One

For taking a clear picture of the box office, we should just talk about some other projects which might make an impact on Renaissance’s performance and the first name which comes in our mind is none other then a project which is coming straight from the monsterverse. Yes- we are talking about the ‘Godzilla Minus One‘, the Japanese studio’s 33rd entry in the long-running series.

After some early screenings, this MonsterVerse project is finally out in theatres and is eyeing to earn around $5 million in North America and just like Renaissance, Godzilla Minus One is also securing an impressive score of “A” on Cinema Score which makes it a perfect competitor for other projects of the Hollywood.

The Other Projects To Look For On The Box Office!

Wish, Napoleon and The Hunger Games Spinoff Might make an impact on Renaissance
Wish, Napoleon and The Hunger Games Spinoff

Apart from Renaissance and Godzilla Minus One, their are some other projects which are now available to watch in your nearby theatres. While some are performing well, others are trying die hard for their existence and we can start with Disney’s latest installment Wish, the movie which is released to celebrate the prestigious occasion of 100 year anniversary for The Walt Disney Company. Despite bringing back the iconic concept of their classic wishing star along with an original storyline, the movie is not taken well by the critics as well as by the audience. However, the current audience score of this movie is walking around 78% to 80% but the movie itself is not even in the list of top five movies on the box office.

Then comes “Silent Night“, a project which is released by the Lionsgate studio and is currently playing in nearly 1870 theatres. Everything is looking fine except it’s reviews. The movie is suffering with a score of “C” on Cinema Score which is not a good thing for any fresh installment and if it continues like this, then Renaissance will easily capture it’s market.

Angel Studios is also nationwide again with “The Shift,” a modern retelling of the Book of Job. Playing in 2,450 theaters, the faith-based drama is looking at a debut of about $4.3 million.

The only movie, apart from the Godzilla Minus One, which can make some impact on Beyoncé’s documentary is “The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes,” which is only expected to drop 45% for a third weekend tally of $16 million. The movie has already grosses over $100 million on it’s domestic box office collection in the very first week and it gives this project a title of becoming one of 21 releases this year to achieve this milestone. The world wide collection is touching touching the mark of $200 million which will definitely make a direct impact on Renaissance.

Napoleon on the other hand is eying to earn around $10 million during it’s first few days of playing which, to be honest, doesn’t looks decent for a project which is being produced by Apple with it’s mega high budget.

In conclusion, despite a high number of releases in recent days, most of them are struggling on the box office and only few are able to earn a decent amount of cash, however, things might take a wild turn during the holidays so we have to keep our eyes on it also. Still we can say that after looking at the craze which fans has for Renaissance, this documentary can easily dominate over other movies. Almost every other movie has some flaws, whereas Renaissance on the very other hand is securing some decent score and reviews on multiple rating platforms which adds an extra star to it.

Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé is out in theatres and you can watch it with your families and friends whenever you want. Want more Hollywood content? Make sure to check out our site and stick around the corner with the Movie World Network for everything Hollywood. Till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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