Spider-Man 4 Will Surprisingly Unify The Sony-Marvel Universes For Peter VS Venom

Spider-Man 4

After the ending of No Way Home, we all had one question- What is the faith of our Spider-Man and now it seems like Marvel is finally going to change his whole storyline with it’s upcoming project of this friendly neighborhood superhero. Yes, we are talking about Spider-Man 4, which is now among the highly awaited movies of all time and why not, after-all this project is going to define the future of not only Marvel, but also Sony’s Spider-Man universe.

Despite reaching at a conclusion in Spider-Man No Way Home, a lot was still left to uncover in the story of Peter, and since we are talking about the Multiverse saga, where anything or everything is possible due to the chaos of these timelines, the presence of Spider-Man makes him among the most important characters for the MCU. Not because he is one of the most loved heroes of all time, but because of his journey and connections from the previous phases of Marvel, especially the connection with our beloved Tony Stark.

Now Spider-Man 4 is officially under development and new rumors are trending on all over the internet with every new day. Sometimes we reads about the cameos of Tobey and Andrew while other times we reads about the death of our Peter in this final part but this time, we have some very solid reports (not a rumor of-course) which are claiming and indicating towards an unexpected merge of the Universes. What are those updates and why Spider-Man 4 is the most important part of this ongoing Multiverse saga? Let’s find out!

Spider-Man 4 Will Merge The MCU & SSU!

Spider-Man 4 will merge the MCU-SSU
Marvel-Sony Studios

Spider-Man 4 is going to take control over the timelines of both Sony’s Spiderman universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe which means more Spider people in the MCU. We all knows that Spiderman 4 is officially under works since few months and both Marvel and Sony are looking forward for the future of this classic character as he is the one who can either make or break their base of future films.

While the timelines of both Sony and Marvel universes are quite different, they can still meet at some point of the multiverse and we’ve already seen a glimpse of it in No Way Home.

We also knows that Sony is busy in building up it’s own Spider-Verse and Madame Web is going to set up a base for it. In fact, if rumors to be believed then Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man might appear by the end of it but that’s a topic for another blog.

For this one, we’ve got an exciting update which says that Spider-Man 4 will showcase a collapse in the timelines once again, however this time, he will accidentally merge the universes of both Sony and Marvel and hence, setting up a perfect plot for a lot of chaos. In fact, it might set up a whole new theme of the Spider-Verse but in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The reason why we should believe on these new reports is quite simple. These reports have been shared by the websites like Screen Rant and Variety, which are among the highly trusted Hollywood insiders. According to them, the fourth movie will not only merge these two universes, but will also show a surprising cameo by it’s end to set up a future film.

Venom’s Cameo Confirmed For Spider-Man 4?

Tom Hardy's Instagram Post
Tom Hardy’s Instagram post

While neither Marvel nor Sony is ready to engage with this question, we are still getting a strong indication that a deadly battle of Venom and Spider-Man is now just around the corner and if it happens, then the movie is definitely going to break every other record of recent times.

As the rumors regarding the merging of the MCU and SSU are high on the internet, it looks like Sony is also planning to end the Eddie Brock’s saga with Venom 3. It is looking even more evident after the latest Instagram post of Tom Hardy where he has clearly mentioned a hint by using the word ‘Last Dance‘ (screenshot above) that further solidify the rumors of this merging- but HOW?

By the end of No Way Home, we saw that Doctor Stephan Strange and MCU’s Spider-Man aka Tom Holland along with Toby’s and Andrew’s Spider-Mans manages to fix the incursions and sends everyone back to their places while casting a spell which makes everyone forget about who is Spider-Man. It was the power of that spell due to which Tom Hardy’s Venom gets teleported back to his Sony’s universe, however, this was the moment where it is revealed that a symbiote of Venom is still left in the MCU’s universe.

It is possible that it will try to find a new host for himself and during that search, he might meet Tom Holland’s Spider-man and hence, a deadly battle. On the other hand, it is also possible that since both Sony’s and Marvel’s universes are going to merge, Tom Hardy’s Venom might also get transported back i the Marvel’s universe. So that means a battle of Spider-Man VS Venom is already on it’s way, if not this time then for the next time but this battle will definitely take place.

So now it feels like a lot is going to happen in the Spider-Man 4 which will define the future road map for both Marvel and Sony. As of now, the movie is set to land somewhere in 2025 and we just can’t wait to watch it in theatres. Share down your thoughts make sure to stick around the corner with the Movie World Network to stay up to date with everything Hollywood. Till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out.

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