Inside Out 2 Is Officially Releasing Before Elio : Pixar Breaking!

Inside Out 2 and Pixar’s Elio are among the highly anticipated projects of 2024, and why not, after all we knows the real potential of Pixar movies. While Inside Out 2 is a direct sequel, Elio is an original project which is focused upon an entirely new storyline.

However, Pixar fans, be ready because we’ve got some exclusive updates about both of these projects and if you are waiting for them, then this article is for you. So pack your emotions, grab your space suits and let’s dive into the world of Pixar movies!

Pixar’s Elio Is No Longer Releasing In 2024!

Pixar Elio

We knows that Elio was the next Pixar movie which was set to hit theatres on March 1, 2024 and almost everything was going all fine. However, now the Disney studio has officially announced a shocking update about its projects.

According to the latest news, Pixar Elio is now no longer releasing on it’s scheduled release date of March, 2024. Yes that’s true. In a recent press, Disney company has delayed some of it’s upcoming projects for which many of us was very excited.

In fact, the thing which makes it even much bigger is the fact that Elio has been delayed for not only two to four months, but now, it will release in 2025. It may sounds unfortunate because we were going to watch an original project which was based upon an entirely new plotline and theme.

So when is it coming?

Well, Disney has announced that Pixar’s Elio will now release on June 13, 2025. It also means that we are not going to get any other trailer of Elio for the next six to seven months.

Inside Out 2
Pixar Studios

However, despite delaying Elio by one year, the good news is that Inside Out 2 is now going to be our next Pixar movie which is going to land on it’s original scheduled release window. That means, the highly anticipated Pixar sequel is releasing exclusively in theatres on June 14, 2024, and hence, neglecting every type of delays.

The reason behind this unexpected delay is nothing special. If you want to know why then Disney is delaying Elio because of the ongoing actors strike in the Hollywood. Despite releasing the first teaser of Elio, a lot of work was still left. It mainly includes the task of voice overs which is done by the actors and while the strike is on, it is going to be too hard to resume that work for a while.

Whereas Inside Out 2 on the other hand was in development since early 2022 and that’s why the movie’s production is already about to end. Hence, our Riley is going to make her comeback along with tons of new emotions on it’s scheduled window.

Pixar’s Elio Synopsis : What Is Happening In The Movie?

Pixar Elio

While the movie has been delayed by one year, it’s first teaser was enough to give us an idea about it’s plotline.

Pixar’s Elio revolves around a boy named Elio, who is a naughty but curious type of person. His mother works in a military department where she handles the signal stuffs. One day she catches some mysterious signals on her computer, out of nowhere, she finds out that Elio has been kidnapped by some outer space bodies.

Now the movie revolves around our Elio, who will be representing our Earth in an outer space Jurisdiction System where he will meet tons of new aliens and other unknown bodies. The movie will also uncover the mysteries of these new and unidentified bodies who are trying to kidnap different individuals from the planet Earth.

From the first teaser, we can say that the plot looks too good to be true, especially when we takes a look upon the recent projects of Disney and Pixar studios. While Lightyear was a bomb at box office, Elemental is the only Pixar project which has earned some handsome amount of profit world wide. That’s why both the studio and the fans are looking at Elio with a lot of hopes.

Unfortunately, now you have to wait till 2025 because there are no other release windows where the studio can fit it. It may also impact the release schedules of other big projects which are down the line, and it mainly includes the Toy Story 5, but that’s the topic for another day.

As of now, Inside Out 2 is set to hit theatres on June 14, 2024 and we can’t wait to watch our gang of emotions once again.

To know more about the Hollywood movies make sure to stick around the corner with the Movie World Network. Till that, Stay Safe, Peace Out!

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