The Top Best Upcoming Disney Movies(2024-2026)

Disney movies are known for making our holidays special, and what’s better then watching a family friendly movie with your loved ones in this season. Well, the studio is finally going to release many historical and lovable movies in the next few years that you don’t want to miss at any cost.

Some of them are going to be a very unique idea while others are going to be a direct spinoff or a sequel. From release date to the plotline, here’s everything about the “Top Upcoming Disney Movies“.

Zootopia 2

Zootopia 2

Finally after a long wait, Disney is bringing back one of its proven movies. The CEO of Disney Bob Iger has officially confirmed earlier this year that a sequel of Zootopia is in active development.

Back in 2016, Zootopia was among the most popular animated movies and gave the studio a chance to move forward with their unique ideas. So when is Zootopia 2 coming?

According to various Hollywood reports and some trusted websites like the Collider and Disinsider, the script writing of Zootopia 2 was in active development in the studio. However, due to the ongoing writers strike, the process of script writing has been delayed.

But here’s a good news for you. Initially, there are two untitled movies which are set to hit theatres in the November of 2024 and 2025. So there’s a huge possibility that Zootopia 2 might land in one of these dates.

Talking about the plot then we are getting some sort of ideas about it. In one of the recent reports, it is being said that Disney might bring some underworld mafias in the sequel.

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Since we’ve not seen any kind of marine animal in the first movie, there’s a high chance that the studio might move forward with an underwater villain. Also we may get a chance to watch the family of Nick and Judy because the producers of the first film are already giving us a hint about that.

In an interview, co-director Rich Moore has given a hint by saying that. “the people who are waiting to watch the kids of Nick and Judy in the sequel are going to go crazy.

According to him, the studio may even show a new kind of relationship between two of our main characters, however it’s too early to predict anything about that.

But as per now, Zootopia 2 might land within next two years and that’s because the first movie was already showcasing an open ending. With the help of an open ending, Disney can easily create a whole new storyline because the Zootropolis has a lot to cover.

Mufasa : The Lion King Prequel

mufasa the lion king prequel movie
Mufasa the lion king

Who hates The Lion King? Of course Nobody. And what if we say that Disney is going to dive deep into the life of Mufasa? Well, its true because we knows that Disney is official developing a live action movie surrounding our Mufasa.

The movie was first announced in the D23 Expo 2022 and now it’s been a while since we’ve talked about it. So what is the current status of the movie and when is it coming?

In a recent interview, Kelvin Harrison Jr who has given his voice to the Scar, has given us some new updates regarding the plot of this live action remake. We knows that Mufasa The Lion King is going to be a prequel of its original movie, but are we going to watch anything new in it !?

Well, according to Harrison, yes we are. He said that, “the movie will equally explore the villainous origins of Scar as that of our Mufasa.” He continued, “we will explore some untold stories and adventures which are taking place in the past of the original Lion King movie.

Also we may get a chance to watch some new characters because the movie is taking place years ago. As per now, Mufasa The Lion King is set to hit theatres on July 5, 2024. But it may change depending upon the present scenario of the strike.

However, we can still expect it to land within 2024 for sure. So the fans who loves to explore some of the classic Disney tales can feel the same magic again next year.

Tangled : The Live Action Remake


We knows that Disney is on a wild ride to bring some of its proven and classic tales into a live action version. After watching Mulan, Cindrella, Beauty And The Beast, next on the list is going to be a modern princess of Disney era.

Recently it has been revealed that Disney is actively working on a live action version of Tangled, where the movie will bring our Rapunzel and Flynn Rider back in life.

According to various trusted Hollywood reports, the studio is now looking forward to cast Florence Pugh as Rapunzel and is trying to give some modern catch to the story. Recently it has been revealed that Zachary Levi, who has given his voice to Flynn Rider is very much interested in playing his own role in the Live Action movie.

However, Disney has not confirmed anything related to the casting of Zachary Levi as Flynn, so we should wait a bit more to hear anything official. As per now, no release date for this movie has been announced yet but it’s possible that we may get a chance to watch it by the mid of 2025 for sure.

That’s because a lot is coming in 2024, so the studio has almost no space left in the next twelve to sixteen months. That’s why a mid 2025 release date seems very logical and comfortable for this movie. Let’s see, what they delivers.

Frozen 3

frozen 3

According to us, the name is enough. This legendary tale of the modern sisters is known for helping Disney in establishing its domination over the box office. In the previous decade, Frozen franchise has played an important role in bringing a huge amount of cash inside the studio.

Back on 2013, Frozen made a history in cinema with its huge box office collection and a legendary song of “Let It Go“. After a gap of six years, we finally got Frozen 2 in 2019, which again became a huge box office success and earned even more then it’s first movie.

So now, Disney is finally bringing us Frozen 3. The CEO Bob Iger has confirmed that Frozen 3 is in active development and they are looking forward to release it as soon as possible. Now here’s is a huge update for you. If you don’t know then the studio is also developing a Frozen 2 spinoff show.

Yes we’re not kidding because the studio has officially announced a Frozen 2 prequel with the name of Frozen : The Forces Of Nature.

We are not going to dig deep into it because a whole dedicated blog about it is available on our website where we’ve revealed everything about it, whether its release date, new characters, storyline or whatever you want to know about it. So make sure to check it out from here.

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In short, this spin off show is going to introduce two new characters in the franchise and will create a plot for Frozen 3.

As per now, like we’ve revealed at the beginning of this article that Disney has two release dates for its two untitled projects. One was in the November of 2024 which might get reserved by the Zootopia 2. While the second date is in the November of 2025, which seems a perfect time to release Frozen 3.

Rest will get clear in next few months but Frozen 3 will directly pick up from where the Frozen Forces Of Nature will leave the story. The other possibilities can be the return of Hans or the ceremony of our Queen Anna and Kristoff..

Snow White And The Seven Magical Creatures

rachel zegler snow white
Rachel Zegler

How can we leave this movie. If we are talking about the future Disney movies, then we should also talk about the one which is gathering a lot of controversies online. Rachel Zegler is going to play the role of Snow White along with Gal Gadot as the Evil Queen.

As per now, the movie is set to hit theatres in the March of 2024, but it may get delayed as well because of the ongoing chaos in the Hollywood.

Rachel comes and creates a new controversy. Sometimes she calls this tale as an outdated movie, whole sometimes she calls our prince as a stalker. Now she is asking for more money by claiming that she deserves more.

The ongoing strike is for those who are working 24/7 and is earning a very low amount as their income. Meanwhile Rachel on the other hand is already taking millions of dollars as her fee to play this role, but still, she is acting like an underpaid actor.

Now it seems like she just cares about the money, not about the movie. But in short, Disney is going to give this movie a modern touch where Snow White is not going to be saved by any Prince. Also the Dwarves are going to get some sort of magical powers and the storyline will be a lot different from the original tale.

To be honest, we don’t know what is the future of this movie, but it will definitely give us some new topic to talk about. As of now, no official trailer is available for it but we may get one within next few months for sure.

Moana: The Live Action Remake

moana live action

Despite working on many other live action movies, Disney is also bringing us a remake of its popular movie Moana. This has been confirmed by none other then Rock The Dwayne Johansson who gave his voice to Maui in the original movie.

Auli Cravalho on the other hand is not returning to play the lice action Moana, but luckily, the Rock is going to play the live action version of our Maui. No release date is announced yet but a late 2025 release date seems logical for it.

As per now, the script writing should be under development, but no casting update for Moana is out yet. So hopefully, we will get to know more about this beautiful project in next few months and we will make sure to update you once we get one.

Lilo And Stitch Live Action


The list for live action movies is not over yet and the next project is going to be a live action remake of Lilo And Stitch. The movie is under active production state as the script writing has been completed.

Also the movie has filmed most of its scenes and now the studio might wrap up the whole project within next few months. If you don’t know then Lilo And Stitch is going to follow it’s original storyline with some sort of modern twist.

No big changes are taking place in this movie which is a good thing because we just want to watch an original story.

Some rumors are also speculating that we may get a chance to watch the parents of Lilo in this movie, and hence, confirming many conspiracy theories. But according to us, the movie will just add some modern catch and will focus on its original plotline.

As per now, Lilo And Stitch Live Action is set to hit Disney+ platform starting from may 10, 2024, and it seems like it will arrive just on time.

Hercules : The Live Action Remake

Live Action Hercules artwork by MT Topz

Now it seems like we are just going through a never ending list of future live action remakes of Disney. Here comes The Hercules. The popular classic tale of Hercules is now getting a live action treatment where we may get a chance to watch some unknown mysteries and new stories.

Talking about some latest updates then there are some rumors which are claiming that the studio is looking forward to cast Ariana Grande as Megara in this live action movie. To be honest, if these rumors are true then we can call it as one of the best decisions of Disney in recent years.

After a lot of chaos regarding the casting of its live action movies, the casting of Ariana Grande might make this movie a big hit for the studio.

Also the rumors are claiming that Taron Egerton is in talks to play the role of Hercules, which is again looking too good to be true. No release date is announced yet by the studio, and we should not expect it anytime soon.

Since a lot is going in side the Disney company, this movie may get a late 2025 or 2026 release date.

Final Words

Many of these projects has a potential to bring back the domination of The Walt Disney company. If the studio will treat them nicely, then they can easily grab some huge amount of cash for themselves, and hence, can easily rule over the box office.

As per now, most of these projects are confirmed and will release within the next two to three years from now. We should just hope for the best because Disney is definitely bringing us a lot of fun stuff.

You can check more updates about these projects on our official website but as of now, these were the “Top Best Future Disney Movies” that might surprise us.

Stick around with Movie World Network to stay connected with every new movie update. Till that, stay safe, peace out.

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