Coraline : The 5 Most Creepiest Scenes You Should Never Watch Alone

Even after more then a decade, Laika Studio’s Coraline makes into the list of best Halloween movies in almost every other survey. From the dark magic to some of the most disturbing elements, there are many factors that makes this movie so lovable even after a long time of it’s release.

Why Coraline is a perfect Halloween movie? Well, the spooky month is the best time to talk about her. That’s why we are taking a look at “The Top 5 Most Creepiest Scenes From The Movie Coraline“.

So grab your pumpkins, stitch your eyes and lets jump into the ‘Other World‘!

5) “Stitch Your Eyes Coraline!”

The coraline doll
Coraline doll

We knows that Coraline was enjoying her time in the other world. With tons of magical creatures and surprises, she was lost in the beauty of the dark magic.

It was that moment when we got a dark turn by the Other Mother. She offers Coraline to stay there forever after which Coraline agrees to her. But things takes a dark turn when the Other Mother asks her to stitch the buttons in her eyes.

To be honest we can only imagine how would it feel like or look like in real life, so that’s the thing which makes this scene among the most creepiest moments of Coraline.

It was totally giving the vibes of a real horror movie and that’s why we can never ignore this moment from the movie.

4) The Ghost Children!

Coraline and the ghost children

What we want in a horror movie? There should be a dark villain, a person who is in trouble, some suspicious creatures and some victims. Well, Coraline meets those victims in the middle of the movie.

During her timeout, she meets three souls of little kids who tells her that all three of them are the victims of the Beldom.

Coraline can clearly see the buttons at the place of their eyes, which clarifies the cruelty of the Other Mother and hence, these three souls are the one which adds the flavor of horrific vibes in the movie.

3) Coraline Meets The Talking Cat!

Cat from Coraline
still from Coraline

This little but a creepy scene comes into action when Coraline tries to catch the cat. She thinks that the cat is just like other normal creatures but gets a jumpscare when the cat suddenly starts talking to her.

Of course there were some other scene which could take over this one, but the fact that we are literally watching a cat talking like a man was suspicious.

Later in the movie we see how our Mr Spooky Cat grabs a rat in his mouth, which suddenly turns into a giant dead rat. All these sequences of our cat was made to mix some more creepiness in the movie.

In fact, some wild fan theories even claims that the cat was also a victim of the Beldom. If theories to be believed then there would be a man who accidentally fell into the Other World and since he knows all the secrets of this dark world, he could become a threat for the realm of the Beldom.

Hence, the Other Mother decides to change that man into a cat. However, we should take it as a wild theory and nothing else!

2) The Bat Dogs And The Taffy Monsters!

The Taffy monster
The Taffy Monster

Tons of surprises were present in the movie, and one of these surprises was the Taffy Monsters.

When Coraline tries to open the box, which was already looking too creepy, she gets an unexpected thing in it. The box was packed with a knot of pairs of hands, and as soon as she tries to open it, the movie gives us a jumpscare when those hands grabs her and the monsters tries to pull her.

Fortunately, she manages to free the Dog Bats, which was again an unexpected and creepy creature of the other world.

But luckily, they saves Coraline by attacking on the Taffy monsters, and they all changes into the form of stone.

1) The Other Mother’s Real Form!

other mother coraline
The Other Mother

We’ve seen many creepy moments of the Other Mother, but the most terrific and horrible scenes of this movie comes at the end.

When Coraline tries to escape through the other world, the other mother finally takes her real form which was enough to give the nightmares to almost all of us. She changes into a spider like creature which was trying to catch Coraline in order to make her like the other creatures of the dark world.

Luckily, Coraline manages to remove the eyes of the creepy mother and closes the pathway which connects the real world to the other world. However, we can easily hear the loud voices of the other mother from behind the doors.

Well, these were the top 5 “most creepiest” scenes from the movie and almost all of them are the reason behind the huge popularity of this epic tale.

Which scene from the movie do you think was the creepiest of all. Make sure to stick around the Movie World Network for everything Hollywood.

Till that, stay safe, peace out!

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