Loki Season 2 Will Decide The Faith Of Marvel With This Surprising Cameo

Loki Season 2 is on it’s way and now some new rumors are indicating towards a surprise cameo which can even decide the faith of this ongoing “Multiverse Saga”.

The “god of mischiefs” has become one of the most important character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and why not, we’ve seen his dedication and skills in the first season which is now among the highest rated Marvel shows on Disney+.

Loki series was set up by the “Infinity War” incidents and we saw how he got transported into the TVA. This was the moment from where things got changed for the “god of mischiefs” as he met his own variant and travelled across the multiverse.

The Surprising New Cameo In Loki Season 2

He Who Remains Loki Season 2
He Who Remains

We already knows that we might get a chance to watch some cameos in Loki Season 2, and why not, after all the series is taking place in the crazyness of multiverse.

In the trailer we’ve already seen many moments which are indicating towards the return of Kang or one of his variants atleast, however, the new reports are claiming something more exciting.

Now according to some new reports, “He Who Remains” variant of Kang The Conqueror is set to appear in Loki Season 2. We knew that a variant of Kang will appear in the second season, but we were not expecting this one.

The Report says:-

Scenes featuring He Who Remains are not repurposed from the first season finale, but rather new scenes taking place at the Citadel at the End of Time and the Void.”

So it means a lot is going to happen in Loki Season 2, and if this cameo makes an appearance in the second season then it will also solve many questions of the multiverse.

The Future Of Marvel Depends Upon Loki Season 2

Loki season 2 official poster
Loki Season 2 official poster

By the end of the first season, we saw how the “He Who Remains” version of Kang reveals that everything which is happening in any dimension is happening with his own choice. Even he was the one who decided the end result of the “Infinity War“.

He also revealed how he planned to bring back the lost population in ‘Endgame’, which was quite surprising to all of us. By the end of Loki Season 1 finale, when Kang is killed, the Sacred Timeline is destroyed and it brakes into many branches which will affect Loki and other variants in the new season.

But in the finale of season 1, when Loki is still at Kang’s citadel, he can see all the events happening at the same time. While Avengers: Endgame is taking place during the timeline breaking off, it would explain the major changes we have seen in the MCU that set them out of the usual loop or the return of the same characters we have seen for all these years.

It also means that the branches would also explain the time travel of our beloved Captain America where he finally gets that dance with Peggy Carter, grows old as Roger and comes back to hand over the shield.

Since everything is taking place in the same time, the upcoming episodes of Loki Season 2 could give a glimpse at the next Avengers movie, Secret Wars. After all everything can be seen from Citadel.

And if it happens, then Loki might play a very important role in stopping the upcoming great clash of multiversal heroes in the ‘Secret Wars’. So we can say that the future of Marvel is in Loki’s hands.

When Is Loki Season 2 Coming?

image via Marvel

In recent times, many Hollywood movies and TV Shows are getting delayed due to the ongoing writer’s and actor’s strike. It is making a very bad impact on the Hollywood’s box office, however, movies like Barbie and Oppenheimer has performed brilliantly on the box office.

Recently, Warner Bros has delayed it’s upcoming Dune Part 2, which is a direct sequel of it’s previous part. But luckily, Loki Season 2 is arriving just on time.

Yes, Loki Season 2 is set to hit Disney+ streaming platform starting from October 6, 2023 and will consist of 6 episodes in total. However, the titles of these episodes are not yet revealed, but we will make sure to update you when it gets released.

Who Is In The Cast ?

loki season 2 cast
Loki Season 2 cast

The official cast of Loki Season 2 has officially been announced, however, it doesn’t really includes any of the cameos which are rumored to appear in it. The Official Cast includes:-

  • Tom Hiddleston
  • Owen Wilson
  • Sophia Di Martino
  • Jonathan Majors
  • Ke Huy Quan
  • Tara Strong
  • Eugene Cordero

Rest will be cleared in the first episode of this epic second season, but you can stick around with Movie World Network as we covers everything Hollywood. You can also ‘Subscribe’ to our FREE E-mail News Letter where we mails you every drop of update that we gets from our trusted sources.

Till that, stay safe, peace out !!

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