Sonic Prime Season 3 Release Date Officially Confirmed

Sonic Prime season 3 official trailer

Sonic Prime is among the highly rated animated TV shows of 2023. With two seasons, this franchise is now ready to dominate over the streaming platforms once again. The new official full length trailer is finally out and it is revealing many big twists.

The biggest question was revolving around the release date and plot of Sonic Prime Season 3 and Netflix has tackled all of them with it’s official trailer in a perfect manner.

If you are a Sonic fan who is trying to find out it’s exact release dates and plot details, then you are at the right place. Let’s take a deep look at Sonic Prime Season 3!

Sonic Prime Season 3 Release Date: Officially Confirmed!

Sonic Prime Season 3
Sonic Prime Season 3

After tons of reports, rumors and chaos, Netflix has confirmed it’s release window for the third, and maybe the last season of Sonic Prime. The trailer has revealed that the highly awaited show will land straight on Netflix in January and the date is: January 14, 2024!

The only thing which is still under wraps is the release schedule of it’s individual episodes. With more then six episodes left to stream, it is possible that the company might release all of them on the same day, just like it did with many of it’s previous franchises.

However, Sonic Prime Season 3 is the final installment of this epic saga, so it is possible that Netflix might take a new route as well. Still we are assuming that the company will release all episodes on January 14, 2024.

So pack your bags for the one final battle!

Sonic Prime Season 3 Is The ‘Endgame’ Of This Saga!

Sonic Prime Season 3
Sonic Prime Season 3

With Great Powers, Comes Great Responsibilities‘, said by Aunt May for our beloved Peter Parker in SpiderMan: No Way Home, these lines are now eligible for Sonic as well. In fact, we are going to call it Sonic Prime Season 3 as the ‘Endgame‘ of this saga, and why not, after all the final moments of this trailer are looking like a cinematic masterpiece.

While we all were expecting some new cameos in the third season, which is still in our speculations, this season has more to offer.

The trailer starts with a world which is now collapsing. Despite getting a lot of powers, Nine is looking for our Sonic because he want to take out Sonic’s energy in order to become even more powerful and succeed in his evil plans.

The trailer further reveals that now, our blue buddy is back in the New York City, and he needs some extra help. Why not? After all Nine is bringing his whole deadly army which is giving the same vibes of the Thanos’ army from the Endgame.

And if we are talking about the Endgame, then we should not forget that everyone was teaming up in order to defeat Thanos, and in the same way, we are getting a big surprise in the form of Council Of Chaos.

Wow! Nobody was expecting this kind of twist but yes, here we are.

Even Sonic himself can not believe on his eyes, but Council Of Chaos is all in to help our gang in defeating this evil fox. Not only this, we are also going to see a glimpse of Endgame in the final battle where every single character from this TV show will make an appearance for the one last and epic showdown.

However, the twist which makes this third season even much better is the fact that Nine will trap Sonic and now it’s up to Shadow to help his mate by saving his life and stopping the collapse of this world.

Sonic Prime Season 3: Nine

In short, this show is just going to be on another level and literally anything is possible. As of now, the third season is the final installment of this saga, still we should keep our hopes high because Netflix is definitely going to deliver us some more sonic based shows for sure.

The reason why we are saying this is pretty simple. This franchise has gathered a lot of praise from both the critics and the audience, so the company will not close this saga, especially if it can be used as a ‘cash-grabber’.

It is also possible that they can introduce a cameo in order to create another cliffhanger for the future spinoffs of even movies, but that’s the topic for another blog. As of now, we should keep an eye on the season finale, because it will clear our doubts for sure.

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Till that, stay safe, peace out.

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