Marvel Fired Jonathan Majors : Doctor Doom Will Replace The Kang!

The trials of Jonathan Majors were underway for last few weeks and Marvel was delaying it’s projects again and again, just to see the final outcomes of these custodies and trials. Now the big breakings from the Hollywood are officially confirming that Jonathan Major has been found guilty of third degree assault and harassment of her ex-girlfriend.

Now what about Marvel? Will they replace Kang? That’s because the news are also confirming that Marvel studio has officially fired Majors, and hence, suspending every contract with the actor. It’s not an end, but, it’s the beginning of the whole new plot because Marvel is now in some big trouble!

What’s Next For Jonathan Majors?

Jonathan Majors Found Guilty
Jonathan Majors

On Dec.18, a Manhattan jury found Majors guilty of reckless assault in the third degree and guilty of harassment following a two week trial that stemmed from a March incident between the actor and his ex-partner, Grace Jabbari.

As soon as the actor found guilty, Marvel studios moved forward and dropped the Majors and hence, leaving it’s phase with a lot of uncertainties.

Jonathan was set to play a very important phase in the current phase of the MCU, where he is playing the role of Kang The Conqueror. The actor was previously seen in the shows like Loki and movies like Antman And The Wasp Quantumania.

Now the fans are asking one question: ‘What is the future of this actor?’ And more importantly, ‘what exactly is going to happen in the current saga of Marvel?

Well, the studio is now moving forward with a surprising twist which was already present in our speculations ever since the Majors controversy popped out. Yes, we are talking about Doctor Doom.

Doctor Doom Is Set To Replace Kang!

Doctor Doom
Marvel Comics

Doom, who is already one of the greatest villains in comic’s history, could be one of the greatest villains ever on screen also. This could be bigger than Thanos if Marvel Studios acts quickly and gets it done right.

If you don’t know then Avengers 5 was no longer titled as The Kang Dynasty, but simply titled Avengers 5. Now at the time, some outlets were reporting that this was kind of a precaution by Marvel Studios that the decision wasn’t fully made yet to completely get rid of Kang.

Now a lot of reports started coming outstating that perhaps Dr Doom could take Kang’s spot because according to a report from Variety, this was decided long ago that if Majors was found guilty they would instantly fire him.

It was believed that they have a backup plan and that backup plan is reportedly rumored that they were going to move away from the character and possibly introduce Dr Doom in the present phase of Marvel.

Marvel pretty much only has two choices in this matter. Since they have officially fired Jonathan Majors, their first choice is to simply recast the Conqueror and get a different actor to play him, or to move forward with a new villain.

Kang is getting replaced with Dr Doom
Jonathan Majors’ Kang

The new villain thing is now looking almost confirmed since many trusted Hollywood insiders and popular officials are confirming that Kevin Feigi and Marvel are now looking at Doom.

In fact, if you’ve seen the finale of Loki season 2 then you knows that Marvel was setting a back-up plan for Doom very cleverly about which we are jumping in our next section!

How Doctor Doom Fits In The Current Phase Of Marvel?

To take a clear picture of this question, the best way is to understand the latest video of the popular Marvel expert ‘Warren Thompson’, who is the host of his popular YouTube channel namely, ‘Cosmic Wonder’.

In his latest video, he has revealed that Loki is now pretty much the controller of the Multiverse and he holds it together. Loki is in charge and he’s given us a true Multiverse, and that’s where the new story could come into play.

We also knows that Marvel will not reboot his entire Multiverse phase, especially when the movies like Deadpool 3 are down the line. All these movies are already busy in setting up the big picture: ‘The Secret Wars’!

Doctor Doom from the Marvel comics
Marvel Comics

That mean, Marvel can never decide to change his phase, however, there is a way to change it’s main villain and replace Kang with Doctor Doom. As per Warren, the ending of Loki season 2 also sets up a totally opposite plot from where Marvel can take out Kang very easily.

The sole job of the TVA is to monitor Kang variants and that’s extremely convenient on Marvel’s behalf because now, all thay have to do is find Kang variants and pruning them instead of pruning timelines. In fact, they even showed in the file at the end from Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania where they said that they had a problem in Earth 616 but they took care of it!

Ant-Man took care of it so right there! That is Marvel’s way of confirming that they are moving on from Kang in order to replace him with a newer face.

Doom has gotten a hold of Kang’s technology and now he is the threat to the entire Multiverse and basically that’s what we have in the comic’s version of Avengers Secret Wars, where Doom is essentially the main villain.

In the comics, there is a variant of Kang with the name of Beyonder. Dr Doom takes the power of him and becomes so powerful that he actually becomes the God: Emperor Doom. So Marvel might try to set it up.

Jonathan Majors Kang Variants
Kang Variants

If they want to bring Doom, then they have to move pretty quick. That means Marvel might try to bring Doom in it’s movies, as a cameo of course, in order to give us a vision for the big giants which are waiting for us in the form of the untitled Avengers 5 and Avengers 6: Secret Wars.

Now whatever they are planning, they have to move quick because we are only three to four years away from those two big giants.

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