Disney’s Wish 2: Will The Sequel Ever Happen?

Wishes Do Comes True“! With that in mind, Disney’s latest installment ‘with the name of ‘Wish’ is finally out in theatres and so it’s early reviews and theories. While this movie is released as a tribute to the ‘100-years of the Walt Disney Animation Studios‘, it has tons of easter eggs and connection with many other memorable classic tales.

If you’ll take a closer look at the Hollywood, then you’ll say that Wish is far better then any other Disney movie of recent times and guess what, it’s really true and like always, we just want to know more about it. Now the question arise, will Disney make a sequel for Wish? And if yes, then what are the possibilities of plotlines for a sequel? Well, you don’t need to go anywhere because in this article, we are discussing everything that we knows about Wish 2!

Wish 2 Possibilities & Updates!

Disney's Wish Movie

Despite having some loopholes in it’s plotline, Disney’s wish has a lot to offer. You’ll get a wishing star, a protagonist with a lot of faith, and a villain which is not of Jafar level but Magnifico has still something which makes him far better then other Disney villains of recent times. Now if you don’t know then the movie is eyeing towards a good box office performance and it’s the perfect time to talk about the possibilities of a sequel because Magnifico might return in the near future.

So if you’ll ask about an official update for a sequel then it’s too early for Disney to announce anything yet. We should also look upon the ending moments of this movie which seems complete in itself but we will still deal with this question because Disney is on a wild ride of making back to back sequels.

So out of all the possibilities of permutations and combinations, can we find out a base for a sequel from the ending of Wish?

King Magnifico was ultimately trapped inside his own magic staff, and though it looked like he was no longer under its influence, he was sentenced to the dungeons by Queen Amaya. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the last of King Magnifico. We’ve seen how our cute little and magical wishing star has managed to escape the magic staff, so it’s possible that Magnifico can also do the same in the future.

Yes it’s the fact that the staff is now broken, but Magnifico might generate some unknown powers which are still inside the staff and using that magic, he can escape through it very easily.

If sequel drops in the near future, then Magnifico would have to face some new challenges of Asha, who now has a magic wand, and the people of Rosas. We also knows that Disney universe is full of surprises and anything is possible, after all now they knows how to make back to back sequels even if their previous stories are completed.

Disney's Wish Movie: Asha

There is another theory which suggests that Magnifico can find any other magical star or a creature who might help him in taking a revenge, however, the studio will have to deal with that character very carefully in order to avoid the continuity problem in plotline.

However, the plot is secondary because we don’t really know that whether or not our beloved Disney will ever make a sequel because it is possible that Wish was just meant to deliver a tribute to the animation and stories of Walt on the 100-year anniversary and nothing else. It also depends upon the performance of the first part. Though it looks like Wish will earn some handsome amount of profit as the movie is eyeing for a decent $75 million domestic opening but things can change in the upcoming weeks.

But in short, the phases where Disney will have to focus (if a sequel happens) includes the plotline, or we can say a spinoff which can pick up the story directly from the ending of the first part and can also create a new theme for a sequel. That’s because we’ve seen in recent years how the studios are using these TV shows for establishing a theme or a base for their future installments and to be honest, it is a safe route, especially if we don’t want to spoil our lovable characters.

But yeah, the only thing which is confirmed is the fact that if a sequel happens, then Sabino will appear with his song to inspire the generations and why not, after all we’ve seen his glimpse in the post credit scene of Wish. So keep your hopes high for a sequel because Disney always says, ‘Never Say Never!

What do you want to watch in Wish 2? Make sure to stick around the corner with the Movie World Network to stay connected with everything Hollywood. Till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out.

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