Inside Out 2 Will Have To Avoid The Pitfalls Of This Well Known Glitch

Inside Out is among the highly rated animated movies of all time. From sadness to joy, from tears to guilt, you can find every type of emotion. Now after years of hard work and creativity, Disney and Pixar studios are finally bringing us Inside Out 2, which is going to be a direct sequel to it’s previous Inside Out movie. The studio has officially revealed it’s first teaser and after so many speculations and theories, we have an official look of four new emotions which are now making this project even much better.

However, we knows that animated sequels are not known for keeping up the same level of popularity as their predecessor but things are different for Pixar saga. This studio is known for it’s quality sequels, whether it is the popular Cars saga or the magical franchise of Toy Story. The studio has covered tons of unique stories in it’s spin-offs and sequels while connecting them with their original storyline very beautifully. But something is off since last few years. Disney movies are getting bombed at box office while the movies of Pixar are also suffering for their existence and the best example can be it’s Lightyear, which was the direct spinoff from the fabulous Toy Story saga.

Now we are heading towards another memorable world of emotions and it becomes important for both Disney and Pixar to finally break the chain of this ‘bombing event’ which are taking place on their latest releases on box office. Despite getting a record number of views in the first twenty-four hours, the teaser of Inside Out 2 still worries us. Not because we are living in the time when Disney and every other studio is getting woke, but because of that ‘one factor’ which always damages our beloved characters of Disney and Pixar universe and in this article, we are diving straight into this unique problem of Inside Out 2!

The Continuity Problem : Biggest Threat For Inside Out 2!

Inside Out 2 Riley

A Quick Look On This Unique Challenge

Yes, it is none other then the problem of continuity. At first you might ignore it because it sounds very normal but for Disney-Pixar, it isn’t. Before taking a deep look on the connection of this problem with that of Pixar movies, we should first know the exact meaning of this term. Why this is the biggest threat for Pixar?

The Continuity Problem is more like a challenge that studio faces while making a sequel. Doesn’t matter how big the franchise is, doesn’t matter who is in the cast of it, even the studio and production team makes no sense for this unique problem. The thing which matters the most is the storyline or the base plotline on which the sequel is going to take place. In easy words, if the sequel is dealing with a whole new storyline which has a very little to no connection from it’s previous part, then the audience feels less connected to the characters and as a result, the project suffers on the box office.

How It Affects The Inside Out 2?

Now we knows why this problem is more like a real challenge for the Hollywood but how will it affect the Inside Out universe?

When the minds of Riley’s mother and father were shown in Inside Out, they were portrayed with exactly the same set of emotions that Riley had. Although the combination or the configurations was different, their lesson was clear- “Everyone is capable of feeling a range of emotions, and that ability to vary isn’t limited from person to person.” It also means that everyone can feel different but you’ll always find something parallel among them.

Now Inside Out 2 is just around the corner and the teaser has revealed a new emotion followed by an official poster which has confirmed that four new emotions are going to make an appearance in this lovely sequel. What’s most notable though, is that the likes of Anxiety, Envy, Embarrassment, and Ennui did not feature on Riley’s parents’ consoles and that’s where the continuity problem might make a deep impact.

The original emotions of Riley’s parents also raises tons of new questions- Why they don’t have these four new emotions even though they are now grown enough to handle them? Will Pixar show them up in the sequel?

In a recent interview, Pixar president has expressed his thoughts on this challenge and to be honest, he was looking a bit worried on the present scenarios of the Hollywood. According to him, the biggest reason why family movies are struggling in cinemas is the lack of continuity and exact same challenge is now waiting for Pixar in it’s upcoming Inside Out 2. It’s fair to say that if Inside Out 2 completely rejects the continuity of the first film, it has the potential to damage the franchise’s integrity and drive audiences away.

That’s why the studio have to deal with the question behind the absence of all these new emotions from Riley’s parents. It might seems a daunting task but we’ve seen the potential of Pixar sequels during all these years and no such problems was taking place in any of them. However, according to us, there are two ways on which the story of Inside Out 2 might take place.

The Two Solutions For Inside Out 2!

Inside Out 2 New Emotions
Pixar Studio

1) New Gang Was Present BUT On A Separate Console

The first route on which this sequel might take place is to show a separate console for these new emotions in the parent’s mind. It is possible that Ennui, Anxious, Embarrassment and Envi was already present in the first Inside Out movie, but on a different console. With console we are pointing at the different parts of our brains.

According to this, the original five emotions are present in the subconscious part of the brain, which is also known as the strongest and sharpest part whereas the other four new emotions are present in any other weak part of the brain aka on the different console. This theory makes sense because Riley’s parents are mature enough to hide these types of emotions and hence, they’ve been sent back to another console which comes into play on a very specific incidents or events.

If Pixar adopts this theory then it might be a way for Inside Out 2 to deliver a message about embracing the strengths of different emotions at different times.

2) A Dark Approach To Bring ‘Them’ In For Riley’s Parents

While the above theory ensures a light and joyful solution, this new theory is more like a sinister approach. As per this one, it is possible that Envi, Ennui, Anxious and Embarrassment have been pushed so deep down that no one can freely feel them again.

We knows that there are some emotions which are known for causing some extra troubles and are good for nothing, and these four can easily be counted in that category. These emotions might have been viewed as so negative that they are best off ignored or forgotten rather than facing up to the reality of them.

While this theory might take a dark turn for the kids, it is still a solid route for this franchise if Pixar really wants to ensure a safe way to introduce all these new emotions for Riley’s parents. What PIXAR cannot do is decide to completely disregard those relevant scenes from the first film and suggest that those emotions were always present in the parents, and they just happened to not be mentioned.

If not these two, then Disney and Pixar will have to find any other way to solve this problem of continuity because it would be a shame and a missed opportunity to simply show their minds again and have a figure like Ennui suddenly pop up. You can also take Frozen 2 as an ideal example which was based upon a whole new plotline but thanks to the sister’s love that it still became a box office masterpiece.

PIXAR has always been best at ensuring its worlds are consistent across sequels, and it will have to do the same again with the Inside Out series if it is to cement itself on its pedal stool once more. What do you think? Why Riley’s parents are lacking in those four emotions? Share down your thoughts below and make sure to stick around the corner with the Movie World Network to stay up to date with everything Hollywood. Till that, Stay safe, Peace Out!

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