Frozen 4 Will Bring A Drastic Change In The Frozen Saga!

There’s was a kingdom, a beautiful kingdom which was known for it’s beauty, trades, customs and more importantly- the sister’s love. Yes, we are talking about Arrendelle, a place which secures a very special place in our hearts ever since we’ve watched the first Frozen movie. From tasty foods to some of the most memorable moments, from scary ice to beautiful valleys, this kingdom has grown magically through years.

Frozen was released back in 2013 and it became an instant success. The movie earned a whooping $1.3 Billion on the world wide box office and why not, after all it was dealing with a perfect storyline, a talented cast, tons of beautiful songs and more importantly, a theme which was based upon the modernization of our classic Disney princesses. Elsa became a symbol of independent girls who loves their families and knows how to protect themselves while ignoring the traditional roles of Prince who was once known for protecting our princesses.

The ending of Frozen was looking complete in itself but after six years, we got Frozen 2 and just like it’s predecessor, it dominated the box office for months and collected a massive amount of $1.45 Billion from the world wide box office. Despite having some loopholes, the sequel is known for giving our Elsa her true identity while making our Anna the queen of Arendelle. Now after waiting for four years, Disney takes one step forward and announces Frozen 3 and despite showing a perfect ending in Frozen 2 once again, there were many loopholes which was left to cover in the third film.

However, we don’t know when will it land but the boss of Disney has some bigger plans for this franchise, which can also destroy the whole meaning of this Frozen saga as well. Yes, we are talking about Frozen 4!

Frozen 4 Is Officially Happening: But WHY!

frozen 4 is officially happening

Disney is officially going to make Frozen 4. It’s not a joke, not a click-bait, not any random report or a rumor but this update has been given by none other then Bob Iger, the ultimate and respected CEO of Disney. But wait a minute- we have not seen Frozen 3 right? But how can we forget that we are living in a multiverse where anything is possible. SO yes- here we are, talking about a sequel of a movie which is not even released yet.

To be very honest, we can roast them but it’s not going to change the reality and the reality is, Frozen 4 is already under development. This huge update is announced on the occasion of the grand opening of the ‘World Of Frozen’, which is theme park based entirely upon the kingdom of Arrendelle. On this prestigious occasion, Disney CEO moves one step forward and shares some surprising updates on the popular show of Good Morning America.

He said, ‘Frozen 3’ is in the works, and there might be a ‘Frozen 4’ in the works too. Jennifer Lee, who is the original creator of both Frozen and Frozen 2 is working very hard with her team on not only one, but two stories of Frozen, but you know, these are in their very early stages.

One thing which seems suspicious to us is the fact that he has mentioned the name of Jennifer Lee and if you can remember then there was an update, in fact, there was an official update according to which she was replaced with a new team and director. Now our beloved CEO is claiming that she ‘Herself‘ is working with ‘Her‘ team upon Frozen 3 and 4, very confusing right?

But anyways, we don’t know what’s happening inside this studio right now but all we want to request is that please don’t spoil this tale because we’ve enjoyed this saga a lot. So what is that one problem which might kill the entire taste of this Frozen kingdom? Let’s find out!

How Frozen 4 Is A ‘Danger’ For This Saga?

Frozen 4 Is A Danger For This Saga

When we talks about the theories or the speculations about Frozen 3, we gets an exact idea about the possibilities that might conclude this journey, but since Frozen 4 is now officially going to take place in the near future, all these theories are now loosing their meanings.

First of all, we were speculating the return of Prince Hans in Frozen 3 because it was the only possible way to conclude this epic saga while keeping up the main theme of our sisters. After the announcement of Frozen 4, Disney can not conclude their stories because it will leave very little to no chance for establishing a solid base for the fourth film. So what’s next?

Well, if you don’t know then Disney is also developing a Frozen 2 spinoff with the name of Frozen: The Forces Of Nature. This spinoff is going to be an audio podcast and it is set to introduce two new characters in this franchise. The first character is going to be the nephew of Duke Of Weselton while the other is going to be a new friend of our sisters with the name of Queen Disa. The announcement of Frozen 4 now confirms the fact that both of these characters are definitely going to appear at some point in this franchise.

The reason why we are worried about this tale is the fact that now, the chances of introducing a whole new plot in Frozen 3 are very high, which creates a problem of continuity, which is very common in the sequels of these popular franchises. If they tries to bring a whole new plot, then it also means that the ending of Frozen 2 makes no sense as it was meant to give Elsa and Anna their true identity.

By introducing Queen Disa or any other character, they also neglects the chances of the return of Hans because it will eventually lead this story near the conclusion and hence, doing an injustice with the real arcs of Hans. The previous reports were revealing that Frozen 3 was going to uncover the real arcs of Hans and his past but now the plot of Disa seems more relevant if they really wants to develop a fourth Frozen movie.

This problem of continuity makes more sense when we takes a look at some other well known IP’s which are about to get into troubles, yes, we are talking about Toy Story 5 which might face the same problem in the near future.

Even if we assumes (for a fraction of second) the plot of Disa or any other new character in Frozen 3, then how will it end? What will Disney do to set up a fourth film? Well, we should not move in that direction but it seems like the company may introduce other character to set up Elsa’s relationship and that’s the other big factor which is now giving a headache to the huge fan-base of the sisters.

In short, Disney will have to find a way to bring a classic storyline while continuing the same theme of the previous two films, because Frozen is among the highly rated and the most successful animated franchise and it delivers a very strong message of independence. If they introduces a love interest or a new plot where new characters appears all of a sudden and introduces a whole new theme without showing any previous connections with this tale, then it the message of Frozen saga will clearly make no sense.

What are your expectations from the future of our beloved sisters? Make sure to stick around the corner with the Movie World Network to stay connected with everything Hollywood. Till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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