Pixar’s Elemental 2: Trailer, Release Date & Exciting Updates

After watching the ending of Elemental, we all have same question. Are we going to see ember and wade again in the future ? Well here you’ll get every single answer and update which indicates towards a potential sequel of the first movie. So lets jump into Elemental 2 !!.

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By the end of the movie, we got to see the exact same ending that we previously saw in Luca.
Ember and Wade are now officially a couple, Bernie is ready to accept the water elements, and the movie has an open ending as well. So does it really sets up a sequel ?
Of course it is.

What Could Happen in Elemental 2 ?

At the end of the movie , Ember and Wade are ready to go on a new journey. Ember will learn some new skills whereas Wade will be the biggest supporter of Ember. If the sequel happens then we might uncover the new places and challenges that might be faced by this duo.

In fact the studio can bring us a whole new storyline as well because the possibilities are really endless right now. We now knows that Ember will learn some new skills and they both are going on a different place, so it opens a door to introduce some new villains who want to misuse the powers of Ember !!

Also we have to keep in mind that the side characters of the movie such as Clod, Gale, Fern and others are still in the town, so we might see a spinoff series on Disney+ as well. It will also help the studio in building a brand new franchise !! Along with this, the studio will also look forward on the performance of the first movie, which seems like the Elemental will definitely cover up a good profit.

The studio is bringing us Toy Story 5, which clearly says a lot about the future, it clearly means that they won’t hesitate in bringing back these beautiful character back in life once again.

The Release Date:-

If you are thinking about the release date of Elemental 2, then we have to wait a bit since the studio has a whole bunch of movies which are coming in next few years. It includes some of the major projects like Toy Story 5, newly arrived Elio and a big project of Inside Out 2 !! But if Elemental ends up being a big success for the studio, then be ready as the studio will definitely bring us Elemental 2.

Since Inside Out 2 will hit theatres on June 14, 2024 and Elio is set to land in March of 2024, it will make sense if the studio brings Toy Story 5 sometimes in 2025. So we should not expect Elemental 2 before 2026.

As of now, everything depends upon the performance of the first movie, because the studio has already given this story an open ending, which will definitely help in the making of a sequel. In short, Elemental has everything which can convert this movie into a franchise, but everything depends upon Disney and Pixar studios.

So make sure to stay tuned with us as we will be covering every major update in the future as well. Till that, Stay Safe , Peace Out !!

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