Pixar’s Elemental: Full Movie & Ending Explained

Pixar’s newest installment “Elemental” is finally out in theatres world-wide and if you are wondering about it’s storyline and end-credit scenes, then you are at the right place.

SPOILERS WARNING ahead as we will be discussing some major parts from the movie, so if you haven’t watched it yet, then you can leave now !!

Pixar Elemental

Full Story Recap:-

Bernie and Cinder Lumen immigrate to Element City by ship. They face early struggles as they are met with xenophobic views about fire by other elements, but eventually carve out their place in the city. After the birth of Ember, they build their own convenience store, which became the Fireplace. Years later, Ember grows up working in the shop with Bernie and dreams of taking over once her father retires, but must first contend with her fiery temper.

One day, Bernie finally allows Ember to control the shop. However, it becomes too much for her and she rushes away to the basement to avoid losing it in front of the customers. Her rage results in a broken water pipe flooding the basement, accidentally summoning Wade Ripple, a health inspector. He threatens to shut down the store for its faulty piping. Ember tries to ask Wade not to report her family to his employer Gale Cumulus, but Wade escapes.

Soon a chase ensues, with Ember going outside the fire district and into Element City. She catches up to Wade in City Hall office to be lenient on some of the violations. When Wade tries to convince overgrown earth element bureaucrat Fern Grouchwood, Ember accidentally exploded in her anger.

When Ember and Wade go to Cyclone Stadium, they find Gale, who tells Ember that if they can fix a hole in a dam at Fire Town, then she would not shut down the shop. Wade attempts to cheer on Lutz to allow the Windbreakers to win the airgame. Ember and Wade begin to fall in love while they walk around Element City. He invites her to meet his family, who live in a luxury apartment building that is flowing with water everywhere, which makes it difficult for Ember to enter.

When they head back to Fire Town, they manage to find the crack in the dam and are able to patch it up. In return, Gale not only decides to keep the store open, but also allows Ember to go underwater to find her favorite flower as well. Although she is happy that she sees her favorite flower, Ember discovered that the bubble is getting pop out, allowing Wade to escape. As Ember shares a romantic dance with Wade, who finally touched her hands, she must return back to the Fireplace.

Ember & Wade

Elemental: Ending Explained:-

When Ember is about to take the reins of her father’s shop, Wade shows up and tells her he loves her. However, not wanting to disappoint her father, she rejects him. Her father decides to not retire after finding out that she caused the faulty pipes to happen and has fallen in love with Wade. This causes her temper to burst, accidentally breaking the glass meant to cover the crack in the dam.

Ember tries to find Wade and help save the Blue Flame, which has been in her family for generations. They are soon trapped in a room, causing Wade to evaporate from the heat. Ember, thinking that Wade is dead, finally tells her father that she does not want to run the shop, with Bernie telling her that she was their dream.

Remembering a game that she played with Wade’s family, she manages to bring Wade back to life, finally confessing her love for him, and they share a kiss. Months later, Wade and Ember head off to a place where Ember can study glassmaking, saying goodbye to their families.

So this was a quick recap from the beautiful Pixar movie Elemental, and if you enjoyed it then you can check out our other cool movie content that might surprise you.

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