Toy Story 5 : This Hollywood Beauty Will Voice Andy’s Wife!

Toy Story 5 is down the line and now we knows that Andy’s partner and daughter are going to make their first appearance in the movie. It also closes the doors for all those negative thoughts and doubts which were claiming that Toy Story 5 is a bad idea.

In fact, after knowing that Andy’s family is going to make a debut, Toy Story 5 is now looking much better, but now, a new problem is arising, who is going to voice Andy’s partner ?

Are we going to get any new face in the cast ? If yes, then which actress will be a perfect choice? Well, we’ve the name of 3 actresses who might make this movie even much better.

So grab your toys, hold your emotions and lets jump right in!

Scarlett Johansson : The Beauty Of Hollywood!

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson

It’s really impossible to not talk about her. If we are talking about the talented female leads of Hollywood, then Scarlett Johansson definitely tops our list.

She has given her voice to multiple animated characters, and her best performance is in the Sing franchise of Illumination Studio.

We want someone who can sing, who can bring out real emotions and the one who can bring a lot of joy in the movie. Well, Scarlett can bring it all for us.

With an outstanding performance of her voice in Sing, she is also known for bringing out the real emotions in the movie. If her character is funny, then she’s going to make you laugh so hard that you can lose your breath. If the character is serious, then she is going to give you a thrilling experience.

An how can we forget that she can sing as well!

Not only Sing, she is also known for her role in The Jungle Book and The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. That’s why, we are going to put Scarlett Johansson on the front seat to cast as the partner of our Andy.

Kristen Bell : The Talented Disney Girl!

Kristen Bell in Toy Story 5
Kristen Bell

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

Well, if we are talking about the voices of Disney, then Kristen Bell is always leading the race. Almost everyone knows her and her voice in animated movies, and what’s better then the Frozen Franchise.

She has already showed us a lot of emotions through her various songs such as ‘The Next Right Thing‘, ‘Do You Wanna Build A Snowman‘ and ‘For The First Time In Forever‘.

Not only in Frozen, she has also given her voice to Priscilla in Zootopia which is also a best example of her talent.

So casting her as the voice of Andy’s partner can be a perfect chance to bring her huge fan-base and talent in the movie and we knows that Disney might be looking for her.

The Charming Emily Blunt!

Emily Blunt in Toy Story 5
Emily Blunt

If we want to find an actress who is funny and charming at the same time, then Emily Blunt leads the race. This talented actress is known for doing some of the most serious roles in The Huntsman, Quite Place Part 2 and many other movies.

She has also given her voice to some animated movies like The Animal Crackers and My Little Pony where we saw how she can bring the whole new vibes in any story.

Emily is also looking forward for more animated movies because she really enjoys giving her voice to these animated characters, so it can give Disney a perfect chance to cast her in one of the most iconic animated franchise.

So these three multi-talented actresses are definitely going to be on the front row for Disney to get casted as the voice of Andy’s partner.

Scarlett Johansson can bring her talent and experience, Kristen Bell can bring a lot of joy while Emily Blunt can also surprise us. And we are sure that one of these three are definitely going to get casted in Toy Story 5.

You can check more updates about Andy’s partner and daughter on our website and make sure to stick around the corner with the Movie World Network for everything Hollywood.

Till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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