Materialists: Dakota Johnson Spotted Kissing Chris Evans In A New BTS Image!

Fans of romantic comedies can rejoice! A new project titled “Materialists” has begun filming in New York City, boasting a star-studded cast and an intriguing premise.

Directed by Celine Song, the mind behind the critically acclaimed “Past Lives” (nominated for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay at the 2024 Oscars), “Materialists” follows the story of a successful matchmaker, played by Dakota Johnson. The film takes a twist when Johnson’s character finds herself entangled in a complex love triangle that threatens to disrupt both her professional and personal life.

Joining Johnson is Chris Evans, whose character appears to be a wealthy potential love interest for the matchmaker. The other corner of the triangle is filled by Pedro Pascal, sporting a more casual look in recently released set photos. While details about his character remain under wraps, speculation suggests he might represent a past love for the matchmaker.

A “Romantic” Kiss In Materialists!

Set photos capture the actors filming a potentially pivotal scene, hinting at the nature of their on-screen relationship. Johnson appears in a glamorous blue strapless evening gown, while Evans is dressed in a more formal outfit – a white shirt and black waistcoat ensemble. Their attire suggests a potentially upscale date night for their characters.

The film’s production is a collaboration between A24, known for its quirky and acclaimed productions, and Sony Pictures, ensuring a wide domestic and international release. This partnership hints at a potential blend of artistic merit and mainstream appeal for “Materialists.”

Celine Song wearing both the director and writer hats for “Materialists” signifies her complete creative control over the story. This, coupled with her past success with A24 on “Past Lives,” creates a buzz of anticipation for the project.

Dakota Johnson and Chris Evans in Materialists
Dakota Johnson and Chris Evans

While Dakota Johnson’s recent superhero outing, “Madame Web,” may not have garnered critical or commercial praise, “Materialists” presents a fresh opportunity for the actress.

With filming underway, several questions linger: How will the matchmaker navigate this complicated love triangle? Will her professional success clash with her personal desires? And what tone will the film ultimately take – a lighthearted rom-com romp or a more nuanced exploration of love’s complexities?

One thing remains certain: “Materialists” has the potential to be a crowd-pleasing romantic comedy with a captivating twist. I will be covering everything about this beautiful upcoming “ROM-COM,” so stick around the corner with Movie World Network where we brings you some of the most latest, trending, original and engaging content related to everything Hollywood. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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