Loki Season 2 Episode 4 Explained And Episode 5 Preview : The Most Important Episode For The Multiverse Saga

Loki Season 2 is already full of surprises and after watching it’s fourth episode, we are stuck on an unexpected cliffhanger from where the faith of the ongoing multiverse saga can be decided.

Now the fifth episode will land next week and we don’t want to wait for it anymore, that’s why here we are going to explain you the fourth episode along with some of the most exciting possibilities for the fifth episode.

So hold your variant and let’s jump on the saga of Loki Season 2 Episode 5!

What Happened In Loki Season 2 Episode 4?

Loki Season 2 Episode 4

Before jumping down on the predictions and wild theories about episode five, it is very important for us to know everything about the fourth episode as well. After all, this is the one which is now being referred as the best episode of Loki Season 2 so far.

The title of the fourth episode was “Heart Of The TVA” and as the name suggests, it is playing a very important role in deciding the faith of the TVA.

The fourth episode picks up straight from where the previous episode has left this epic storyline. Like always, Miss Minutes casts a miniature projection when all others was also present at the moment. During this scene, Ravonna witnesses someone else’s life when she peers through a window.

During the projection, everyone hears the conversation that was taking place between Ravonna and He Who Remains where Ravonna is being appreciated by the boss of the multiverse for providing her services in the Multiversal War. However, there was a twist in this scene where Ravonna was expecting to lead the TVA into a new age of order and stability, but He Who Remains secretly commands Miss Minutes to wipe out the memory of Ravonna and all other TVA employees.

Loki Season 2 Episode 5

It is also being revealed that He Who Remains wants to establish his own supremacy in the multiverse, and for that, he will be needing the charge of the TVA as well. That’s why he is wiping out the memories of everyone who belongs to or was related to the TVA so that he can establish his own TVA from scratch.

Luckily, the episode later reveals the truth for our Ravonna and she then decides to team up with Miss Minutes to reclaim the TVA for themselves. During this attempt, they rushes into the TVA headquarters to create all kinds of anarchy. Ravonna and Miss Minutes try to convince the General Dox and others but unfortunately, they all declines her offer.

However, traitorous 5 is the one who accepts her offer and just in the next few seconds, we sees how Ravoona uses the TVA’s torture box to crush the rest of them into oblivion.

If you can remember then we’ve seen an evil face of Miss Minutes during Loki Season 2 episode 3, however, after the demise of Dox and Co’s, she totally changes her face once again.

In short, the rest of the episode reveals how O.B., Casey, Timely, Mobius, Loki, and Sylvie are attempting to fix the Temporal Loom. However, this team loses the track of Timely because he was captured by X-5 and brought to Ravonna and Miss Minutes. Loki and Sylvie tries to find Victor and in the search, both of them gets separated once again.

Loki Season 5 Promo

During the episode “Ouroborous“, we saw how Loki was pruned by a mysterious identity, now in episode 4, it is finally revealed that the ‘one’ who pruned him was none other then the Loki himself, but, from the future who was trying to save himself. It also solves the mystery behind that phone call and Loki reveals to Sylvie that his body isn’t lost to time forever. After this, he and Sylvie are able to carry on to Timely.

Luckily they manages to find the loom and regains their magical powers using which they catches Miss Minutes and Ravonna. Sylvie enchants X-5 into pruning Ravonna and allows them to bring Timely back to help repair the Loom in time.

Unfortunately, it was too late to fix it and the shows end with an explosion which kills Victor and also vanishes Loki and Sylvie as well.

Now it is going to be really interesting to watch the fifth episode because a lot is happening in the timeline. In fact, now we have no idea about Loki and Sylvie, however, we can make some very early predictions about the fifth episode.

Loki Season 2 Episode 5 Predictions!

Loki Season 2

The whole journey of Loki Season 2 is full of surprises and many things are going on inside the multiverse. Sometimes we got some unexpected deaths while other times we were jumping from one place to the other. So now the question arise, what might happen in the fifth episode?

While the multiverse saga is full of unexpactations, it is possible that Victor is still alive somewhere in this saga. Even if he is dead, then there are many other variants who might create the chaos in all around the timelines. By the end of episode 4, we saw how those blinding lights have consumed our Loki along with his crew, but it doesn’t means that he is dead.

We also have to understand the real powers and intensities of those lights because it is possible that it may have consumed the whole TVA as well, and if that’s the case, then the fifth episode might become even more weirder once again.

However, it doesn’t mean that the whole TVA is now finished, it is highly possible that the TVA is now being displaced from the present time and we may see it back in the Void. Now if that’s the case then where would a trip to the Void leave them all, if there’s no TVA to return to?

The fifth episode might also show Loki in one of the most important roles for the future of the multiverse saga because he has the chance to establish a recreation of the TVA or he can also travel to tons of new places from the multiverse.

But now we knows that Loki Season 2 Episode 5 is going to play a very important role for the future of Marvel and anything is possible. Sylvie has taken her revenge, the gang is missing, Victor is dead, He Who Remains is coming and a lot is still left to uncover.

What are your theories for the fifth episode? Make sure to stick around the corner with the Movie World Network to stay up to date. Till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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