Five Nights At Freddy’s Movie Reviews Are Pointing At A Huge Hollywood Success

If we are talking about the games of horror and thrilling genres, the Five Nights At Freddy’s tops our lists. Now after the wait of many years, the Blumhouse Studio is bringing us it’s live action movie. FNAF is out in all across the globe and so it’s early reviews.

If you are among those who loves to read reviews before watching the movie, then this article is absolutely for you because these early reviews are indicating towards an upcoming and huge success of the Hollywood.

So grab your pumpkins, hold your creepy hats and let’s take a look on our exciting reviews about The Five Nights At Freddy’s Movie!

FNAF Is Securing A Really High Score By The Early Viewers!

five nights at freddy's
Blumhouse Studio

Before jumping down on our review, we are going to take a look on it’s audience score which is enough to give us an idea about any movie.

We knows that IMDB is among the most trusted Hollywood websites and luckily, FNAF is securing an impressive score of 8/10 (as of writing) on it. While some are calling it a nostalgic project, others are just going crazy on it’s storylines.

The hype for Five Nights At Freddy’s Movie was increasing with every new day, and why not, after all we are going to watch a perfect Halloween gaming based movie after a long time. In fact, the movie starts binding us as soon as it starts and we feels a deep connection with it’s characters from the very beginning.

So here is our review about Five Nights At Freddy’s Movie!

A Nostalgic Masterpiece!

The reason why you should watch it is hidden in it’s popularity. Five Nights At Freddy’s is known for developing our childhood and we’ve spent hours in solving the mysteries of the parlor. Keeping this in mind, the director, Scott Cawthon has provided tons of nostalgic moments which are truly identical to the original game.

Whether it was the famous ice cream parlor or the swimming pool fight, everything is to the point and that’s why the audience is feeling connected to this movie as soon as it starts. In fact, the eagle eye viewers can catch tons of easter eggs in the movie itself, which are really fun to find.

The Ability To Bind The Newer Audience!

five nights at freddy's
Blumhouse Studio

Whenever we talks about a movie which is a direct adaptation of any popular gaming franchise, we thinks that only those who’ve played the game can understand the movie. However, things are different in the case of Five Nights At Freddy’s Movie.

Doesn’t matter if you are a die hard fan of FNAF or just a random person who is watching these animatronics for the very first time, you will instantly fall in love with the movie. Thanks to the creative team who is behind designing these stories which is not confusing the newer audience. The actors as well as the animatronics are enough to bind everyone around and the movie is also dealing with tons of hooks which again protects it’s younger audience from getting any kind of confusions.

So if you are among those who is totally new then just go for it, you are definitely going to love it!

Survive If You Can!

What are our expectations from a Halloween Movie? It should contain thrill, fear, fun, jumpscares along with some memorable moments. Well, Five Nights At Freddy’s is ready to give you all kind of experiences. The movie is beautifully keeping it’s promise of showcasing a survival zone where our main antagonists are trying die hard to stay alive.

Just like it’s original game, FNAF movie is telling us about what happens when these Ai installed robots develops a sense of self awareness. All those animatronic are not leaving a single chance to leave our main characters and are ready to kill anyone or everyone.

The movie is also full of jumpscares where our guard tries to protect his life from these scary machines. So pack your emotions because you are not ready to survive those killer nights!

A Perfect Example Of The Modern CGN Technology!

five nights at freddy's
Blumhouse Studio

While in recent years we’ve seen how Marvel and other studios are struggling with their VFX and CGI’s technologies, Blumhouse, on the other hand is showcasing a masterpiece with tons of beautiful sound effects and other VFX techniques.

You’ll never feel like you are watching a computer generated animatronic because it is designed so well that it is a masterpiece in itself.

All things apart, the sound effects and lightings which are used in this movie are to the point and despite taking place at night, FNAF has plenty much amount of lightings to show the beauty of it’s sets and characters.

Try to watch it in 3D and you are ready for a memorable journey of your life!

Touching The Roots!

The movie is based upon the game and we’ve talked about it a lot, however, it is still presenting a whole new point of view to it’s fans.

In the game, we are usually busy in following the narrator’s story but in the movie, the director is clearly telling us the insights of this franchise. You’ll get a chance to take a deep look on the backstories of our beloved animatronics and you are also going to uncover many other hidden facts as well.

While the die hard fans might complain about this narration, it was a good move by the studio to make a connection with tons of new viewers. In fact, we are the die hard fans and we still enjoyed it a lot.

Final Words!

five nights at freddys
Blumhouse Studio

Five Nights At Freddy’s Movie is a perfect combo of perfection and nostalgia. You’ll feel excitement, creepiness, sadness and almost every other emotion that exists on this Earth,

In the time where every other studio is getting bombed at box office again and again, Blumhouse has presented an idea which was not new, but the way by which it has been developed is making it a real masterpiece. From the CGI to the real emotions, from the cast to the marketing, almost everything is perfect and you are definitely going to enjoy it.

If you are looking forward for a Halloween movie then make sure to try Five Nights At Freddy’s Movie because it’s very rare to get a perfect movie which is an adaptation of a beloved gaming franchise.

The movie is out in theatres and you can watch it whenever you want, but in short, this was our true, precise and authentic review about the FNAF movie. Make sure to stick around the corner with the Movie World Network to stay up to date, Till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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