Pixar’s Elemental : The studio has released New Clips !!

Elemental is among the highly awaited animated movie and finally the studio has revealed tons of new look images and promos for this beautiful project. While some of those was revealed in teaser, others are totally new.

So if you are waiting so bad for this movie then keep reading this article as we’re going to explain about all those promos and clips which have been revealed by the Disney and Pixar studios in CCXP event of Brazil.

Pixar Studios.

The CCXP Brazil Event!

There is an event name CCXP which was organized in the Brazil. In the event, Pixar showcased some new clips from its upcoming movie named Elemental.

In the very first clip, we can see Ember and Wade walking in their elemental city. While walking , Ember reveals to Wade that she can change her color depending upon the minerals . 

She also demonstrates her ability of changing color by standing on a mineral crystal. In this scene , Wade also shows his ability and jumps in a nearby river to splash some water. Due to this, a small rainbow was formed.

In short, the whole clip was showing the bond between both of our main characters very beautifully.

A Unique Elements Sports!


Well, the people in the event got to see a game of Airball. This game is described as “basketball meets skydiving.”

One of the players is Lutz, who needs a lot of cheering on after feeling discouraged at a match. This prompts Wade Ripple to start a wave of cheer at the stadium – but since most fans are water-based, they are able to conjure up a literal wave.

The whole clip was made to show the frank nature of our Wade, whereas Ember was also present at the stadium to show her support.

Too Hot To Handle!


Thirdly there was a scene where Wade and Ember sits on a metal bench. While trying to sit on the bench , Wade slips through the gaps of the bench and falls down.

It was obvious because he is made up of water and water needs a closed vessel to ‘sit’.

However, to make this scene even much funnier, we then sees Ember who arrives and sits next to the Wade. Since she is made up of pure fire, the metal bench gets way too hot, and hence, Wade jumps off from it.

The main motive behind including this scene was to show some funny moments between both of our protagonists, after all, these types of scenes makes the movies even much better.

Ember Is An Immigrant!

Apart from all these clips , the producer of the movie has also revealed some details including the main theme of the whole Elemental.

Pete Docter, who is the director and producer of Elemental has revealed that water was the first element who came into the city and made multiple water canals and homes with the help of land .

Then comes air and finally comes fire which makes Ember an immigrant in this elemental city. But in short, it seems like a lot is going on in this movie and we personally can’t wait to watch it.

The movie is set to release on 16 june 2023, so we can expect a new trailer in somewhere around March or April.

What are your thoughts for this movie ?

Pixar Elemental Official Teaser.

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