Neve Campbell Will Return For Scream 7 After The Exit Of Jenna Ortega & Melissa Barrera

Melissa Barrera Is Fired From Scream 7

Scream is among those franchises of Hollywood which is known for it’s thrilling experience and mysteries. Over the years, this saga has given us some of the most popular and well known names of the Hollywood and we can’t deny it. The latest installment of this saga, Scream 6, was released in early 2023 and it earned a fair amount of profit on the world-wide box office. It was the popularity of this franchise due to which the studio moved forward and announced Scream 7!

Everything was looking all fine and we all were expecting the same cast to reappear in their popular roles but things went wrong in mid October due to which the whole saga is now at risk! However, now the studio has managed to settle out the things and Scream 7 is getting some huge changes, where the biggest surprise that fans might get is a character who was not present in the previous part but is set to reappear in it’s sequel aka the seventh part.

So who is set to appear and why Scream 7 is getting some big modifications? Let’s know everything about Scream 7!

Neve Campbell Will Return As Sidney Prescott In Scream 7!

Neve Campbell will appear in Scream 7
Neve Campbell

The Scream saga is known for its storyline and the talented star cast but things went wild when the studio fired Melissa Barera because of her comment on the latest controversy of the war of Israel and Palestina. While she has mentioned in her recent post that she will not stop herself from supporting the war victims, it is confirmed that she will not get casted back for her role.

The company was already looking for someone to replace Melissa but all of a sudden a news appears which confirms that Jenna Ortega is also leaving the Scream franchise. While you may think that Jenna is supporting Melissa, the reality is quite different.

She was on a contract for 2 movies with this saga, however the studio was about to renew it but unfortunately, her schedule of Wednesday Season 2 came in the way. We also knows that Wednesday is the same show which is known for giving this popularity and fame to Jenna, and that’s why for the sake of Wednesday, Jenna has decided that she is not going to return for Scream 7.

So who’s going to replace Jenna and Melissa. The answer might surprise you because Neve Campbell aka Sidney Prescott is going to return for Scream 7. It is not a rumor but the sources like Variety has officially confirmed that both the star and the studio are under talks to bring Neve Campbell as Sidney once again.

The star was not a part of Scream 6 and there were no plans to bring her back in this saga but since the studio is suffering from the loss of two big faces back to back, they now have to bring this epic character back into Scream saga.

We should also note that neither Neve nor the company has confirmed anything, but these reports are so solid that we can now assure each other about the return of Sidney Prescott for Scream 7. Apart from this, Variety has also suggested that Patrick Dempsey would be a good candidate for a comeback. However, it’s worth noting that he is not in negotiations as yet.

But anyways, Scream 7 is going to bring some huge changes and only time will tell more about it but as of now, the quick and solid updates are claiming that Neve Campbell is returning to reprise her role as Sidney Prescott for Scream 7 to fulfill the gap of Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera.

What are your initial speculations about it? You can stick around the corner with the Movie World Network to stay up to date with everything Hollywood. Till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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