Disney’s Wish : New Posters & Promos Are Giving A Very Special Look At This Beautiful Movie

Disney’s Wish is down the line and we knows that this movie is definitely going to give us something special. Now since the studio is releasing tons of new promos and artworks, here we are going to show you some brand new posters which have been released for promoting this epic movie.

So hold your ‘Wishes’ and let’s take a special look on some of the new promos from Disney’s Wish.

The New Posters Of Disney’s Wish Are Very Beautiful

Disney WIsh

The very first one is showcasing the royal family of the kingdom. We can clearly see the King Magnifico (who is going to play the role of a villain in the movie) and Queen Amaya. Asha is also present and Valentino the goat is making it even much better.

In one of the other poster, we can clearly spot the dark side of our King Magnifico. This time, Asha and Valentino are standing on a giant rock along with the little cute wishing star.

Disney's Wish

However, this time, Magnifico can be seen using his magic for any evil plan, of course yes because his bad intentions are clearly noticeable from his eyes.

We knows that the whole movie is going to revolve around the royal family and their mysteries, that’s why the next promotional poster is again showcasing the whole royal family where Queen Amaya is making her appearance once again.

This time, we can also see some town people in the background and if they are making into this poster, then it means that they might play an important role in the movie as well.

Asha’s Gang Is Way Too Cool In The New Posters!

Disney's Wish

Apart from this, now we have a whole dedicated poster of the gang of Asha. We can see the whole gang of her friends and almost all of them are looking way too cool. Asha is standing at the center along with her best friend Dahlia.

If you are feeling confused then the girl in the red dress is Dahlia, who is being referred as the best friend of our Asha.

Along with this we can also see Gabo who is looking a bit upset on something whereas Sabino, Simon and others are also looking perfect in this poster.

We knows that you might feel some confusion while recalling their names, so here is a whole dedicated poster of her friends along with their names.

Disney's Wish

This time we can easily recognize Gabo, Dahlia, Dario, Simon, Hal, Safi and Bazeema. In fact it seems like all these people are going to make this movie even much better, so we should look forward for them as well.

The Cover Photo & The New Promo Teaser!

Disney's Wish

Apart from this we have another poster which is made for some kind of book related to the movie. We can clearly see Asha and Valentino who are sitting calmly at night and are watching the wishing star, who is busy in playing here and there.

If you’ll take a closer look then you might see that the art of wish is written over it, that means it is definitely a cover page of a book.

Apart from this the studio has also released a brand new and short TV promo which is full of surprises and new scenes. (check below)

Disney’s Wish New Promo

We can see the real powers of Magnifico and some scenes where Asha is showing some beautiful moves. It also shows a moment where we can watch Asha riding a deer which adds some magical vibes.

After watching all these promo materials, we can safely say that Disney’s Wish has some big surprises to offer to it’s audience and it’s going to be a beautiful experience to watch some magical powers packed with some of the most epic characters.

Which poster did you liked the most and what are your expectations from Disney’s Wish? Make sure to stick around the Movie World Network to stay up to date. Till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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