Elemental 2 Prequel Series Is In Development

Be ready because Disney is bringing us a whole new adventure of Ember and Wade in a brand new Elemental 2 Prequel series. Yes we are not messing around because there are some solid news regarding a spin off TV show of Pixar’s Elemental.

What is the release date, are we going to get any new character and what exactly is going to happen in this prequel show !? Well, we knows everything so let’s jump right in !!

Elemental 2 Prequel Is In Works

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Despite being the lowest original movie of Pixar on Rotten Tomatoes, Elemental became the highest grossing original animated movie for Disney and Pixar since 2019. Also the movie was a bit underrated because it has almost everything that we want to watch in a perfect Disney-Pixar movie.

But finally, there are some official reports which are already indicating towards a sequel show for this beautiful movie. According to some of the well known websites like The Direct, Collider and The Disinsider, Disney and Pixar are now moving towards a spin off TV show for Elemental.

According to the reports, Pixar will be bringing back Ember and Wade in a new sequel series where we will get a chance to watch their next adventure.

Elemental writer Kat Likkel has officially given a hint by saying that a spin-off may revolve around Ember and Wade’s cross-country journey, or it can even end up showing their path to marriage. The writer has also confirmed that Elemental spin-off can also focus on other characters in Element City to give a new aspect of the movie, just like Zootopia+.

But in short, the writers has confirmed that both a sequel series and a proper full length sequel is in development.

Steam Baby Might Appear In The Spinoff TV Show

steam baby
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By the end of Elemental we knew that a sequel might happen because the story was dealing with an open ending. Many fans were speculating different storylines and theories for a future film, but we got to know something unexpected yet interesting.

Recently it was revealed that Pixar was about to introduce a ‘Steam Baby‘ by the end of the movie. According to the writers, they were initially planning to show a return of Ember and Wade from their journey, but this time, with their very own baby. However, the scene got deleted from the final cut.

After this news, almost all of us was willing to watch that cute little baby of our Ember and Wade. Finally in this TV show, they can easily introduce this cute little baby In this franchise.

If the writers are telling us the truth, of course they are, then it means that Elemental 2 is already down the line and to make a perfect sequel, Pixar will look forward to this TV show in order to develop it’s characters.

They can also use it as an opportunity to introduce this Steam Baby and some other aspects in this tale, so that a new plot can easily be introduced for Elemental 2.

What Is The Status Of Elemental 2?

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Since the studio is coming up with a spinoff TV show, we can now say that Elemental 2 is also in the plans. As of now, no official update about the sequel has been released by the studios, but we knows something that might excite you about the future of this franchise.

By the end of the first movie, we now knows that Ember and Wade are going to travel around the world where Ember will improve her skills and Wade will support her in every situation. It opens the door of a whole new plot where both of them may face some new challenges regarding their identities.

We knows that the whole movie of Elemental was inspired by the problems which are faced by the immigrants, so the exact problem can be introduced in a sequel but this time, both Ember and Wade will face the problems together.

Since the main focus of the upcoming rumored TV Show can be can be our ‘Steam Baby’, Elemental 2 can come up with an idea of showcasing the future of this baby where he/she will face the challenges in adopting the changes.

But we have to remember that all these are just speculations right now, we have to wait a bit more for any sort of official announcements directly from the studios. However, we are definitely going to watch both of our Ember and Wade in the near future for sure.

What Is The Release Date Of Elemental Spinoff?

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As of now, there are no solid updates regarding the exact release date because neither Disney nor Pixar has made any official statement on this spinoff TV Show. But it is just a matter of time before they make one. However, we can expect it to land by the end of 2024.

If the studio is really developing this TV Show then it should get release within two years from now as the characters are already well animated. All they have to do is to bring some new characters to life in order to make a perfect story.

But there are several factors which might delay it as well. It mainly includes the process of script writing and voice acting. That’s because the ongoing writer’s and actor’s strike is affecting almost everything in the Hollywood.

Studios are facing a lot of challenges regarding their filming and productions, along with their promotions. Elemental was already an underrated project, so Disney and Pixar will try to focus on the special marketing and promotion of it’s spinoff. But they can’t do it in the current scenario.

So after keeping all these external factors in mind, a late 2024 or early 2025 release date seems very logical for this upcoming project. Rest will get clear as soon as the studios finds a solution for this ongoing strike.

But in short, a lot is going to happen in the future of this beautiful Element city, and we will make sure to update you as soon as we gets anything official. So make sure to stick around with Movie World Network to stay up to date.

Till that, stay safe, peace out !!

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