LOKI Season 3 Will Happen And Will Set Up The Next Phase For MCU

Loki Season 2 is officially over and we can now officially confirm that this show was a masterpiece. With Loki sacrificing his own happiness for the sake of his friends and more importantly the multiverse, we now knows that our God of Mischiefs is going to play a very important role for the ongoing saga of Marvel.

Before that, we have to talk about his faith. Will Loki return for the third season? If yes, then what future holds for him? Can he be the the next “Hulk” for the Avengers? How Loki will decide the result of Secret Wars? We knows that tons of questions are popping around in the multiverse of your head. Well, here’s everything that you need to know about Loki Season 3 and his possible future in the multiverse saga of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Loki Season 3 Gets An Official Update!

Loki Season 3 Updates
Kevin Wright

While the second season has ended very recently, it is so hard to find an official statement about the third season, however, Loki producer has revealed tons of updates which are indicating that something big is cooking inside the Marvel studio for our Loki.

In an interview with the Variety, when asked about Loki Season 3, the series producer Kevin Wright has given some very important hints which might decide the faith of this outstanding character. He said, “A lot is still left to uncover for Loki. Season 1 and Season 2 were more like the two chapters of Loki BUT from the same book and we have a whole book shelf to explore with this epic character.”

This statement is very important because he is clearly indicating that Marvel has a lot to reveal with Loki and they are not done yet with this unique character.

Not only this, when asked by Deadline if Marvel has a multi-season plan for Loki, Kevin revealed that both Marvel and the creative team want to go ‘Season-By-Season’ and that’s why the future seasons (if happens) will pick up the whole new plot from the events which could be taking place at that time. Since the ending of Loki Season 2 is not revealing any type of cliffhanger, it is clear that the third season is definitely not going to pick up the ending of the second season.

The thing which makes it even more interesting is that Kevin has revealed to Deadline about his conversation with Tom Hiddlestone about the future possibilities of Loki. He said :

We take it season by season, and there are certainly things that Tom and I and other casts have talked about of where we see this going, and I know there’s some excitement for that internally, but just from a storytelling standpoint, I think we always conceived of seasons 1 and 2 as a whole!

So all these hints and rumors are enough to confirm that Loki Season 3 will happen, but the answer to the word “WHEN” is still under wraps. It is obvious because anything can happen in the multiverse, so Marvel will not rush the process especially for Loki as we knows that it is now the highest rated show for both Disney and Marvel studios.

How Loki Is The Next “Hulk” For MCU And It’s Multiverse?

Loki will be our next Hulk

When we talks about the importance of Loki Season 1 and 2 then it can be answered by the fact that the ending of the second season is setting up Deadpool 3 and other future projects. Now the next query that might arise is the role that Loki might play in the ongoing saga of Marvel. How this character is now the most important focus point for the multiverse?

Well, we’ve seen in the previous phase of MCU that how Hulk was the one who warned the avengers about the threat of Thanos. He was the only reason to re-unite the team of heroes once again and throughout that phase, our Hulk was among the most important focus points of Marvel.

Now we are talking about the multiverse, a concept about which we knows frighteningly little. We also knows that Kang is going to be the main villain of this phase and after watching Loki and some other Marvel movies of recent years, we knows that there are only two individuals from the previous phase who really known about the threat of Kang.

Yes, you are guessing it right. Ant is the one who knows about Kang and has defeated hi in the quantum realm while Loki is the one who knows far more then Antman. If you’ll ask that “who is going to play an important role” then we are going to go with Loki.

Deadpool 3 Will NOT Release On Time

That’s because he is the only one who has seen many variants of Kang and since he is now the controller of the timelines, it is possible that he might come to know about the Immortus and other deadly Kang variants who are going to destroy the multiverse.

So if Marvel decides to follow the same trend from it’s previous phase of infinity saga, then there is a huge possibility that Loki might go back to Earth in order to warn the Avengers about the threat of Kang. How will he do it is still unknown but Marvel and this multiverse is definitely going to find a way for him.

Loki Season 3 Plotline : What Might Happen In The Third Season?

Loki Season 2

Avengers : The Secret Wars is set to land within next few years and it will conclude the multiverse saga. It also means that lot of confusions are going to take place after this epic projects and Marvel will be looking for a way to re-establish it’s future phases and movies. So how Loki Season 3 can bring a base plot for the future projects after Secret Wars?

Well, Marvel might bring Loki Season 3 after the release of Secret Wars and that’s because the studio will be looking forward for a TV show in order to explain the things out to it’s fans and to set up a solid base on which it can build the future phase. So Loki Season 3 might be a perfect choice as the ‘God Of Mischiefs’ can find a way to do that.

It also means that the third season can behave identical to Loki Season 1 where Marvel was trying to establish a base for it’s multiverse saga and to be honest, we should say thanks to the first season as it is the reason behind our understandings of the current events which are taking place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But in short, Loki Season 2 was a masterpiece and we can’t really wait to watch this epic cast and characters back in action in the near future. While we are moving forward to watch some of the highly anticipated projects like Deadpool 3 and Madame Web, it was Loki who brought the domination of Disney and Marvel once again.

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