Nick Fury Drops MCU’s Second F-Bomb In Secret Invasion

The German dubbed version of Secret Invasion episode 3 includes Nick Fury saying the word “motherf**” in English during his conversation with Talos that changed his origin story in the MCU. To hear Fury drop the f-bomb, head to Settings and select Deutsch from the Audio menu. The scene in question happens at the 24-minute mark. Interestingly, the German closed captions still says mother-dog.

Talos: “I mean come on, look at that. I mean just name me one other interspecies relationship where it’s acceptable to clean up the other guy’s poop.”

Fury: “I’ve been cleaning up your poop for the last 30-some years.

Talos: “Oh, that’s rich!

Fury: “Ahhh, the truth’s a motherf*cker, right?”

It’s not a first time when MCU has dropped something of this type, we’ve seen in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 how Peter Quill said the word “F” in a car scene, which was quite hilarious as well. The MCU is definitely trying to bring in some mature theme in it’s universe to establish a rough and hard plot for it’s future film.

We have to keep in mind that some of it’s upcoming movies are going to include a very hard language, especially some projects like Deadpool 3 are definitely going to include a good amount of these types of language. So in order to normalize it, Marvel has begun to include few hard words in it’s TV Shows and movies.

The fact that almost 70% of it’s audience belongs to the age group of 15 to 30, which is a quite younger as well, so they also have to maintain a proper balance while using these languages. However, we’ve seen the normalization of hard rumors in recent years via multiple movies of many different studios, and almost every movie nowadays includes it, so no wonder that MCU is also jumping down in it.

Only time will tell that whether this is going to be a “make it” for the Marvel or will it become a “break it” for them. Till that, you can stay connected with us for every major Hollywood updates.

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