SING 3 : Scarlett Johansson hinted towards a SEQUEL !!

Both Sing and Sing 2 was a massive success and now we are expecting the same from Sing 3. It’s no surprise that viewers who have already watched both movies are looking forward to watch Buster Moon and company once again and now we are officially getting some new updates which might surprise you.

So will there be a Sing 3? When could it get release ? And last but not the least, who is going to return for the third movie ? Keep reading this article as we’ve all the answers that you want to know.

Sing 3 Plotline : What Is Going To Happen?

Sing 2
sing 2

The updated article for the same is available on our website so you can check it out, however, we will see Buster and his gang returning for a new adventure. The movie can also feature the plot of reuniting these characters in a tough situation which can eventually lead us into a new adventure.

We knows how hard Buster and others has tried in the sequel to regain it’s position, so in the third film, the chances are quite high that they will try to increase their success and become more popular.

Is Sing 3 Confirmed ?

sing 3
Scarlett Johansson !!

Studios moves towards the sequels only if their previous movie was a success. Sing 2 has earned $400 million on box office which gives studio a chance to make a third movie.

Recently, Matthew McConaughey, who plays the role of Buster Moon has hinted towards a third movie. Scarlett Johansson is another cast member who has given several hints time to time and finally, the illumination studio has officially confirmed that they are developing a third film in this saga.

Scarlett Johansson is kown for playing Ash in the Sing saga and we can’t really wait to hear her voice once again. In fact, she has also confirmed that she might bring more songs in the third Sing movie and hence, more fun.

So all these things might excite you for a third movie and trust us, the wait is definitely going to be worth it.

Sing 3 Release Date : When Is The Movie Coming?

sing 2 poster. credits to illumination.

Well, it all depends upon various factors such as story writer, cast members,  production team, directors and of course the studio.

We should also look forward on the recent chaos of the Hollywood which is affecting almost every single project from every other studio. However, Sing 3 is getting some very positive updates which are indicating that Sing 3 might land in somewhere between late 2024 to fall 2025.

But in short, now you knows that Sing 3 is definitely happening and the movie is under very active state of production. More solid updates might land in the next few months so make sure to keep an eye on us.

Till that , Stay Safe , Peace Out!

Sing 2 official trailer !!

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