“Speak Now” will be Taylor Swift’s Next Album !!

Lavender Haze is already busy in breaking multiple records over multiple social-media platform. But this is just a beginning of a new era of blockbuster hits. Taylor’s Swift’s next song name & album name is already confirmed and she is working over it since a bunch of years.

So let’s jump straight on the EXCLUSIVE Updates !!

Taylor Swift has just released her brand new song named “Lavender Haze” which is already gaining attraction not only because of the main antagonist Taylor , but also because the song is featuring the talented Trans-Actor Laith Ashley.

But this is not all, Taylor is quietly been in the studio working on remaking both Speak Now and 1989.

All details are still being ironed out but Speak Now Taylor’s Version should be out within the next couple of months, before she kicks off her Eras world tour.

Midnights’ was the fastest selling album of the year, with lead single ‘Anti-Hero’ going straight to Number 1 and staying there for four weeks.

Shortly after the album came out Taylor announced The Eras Tour, which is rumoured to put her on track for billionaire status. The singer has so far only announced US dates for the tour, but it’s thought she’ll share dates for UK and Europe very soon.

So far, she’s re-released ‘Fearless’ and ‘Red’, which originally came out in 2008 and 2012, respectively. She was taking some time to focus on some of the epic re-recordings, and after watching “Lavender Haze”, one thing is confirmed, and that is , the upcoming months are gonna be full of classic Tay-Songs.

As of now, some sources has confirmed the fact that her next song is gonna be a re-recording of the famous “Speak Now Taylor’s Version” !!

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