Despicable Me 4 ‘Mooned’ Short Film Brings Back Vector To Life

Despicable Me is among the most popular animated franchises and as soon as we talks about it, characters like Gru, his brother Dru, Vector and most importantly Vector comes in our minds. Now we knows that Illumination studio is officially developing Despicable Me 4 and the movie is set to hit theatres in the near future, but do you know that the same studio is going to release a brand new short film?

Well, a brand new short episode-themed film is set to land in your nearby theatres and it is going to feature our Vector and the beloved minions once again. What is the release date and what exactly is going to happen? Let’s find out!

‘MOONED’ Is The Next Short Film Of Illumination


Yes- you read it right. The name of this short film is ‘Mooned’ and as the name itself suggest, it is going to take place on our neighbor: The Moon! Illumination has officially revealed it’s first official trailer where we can watch our Vector who is struggling on Earth’s natural satellite.

As soon as the trailer starts, we see an argument between Vector and Minions and the reason was obvious: finding a way to get out of this trouble. Not much was revealed in this trailer but we can also see some funny moments where Vector is trying everything to escape, but getting failed again and again. He tries to use his flexible hands as a slingshot but ends up getting dragged down. Then he beams up a satellite to take out the parts or the tiny rockets in order to fly away but again, ends up getting failed.

Finally after a lot of struggles, they fixes their popular car and while trying to create an initial boost, they ends up dragging Vector again and again. But in short, it feels like the whole film will cover their struggles while showcasing some other inter-galactic adventures as well and if you’ll ask us, then we will say that Vector and gang will end up getting stuck on any other planet, but they will never reach where they wants to be- and that’s what a fun adventure should look like right?

The ‘Twist’ With Illumination’s Mooned!

You may wonder about it’s release date and platform and her comes an exciting twist. Mooned is getting an exclusive theatrical release BUT along with Migration, the upcoming movie from the same studio. The movie is set to hit US theatres on 6 December, 2023 and the studio has already revealed tons of teasers, trailers and promos. Will it release before or after the movie? The answer is before. Yes- this short film will premiere before Migration and hence, you can enjoy the adventures of our Minions before diving deep into the world of the Migration.

Migration Movie

This is not a first time when any studio is releasing it’s short film before or after it’s another big project. Disney and Pixar are known for treating their mini films in the same manner. We’ve seen how Pixar has released it’s Carl’s Date, a short film which was based entirely upon it’s popular UP movie. The said short film was played just after the end credits of Elemental.

We can also take it as a clever move by Illumination because we knows how the original projects which are not based upon any well known IP’s are struggling on the box office. So dropping a short film which is entirely based upon a well known and popular IP of Despicable Me saga might help the company in making some serious cash on the box office and hence, giving Migration a safe ground to grow world-wide.

Now only time will tell more about both of these projects because if Migration lags in it’s plotline then it will still get flop at box office. Why? After all nobody will buy those tickets to watch a short film which is just six minutes long. Migration will have to bring an exciting theme and twists in order to make this move a success.

Migration will hit theatres on 6 December, 2023 and the tickets are live for sale on it’s official website. Make sure to stick around the corner with the Movie World Network to stay connected with everything Hollywood. Till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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