Bebe Rexha Got Attacked in her Concert at New York City !!

We knows that how crazy the fan-club of Bebe Rexha is, but this time, a fan got really too far to be true during the recent concert of Bebe Rexha, and hence, giving an injury to the famous pop singer !!

Recent Pic posted by Rexha

What’s The Incident ?

We knows that Bebe Rexha is in New York City since past few days due to her ongoing concert schedule. She was doing the Albanian hand symbol during her concert and suddenly, a phone hits her so hard that she stops her show immediately. Luckily, the whole incident got caught in the cameras and now can be seen online.

The viral video shows our star artist getting hit in the face by a flying phone at the Rooftop at Piet 17. This incident took place on June 18 and fortunately, the attacker has been arrested and charged with assault. Now, a day later, Bebe showed her injury to us, the fans, on Tik-Tok wherein one side of her eye loks bruised and red. Check out her Tik-Tok video below :-

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