Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken: Meet All Characters From The Movie

Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken is definitely going to be a massive success for the studio, but do you know about every single character from the movie ? We already knows about our Chelsea and Ruby, but what about the other characters ? So let’s know about every single character from this beautiful DreamWorks Masterpeice.

Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken

1. Agatha Gillman:-

Image via Dreamworks

So let’s start with Agatha Gillman, who is also the mom of Ruby. Agatha is stated to be overprotective towards her children, especially Ruby. She plays an important role in the movie, and is usually shown sympathizing towards Ruby showing her that she’s a kraken as well. Agatha also works as an Real Estate Agent in the movie and her Initial name was Flora , which is also referenced many times in the movie as well.

2. Grandmamah:-

via DreamWorks

The next important character is our Grandmamah. She is the tritagonist of the movie and is a warrior queen as well. As the name suggests, she is also the mom of Agatha Gillman. She has multiple abilities and superpowers which is clearly shown in the trailer as well as in the movie. Her powers includes Body armor, Camouflage and laser eyes, which means she is definitely a strong kraken.

3. Sam Gillman:-

Next in the list is Sam gillman. Now Sam Gillman is a 7-year-old kraken, who is also a brother of Ruby. He is described as an energetic, ‘cool’ second grader. Ruby describes him as annoying as he usually loves teasing her in many ways. He also has a love for dodgeball by working to become his school’s dodgeball champion by using his Kraken abilities.

4. Brill Gillman:-

Brill Gillman

Then comes Brill Gillman , who is the uncle of Ruby and Sam. He is one of the supporting side characters in the movie and his screen-time is really very small yet interesting. He loves to crack jokes here and there and always supports his sister Agatha.

5. Arthur Gillman:-

Image via DreamWorks

Next in the list is Arthur Gillman, who is also the father of Ruby and Sam. In the movie, he always tries to act normal and to behave like a human. He also encourages his childrens to live a normal life rather then showcasing their magical powers. Arthur Gillman is also described as a very supportive father who has also a good sense of humor in the movie.

6. The Villain:-

Image via Dreamwors

Now let’s talk about the villain of the movie. If you think that Chelsea is going to be the main villain, then you are a bit wrong. Here comes Gordon Lighthouse, who is described as a man of dominative nature who always talks about destruction and bombs. His hobby is to drop a bomb everywhere and is going to be the new DreamWorks villain.

Apart from all these characters, we’ve also got some side characters like Connor, who is also a crush of Ruby and a Maths tutee. He is an excellent student with some good mathematical skills that Ruby wants to learn from him. Rest the movie is dealing with a perfect storyline where we’re going to witness an epic battle between a Mermaid and a kraken, but this time, the mermaid is at the evil side.

Apart from Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken, the studio is also developing a Shrek 5 movie, so you can check some quick updates on our website. Stay tuned with us for everything Hollywood, till that, thanks for watching, Stay Safe, Peace Out !!

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