Toy Story 5 Got Exciting New Story Updates

Things went wild when Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that the studio is developing the sequels for Frozen, Zootopia and Toy Story. All three are known as one of the most successful animated movies franchise and they deserves to get atleast one more movie.

So now, Toy story 5 is officially under works, and we knows that you are wondering about it’s Release Date, Plotline, cast and new characters. So let’s know everything about this beautiful Pixar movie.

toy story 5
Toy Story 5 Artwork by Movie World

Woody and Buzz Are Back with New Characters !!

The most recent Toy Story 5 news has had a mixed reception, as Pixar’s chief creative officer Pete Docter has confirmed that Woody and Buzz are returning for Toy Story 5. They’ll bring them back in such a way that it won’t hurt the ending of Toy Story 4, which makes sense as it was a perfect ending for an epic franchise.

Docter has mentioned:

“We have another Toy Story, so Woody and Buzz will be coming back for sure, however, this time , there bond and storyline are gonna be a lot different. We won’t hurt the ending of Toy Story 4 at all.”

The fifth movie will also introduce some new characters in the movie. We’ve seen many different toys ever since the movie was released, and now some rumors are going around which says that the studio might introduce some new characters in the movie as well !!

Since we knows that there is not much left in the plot of toy story to tell their audience, so introducing some new characters will give them a chance to establish a whole new plotline while bringing back its old gang !!

Toy Story 5
Image via Pixar

When Could We Get Toy Story 5 ?

As of now, there is no fixed release window for the movie, Pixar’s Elio is set to hit theatres in summers of 2024, also the Inside Out 2 is releasing next year, so there is no chance for Toy story 5 to release next year.

However, there are no big project of Pixar for 2025, so a mid 2025 release date window seems very logical for the movie. But again, it all depends upon their cast, production and animation process.

Exciting New Plotline !!

Since, it could be so early to say anything about the fifth movie, one possible Toy Story 5 story could perfectly answer a Toy Story series mystery, as Sid could be the Toy Story 5’s main villain.

If you can remember then Sid was already the villain of the first movie, but he surely has so much trauma in his adult life from the experience of finding out that toys are alive.

He is the only person in the universe who knows that toys are alive, but it’s unclear what he would have done with that information.
If he told people, they would have thought he was crazy. In the decades since Toy Story, he could have been trying endlessly to prove that toys are alive and failed, which might led him to become even more hateful of toys in Toy Story 5. Hence, introducing a bit darker theme in the Toy Story universe.

But as of now, literally anything can happen, we should keep our eyes on the upcoming D23 Expo of 2023, because that’s where the studio will introduce us from tons of new details.

You can also stick with us since we covers literally anything or everything from the animation universe, so you don’t have to go anywhere. Till that, Stay safe, peace out !!

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