Helene Fischer got Badly Injured After Falling from 7 feet

We got a bad news as soon as the last 10 Days of June starts when famous Pop Singer Bebe Rexha got attacked during her concert in New York City, and now there is another big accident which happened with our beloved German singer Helene Fischer, who was injured at a concert in Hanover.

Helen during her concert

It was her last concert in Hanover and the previous four times the trapeze act in which she swings meters above the stage had gone well. But unfortunately this time, an acrobat dropped her seven feet and her face bumped into the man’s legs and restraint straps. You can check out the full video in a tweet mentioned below.

People are going crazy after watching her dedication towards the audience. She was bleeding so heavily, but still finishes her song for her fans. She told the audience that everything was going well, but we all knew that our beloved singer was in deep pain. After few moments, she lefts the stage and never came back. According to the officials, she immediately left the concert for getting a treatment in the nearby hospital. 

The concert got cancelled and there are currently no plans to organize another one at Hanover. Luckily, the singer has some time to recover because her Rausch Live Tour will not continue until August, so we can hope for her good health.

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