Avatar 3 : Trailer, New Characters & Everything You Need To Know

Avatar 3 is among the highly anticipated movies of the near future and it’s obvious because we’ve seen how the sequel was dominating over the box office. Released after more then a decade, Avatar 2 The Way Of Water has gained a lot of praise due to it’s outstanding storyline and cast.

Now it’s been around a year and we have not gotten any new update about the third film, but do you know that some big and new updates have been released online?

Well, grab you swimsuits, pack your emotions and lets know everything about Avatar 3!

Avatar 3 Release Date : When Is The Movie Coming?

Avatar 2
Avatar 2

The very first thing that you might want to know is the release date of the third part of this epic saga. Unfortunately, the movie has received some very unexpected updates regarding it’s release dates.

Originally, the movie was set to hit theatres in December of 2024 but now the studio has officially delayed the movie by one year.

Yes, that means Avatar 3 will now release on 19th December 2025 and hence, we now have to wait for one extra year to watch our beloved characters back in action.

The shift in release date was obvious because the ongoing strikes in the Hollywood are impacting almost every other project of every studio. Dune Part 2 is another big project which will now release in the march of 2024, and hence, skipping it’s late 2023 release window.

Avatar 3 Plotline : What Is Going To Happen?

Avatar 3 movie
Avatar 3 concept art

As of now, we were just making speculations regarding the adventures of Avatar 3, but now James Cameron has officially revealed a big change in the plotline.

Cameron has revealed that Avatar 3 will introduce a new group of Na’vi on Pandora. The group is known as the ‘Ash People’ and they are connected to the element of fire. That also confirms the fact that we are now going to receive tons of new faces in the third film.

When asked about how Avatar 3 will continue the story of it’s previous parts, Cameron teased that Avatar 3 will introduce both evil as well as the positive Na’vi characters. The film will continue to explore the original leads while moving to new worlds and settings within Pandora.

Practically it’s a good that that they are trying to connect Avatar 3 from it’s previous parts because it will eventually help the viewers in understanding about the events which are going to take place in the near future.

Video via our official YouTube channel

Cameron even mentioned that there is going to be a new villain from Pandora. However this time, the villain will be a personal threat, different from the faceless military machine depicted in previous films.

It also means that we may get a chance to watch a backstory of our new villain which might make this movie even much better. In fact, if rumors to be believed then this new villain Cameron is talking about is going to be the most dangerous villain of the whole Avatar saga which makes it even much better.

That means, we are going to receive a whole new plotline in Avatar 3, where we are sure to see tons of new faces, stories and twists.

Avatar 3 Title : What Should We Call It?

Avatar 3 logo
concept art

Next thing that you might ask is the title of Avatar 3 and this time, we have some solid news about that.

If you can remember then in the reports of BBC that was published back in 2018, the titles of all four Avatar sequels was revealed where the sequel was called The Way of Water. At first, we all was taking it as a rumor but now in 2023, we can officially confirm that the reports was very precise and accurate.,

In the same report it was revealed that Avatar 3 will be titled as The Seed Bearer, and not only this, the same reports was confirming that Avatar 4 will be called as The Tulkun Rider and Avatar 5 will be called as The Quest For Eywa.

So if these reports to be believed then the official title of the third movie is going to be Avatar 3 The Seed Bearer, which is looking really good.

But in short, the third movie is going to bring us tons of new surprises and it’s definitely going to be a big hit for both the director Cameron and the studio.

Well, we are looking forward to watch Avatar 3 and if you want to stay connected with this beautiful movie then make sure to stick around the corner with the Movie World Network!

Till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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