Blue Beetle Just Got Shadow Banned On The Box Office After Getting Disastrous Response

Things are not changing for the DC Studios, and now the Blue Beetle movie is getting a disastrous response on the box office despite receiving a lot of positive reviews.

So why is it happening ? Why a studio who was once known as the strongest competitor of Marvel is now struggling for his own existence ? What are those reasons which are even spoiling their newest Blue Beetle movie?

The Fall Of DC Studios !!

DC Studios
DC Studios

Despite having a long list of some of the most popular super hero characters, DC is falling with every new day. Doesn’t matter what they release, almost every project of this studio is getting bombed at box office.

They tried almost everything, and they even tried to capture the fan base of Rock The Dwayne Johansson with its Black Adam movie, but it still got failed so badly that we don’t know about the future of this character.

And it is not the only one, they gave us the sequel of Shazam in the hope of earning some profit, but it still got bombed at box office.

After getting tired of this, they released The Flash movie because he is among the most popular DC super heroes, but what happened ? It again got bombed at box office.

Now to change the fate, they are coming up with the Blue Beetle movie, but now, the fans are tired of watching these super heroes movies from DC which are of no use, and as a result, despite having a good amount of positive reviews, Blue Beetle is fighting for his existence on the box office.

Blue Beetle Suffered Due To The Uncertainties In DC Universe!!

Blue Beetle
image via DC

We’ve seen many great films by DC Studios in the past decade, the best example can be the Batman movie, but if you’re watching their movies in recent years, then you may have noticed a similar pattern which is spoiling their whole legendary universe !!

The pattern is nothing but the identity crisis and their uncertainties. If you don’t know then Marvel was the first studio who took a calculated risk by releasing ‘The Avengers‘ movie by gathering all its superheroes under the same tag.

And ‘BAANG’, the movie became the highest grossing project of that time.

Unsurprisingly, there was no plans for making a DC Universe until that time, but after watching the success of Marvel, DC studio went one step forward and announced it’s own extended universe in 2014.

Long story short, their movies were suffering from tons of loopholes because they were not following a similar pattern just like Marvel did. And it was very normal since this so-called ‘Extended Universe’ was not pre-planned.

To be honest, they were just copying the Marvel Studios who was working on a well defined structure at that time. It also shows the immaturity of DC due to which they are suffering till now.

Now in past 2 years, this problem has become the largest factor which is leading them towards the back to back failures as they don’t even knows about their own plans. To solve the chaos, they hired James Gunn, and he has announced his own extended universe with multiple chapters.

But The Flash and The Blue Beetle was the last installments of the previous saga, and the DC has never introduced this blue legend in any of their previous movies. There were clearly a very little or almost no hints about Blue Beetle in any of the Dc movies from previous saga, and hence, this characters didn’t got enough recognition and awareness.

As a result, fans don’t even knows properly about him, and after watching the woke movies of DC in recent years, we are also getting tired from this studio. Hence, the movie is suffering on box office whereas our hero is suffering from the identity crisis !

Blue Beetle Is Competing Against The Social Media Trend !!

barbie and oppenheimer

If you are active on social media since last few months, then you knows that this one is the biggest factor behind the failure of Blue Beetle. Yes, we’re talking about the concept of ‘Barbeinheimer‘, a clash between two movies which made them earn millions and even billions on box office, but, at the cost of the failure of other popular movies.

Even Tom cruise lead Mission Impossible is struggling in theatres and according to some popular Hollywood critics, this was nothing but a big calculation mistake of the DC Studios which made them loose millions again.

Blue Beetle has a lot of potential, but nobody knows about him yet. On the other side, we all are familiar to the Tom cruise lead Mission Impossible, but it still got bombed. So it was a big red flag for the DC, still they released it in theatres.

So how can you think that a movie with a character about whom nobody knows will get some traction on the box office ?

Barbie movie has already earned more then $1.2 Billion and Oppenheimer has earned more then $600 million world wide, so both of these movie are clearly dominating on the box office. Clearly, nobody will ever go to watch something which is totally new to them, rather then that, everyone will go after Margot Robbie lead Barbie or the star lead Oppenheimer!!

Hence, Blue Beetle got ‘shadow banned’ with the trend of Barbeinheimer and suffered a major loss on the box office cinema !!

The Superhero Fatigue !!

blue beetle movie
image via DC

We all loves to watch our comic heroes fighting with monstrous villains, but to be honest, we are now getting tired of watching the same concept again and again over the years. We are clearly looking for something new.

To make it even more difficult, both Marvel and DC were releasing just whatever they want in recent years. Marvel is falling because of the woke propaganda of Disney, for example you can look at their She-Hulk and Secret Invasion.

In the same way, just take a look on useless DC movies which has been released in recent years, whether it is The Flash, The Black Adam, Shazam: Fury Of The Gods or any other movie or show.

They are really exhausting us with this concept. They don’t even knows how to deal with their own characters, especially DC, because Marvel will make a comeback with it’s Loki Season 2.

The Conclusion !!

blue beetle
DC Comics

DC studio has tons of epic characters, they just need a proper storyline for their individual characters to connect their stories properly under same tag.

So In short, they should focus on their quality over quantity and wokeness. Just simply take as much time as you want but don’t make any decision in rush.

Blue Beetle movie deserves more, but unfortunately, due the past failures and bad decisions of DC Studios, it got bombed at box office.

According to us, these three were the major reasons behind the failure of this epic movie, what do you think ? Comment below and stick around with Movie World Network to stay up to date with everything Hollywood.

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